Why “Refugees” Are One of the Most Dangerous and Criminal Groups of People in the World

The following article was published last week by Philosophia Perennis, a German opinion website run by the author and Catholic theologian David Berger. I’m told the essay earned the author time in “Facebook jail”.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Why “Refugees” Are One of the Most Dangerous and Criminal Groups of People in the World

Guest Essay by Ines Laufer

Since 2015 — the year of the Chancellor’s opening the border, facilitated by numerous illegalities — I have made a series of evaluations of police criminal statistics. In the process, it has repeatedly become obvious to me that the “refugees” who have poured unhindered, uncontrolled and in great numbers into the land are represented in crimes of violence and sexual violence to a far greater extent than Germans.

In 2016 for example, they were represented 1,000% more frequently in murders, 1,400% in violent crime and sexual violence, 4,000% in gang rapes, It is incontestable that these “refugees” are extremely violent and criminally inclined — even the “cooked” figures confirm that. But my research has uncovered something even more significant: the answer to the question, WHY. The answer will be quite unwelcome, because it is an uncompromising comment on the scope of our influence — more on that later. First, I will discuss the WHY. Only 0.7% of the “refugees” are legitimate asylum seekers under our constitution. So who are the “refugees” really?

To avoid misunderstandings: In speaking of “refugees” I refer exclusively to that group of people (ca. 1.6 million) who have come to Europe — and especially Germany — since 2015.

A glance at the publications of the Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees shows us that, at most, 0.7% of these people have a right to asylum under our constitution. Almost half of them have absolutely no claim to protection, 20% have just “second degree” need of protection.

Who are these “refugees”? What motivates them? And why are they coming in such great numbers to Germany in particular?

As early as the beginning of 2016, the European Commission determined that about 60% of the “refugees” are economic immigrants — people who hope that “flight” will improve their economic situation. In this case, the concept “economic immigrant” is misleading, since it denotes the influx of people with working skills. That is exactly what these “refugees” are NOT, for the simple reason that they are illiterate, untrained, etc. — the prerequisites are missing. Rather, they are a completely new category, which the economic scholar Gunnar Heinsohn designates “sustenance seekers” — i.e., poverty-stricken immigrants who are migrating permanently into our social welfare system.

In 2016, more of these people sought asylum in Germany than in the entire EU, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada put together.

[Chart too small to read — international comparison of asylum applicants and procedures]

On the basis of these numbers, it should be clear to the most inveterate dreamer that this is not about temporary protection from persecution, war, etc., but about long-term support. People feel attracted to and invited by no other country as much by Germany and its chancellor. No wonder, since the new arrivals are awaited by unlimited governmental support (even after rejection of asylum application) — full health care facilities and housing are built, there are good prospects of “family reunion,” etc., etc. Overwhelmingly Muslim, Arab and African young men… In both 2015 and 2016, ca. three-quarters of the “refugees” were Muslim.

[Pie Chart]

2016 Initial asylum applications by religious affiliation

Total asylum applications:

75.9% Islam
12.2% Christian
5.9% Yazidi
1.3% unaffiliated
0.6% Hindu
4.1% other/unknown

70-90% of the Muslims are men. Young men! The percentage of masculine youth (16-18 years old) is ca. 80% — largely from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea and Nigeria.

These criteria — “young, male, Muslim and Arabic or African in origin” — are precisely what makes this group the most violence-prone, dangerous and criminal group.


1. Sex

These men are part of the so-called Youth Bulge — a massive oversupply of young men which must be seen as one of the most important sources of civil war, “cleansing” actions, uprisings, etc. in their lands of origin

SPIEGEL once called this horde of young, angry men the most dangerous species in the world, and the danger they represent is still on the rise, even when they are relatively well educated, medically cared-for and fed.

Wherever we look, it is always young men who are generally most criminal and violence-prone.

Just a look at the age and gender profile of the “refugees” tells us that the federal government has allowed the immigration of the most criminal and violent group of people, and without informing or preparing the population about the related, severe heightening of the danger.

2. Violence-prone socialization in the Arab and African lands of origin

A violence-free upbringing is best for preventing long-term development of criminality. Children who grow up in a loving violence-free family environment hardly ever become criminal or violent. That explains why the number of German suspects and perpetrators is falling steadily, as I pointed out in my last article. Internal family violence against children is decreasing, as violence-free upbringing increases.

[Chart showing rise of violence-free upbringing]

The profile of the “refugees” is quite different. Comprehensive studies in their lands of origin of internal family violence against children confirm an incredible and extensive amount of both physical and psychological violence by parents/family members against their children.

The Hamburg researcher on violence Sven Fuchs collects these studies and presents them in understandable form on his blog. Here are some research results on origin countries of the “refugees”:


physical and/or psychological violence   89%
physical violence   78%
extreme physical violence   ca. 24%
psychological violence   84%


physical and/or psychological violence   79%
physical violence   63%
extreme physical violence   ca. 27%
psychological violence   75%


physical and/or psychological violence   74%
physical violence   69%
extreme physical violence   ca. 38%
psychological violence   62%

It does not look much better in African countries.

Without delving too deeply into the psychological mechanisms of the transfer and reproduction of violence, the following insights are indispensable for understanding the crucial significance of internal family violence against children as the root cause of the extreme criminality among refugees. This is the inter-generational passing on of violence, and with it the permanent reproducing of the potential violent perpetrators in the next generation.

The consequences of this internal family violence are manifested not just in the family, but in considerable expressions of violence against other members of the population.

Continued physical and psychological violence in the family causes substantial introjection of these values in the affected persons and contributes to the formation of antisocial and psychopathic personalities.

This knowledge demands recognition that the extensive reach of such extreme, continuous family violence against children in the immigrants’ homelands must mean a high — extremely high in comparison to Germans — percentage of such extremely dangerous personalities among the “refugees.”

We can see that this is true in all the comparative numbers of violent crimes, as cited above, and especially in what magnitude.

It also explains why almost all the most criminal and dangerous individuals — the violent, serial offenders — can be found among the immigrants. And it explains the disturbing degree of brutality and unscrupulousness displayed by this group of offenders.

3. Islam

The relationship between Muslim religiosity and the tendency to violence has been researched over and over again for years.

So it was the contemporary “relativiser” Christian Pfeiffer, among others, who recently confirmed the great tendency to violence under the aegis of religion of young Muslims (who are by far the majority of “refugees”).

That is nothing new. The disproportionately high incidence of violence of Muslims in Germany was recognized ten years ago in studies by the Ministry of the Interior. The incidence of extreme violence in young Muslims — which is directly related to their religious affiliation — was and is largely ignored or inadequately confronted by authorities and political decision-makers.

This is confirmed in Germany by the best integrated Muslims or ex-Muslims, i.e. people who were born and/or raised in Muslim-dominated societies. And they explain how this horrendous incidence of violence comes about. Thus the political scientist Bassam Tibi, from Syria, indicates that Arab Muslim “refugees” import their “culture of violence” on a one-to-one basis to Germany.

The political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad, born in Egypt, and the journalist Imad Karim, with roots in Libya, explicitly warn against accepting these Muslim “refugees,” because they bring a violent ideology from Islam.

Even far left media and advocates like HuffPo cannot help thematizing the general hostility and dangerousness of Islam.

The group-driven rejection and violence of Muslims against Christians, Jews and women creates a whole new dimension of specific problems. Today, Arab and Islamic anti-Semitism are the most dangerous forms of Jew-hatred. And this hatred is imported directly into Germany with the great majority of “refugees.” The connection between the extreme debasing of and violence against women by Muslim men and Islam is clear: “Islam states quite clearly that the man is above the woman.”

We see clearly the repercussions of the mass influx of young men whose religiously legitimized attitude toward women includes debasement and dominance and is completely incompatible with our conception of men and women, in the extreme criminality of “refugees” in rape attacks, group rape, as well as rape and sexual coercion.

Three-quarters of the young, male — and consequently highly dangerous — “refugees follow Islam in its hostility to Christians, Jews, infidels of all kinds, against whom terrorist attacks are legitimate. In this ideology, women must subject themselves and must always be available. According to this ideology, they have a solid argument for legitimizing extreme acts of violence, including Islamic attacks, and obviating any feeling of guilt.

4. Social status

It may be taken as undisputed fact that social status influences the majority of crimes, both by individuals and groups. Of course, crime occurs at all levels, but especially in the socially weaker layers. Disproportionately high crime and violence among “refugees”/foreigners is recognized by Christian Pfeiffer, who explains inter alia that “many have no job and are not socially integrated.”

It is against this background that we must see the actual conditions the “refugees” bring with them.

The reports spread by the media in 2015 of the highly trained workers we could expect in the flow of immigrants were rather quickly devalued to hoax or #Fakenews.

In reality, two-thirds of “refugees” are functionally illiterate, 88% have no training, 70% of those offered training break it off — among other reasons, because the low starting pay does not match their expectations of “earning money quickly in Germany and sending it home.” In addition there is — with few exceptions — no willingness to learn German. Research by the ARD magazine program FAKT showed that, in a German course financed by the ministry of employment, only 4% of the participants finished the course. The average is probably not much better elsewhere in the country. The financing of these virtually fruitless courses was taken from unemployment insurance — that is, from savings accounts of workers, which are supposed to take care of them in times of high unemployment. Over a quarter billion euros misdirected!

Realistic estimates by educational economist Ludger Wößmannlassen conclude that low-qualified refugees (not counting 10% academics) — despite extremely resource- and cost-intensive attempts to facilitate integration and training, have no real chance in the employment market, since one in five of the 14% low-qualified Germans is unemployed, even with the booming economy and their ready knowledge of the German language.

The fatal combination of no qualifications (language, education and training) and no desire to acquire them makes clear that “refugees” are not capable of integrating into the employment scene and are therefore NOT economic immigrants, but support seekers.

The attraction of total support relieves the “refugees” of the necessity to stand on their own two feet. So it is unavoidable that the great majority of “refugees” will, of their own doing, remain for the medium to long term in the lowest social levels. In the future, this factor will play a role in the enormous manifestation of crime and violence by “refugees.”

In these refugees the federal government has admitted the probably most criminal and dangerous people in the world into our country. The danger from them can only increase, as individual groups or their members arm themselves, whether with machetes, axes, knives, firearms or other things.

Conclusion: These insights explain the reasons for the extreme violence and criminality among “refugees.” And something else that is fundamentally important — even with the best intentions and the most intensive exertions to facilitate integration, to the point of self-sacrifice, we have no influence on the cause of extreme criminality among “refugees” (violent childhood experiences in their land of origin).

We cannot roll back the wheel of violent socialization. Nor can we influence the supporting factors (Islam and lower social status).

This means that all the government and private measures aimed at “better integration” to reduce “refugee” criminality are doomed to failure and will lead to no measurable change in the crime rate. These perceptions also unmask the “faster family reunion” pushed by the Greens, SPD, the Left and FDP, as something that will shortly cause “refugee” criminality to explode and drastically diminish security in our country. That is, young men and young-men-to-be will be brought here in great numbers, and they will have the same mixture of violence factors as those young men who are already here. And so the very real danger will escalate. With these considerations, this proposal seems like a mad attempt to put out a fire with gasoline…

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  1. which begs the question, if the government was aware of these factors, why di it pursue the course of action that it did?

    • Perhaps part of the answer is to be found when considering why they are trying so very hard to stifle debate on the matter.

    • Governments imported these Moslem males to trash and destroy the West, while seemingly keeping their own hands clean and proclaiming their virtue.

      • i will grant that there are actually people who are that stupid, rightrightright, but the majority of the leftists who run the State in germany are *not* stupid. this means that they truly understand the danger, yet are increasing it by importing more criminals. some of these “leaders” can beg off by saying that they assumed that others higher up the chain of responsibility had already verified that islam was safe, but those at the top have no such excuse; the simple fact is that they are not stupid, so the only explanation left is that they are traitors who are deliberately undermining society.

        the hard left has a long history of seizing power when society is in chaos and flux, so my guess is that the traitors who are deliberately damaging germany (and other european countries, not to mention canada, australia, india, and new zealand – and south and central america as well) intend to seize power once pious muslims have reduced westernized nations to war zones. at that point, the leftists can finally relent and declare martial law to “protect” the nation, but we all know that it will actually be a coup. they no doubt plan to solve the muslim problem with mass murder, as the left always does, and it is especially convenient for them, since muslims tend to concentrate in banlieues. however, i suspect that not more than one or two of the many dozens of banlieues in every country will be wiped out before every “peaceful” muslim suddenly gets that old-time religion. the left in westernized nations is accustomed to using lies, slander, and the misappropriated power of the State to attack their opponents, but not to using force; the leaders of the hard left may be very violent, but they are not willing to die for the cause themselves, and very few of their followers are used to violence (yet), so they will be surprised when suddenly there are *millions* of pious muslims fighting them, and every single one of them will be more than willing to die to kill leftists along with every other infidel they encounter.

        civilization may survive the coming civil wars (and wars, because i don’t believe that turkey, iran, or saudi arabia will sit this out), but not because of anything the left has done. there are quite likely to be hundreds of millions of deaths this time (remember, the alinskyite president of the u.s., mr. obama, made sure that iran gets nukes), and all those deaths may be laid at the feet of the left.

    • First, liberal “compassion” by a country lacking identity and self-respect led by a former communist who violated laws to do this, unsurprising for a red (as AfD claims), second, German guilt, third a stupid belief they would solve the perceived problem of an aging population, fourth business desire to bring in low wage labor (as in USA), and fifth, the Coudenhove-Kalergi conspiracy led by Soros to abolish nation states. Merkel several years ago received the Coudenhove award. This evil woman, whose ugly hands are stained with so much innocent blood, the worst European leader since Hitler (and bearing the most blood of any West European leader since Hitler) is a traitor.

    • this is all a part of the “New World Order” (a term for planned global communism); a complete erasure of a country’s/folk’s national/cultural heritage in order to implement a one-world gov’t;

      the 1st step is to out-source a country’s manufacturing to the 4 corners of the world to get a folk dependent on foreign manufacturing; already done-

      the 2nd step is to infiltrate every western culture with cultures/religions from all over the world (or factions with no culture whatsoever except for rape cultures) to, with time, increasingly dilute the cultures of western civilizations until there is no indigenous culture whatsoever left;

      this is unfolding in front of our very eyes and nobody wants to acknowledge it

    • Why? THIS is why:

      The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of aliens (legal and illegal) – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible. The brainwashed zombies of the Left are just the current “useful idiots” helping this to occur.

      When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)

      “The Decline and Fall of American Nationhood”

      “Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos to build Power”

      “UN-‘Together’: Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants”

      “New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters. Open the Borders”

      “EU Insider: US Must Take More Refugees – Get Rid of Sovereignty”

      “Soros and CFR Exploit Refugee Crisis for New World Order”

      “Hungarian PM: Mass Migration A Plot To Destroy Christian West”

      “Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis, Media Funding and Manipulation”

      Global Free Movement: UN Chief Calls Migration a ‘Right’ in a ‘World on the Move’

      • One or two links is enough. The rest can be best placed in the comment section of the newsfeed. People will be more likely to respond there, too.

    • Yes, why did the US create these refugees to swarm Europe. Was this a planned type of attack on all European nations? Was NATO supposed to be pushed to the wall and to give unlimited power to the US military in all of their countries? Is this what the US expected?

  2. I think that to some extent, the societies of origin are ruled in a way where violence is a much more present and “active” component. They have their own balance that way. I think that these are sometimes known as “power-fear” societies, though there’s definitely an “honour-shame” thing going on as well.

    When you take people who are used to that model of social organisation and transfer them into a society which is ruled more by social concepts and consensus, havoc ensues.

    It’s entirely predictible.

  3. This invasion of young savages, are not Refugees, those illegal economic migrants running to Merkel collect welfare, and having sex for free ..

  4. This will end up very very badly, rejected asylum seekers, have access to full welfare, healthcare , and social housing, Who will pay for that ???, naive Germans , work harder germans , because Merkel will bring more families, : 2-3 wife’s , 7-8 kids and lots of lots Muslim cousins, somebody have to pay for that , unbelievable..

    • I can’t figure out what the point of this stupidity is. As a fairly serious amateur student of human history (about 50k years of it anyway), I ask, qui bono?
      I have dealt with many [non-intelligent] people here and there, but I wouldn’t invite 5 million of ’em to a Strassenfest.
      Can’t wait to see what the UN comes up with next.

      • Can’t figure it out. Really? Read some of the great comments here and you’ll understand. I promise you that.

  5. UN/Brusel and their NGO are organizing an imigration of Africans to EU. In fact oligarchy behind UN/Brusel want to destroy a national democratic states – especially states with european social model. The largest bloc at the UN is created by islamic states:

    Global Compact for Migration should be accept in UN next year. This international law should legalize all migration as a human right. A term “refugee” will be replaced with term “vulnerable migrant” in this new law.
    Please read carefuly:



  6. Despite all her achievements (scholastic) she — Merkel — has proved herself to be dumb as a rock. I feel sorry for Germany (and I never thought I would say that).

    • Merkel is not dumb. She is evil. She has sold her miserable soul to her globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” masters; and is doing their bidding.

  7. I’ve not heard of that website before. This was a useful article, I thought – lots of data to pore over. I also spent some time on the originating website, probably more than I should have during working hours.

  8. Do you recall the series of papers and interviews several years back by a Danish psychologist, a Dr. Sennels I believe? He worked for the state at a juvenile detention facility (prison) and had much the same findings.
    The one thing he did add was that he observed that the more religious a young man became, Islamic, the more violent they were. But on whole he attributed young Muslim male violence to the culture of violence in which they were raised.

  9. The governments concerned are either stupid or machiavellian. Both are possible too. The people at the top can be machiavellian knowing exactly what they are doing while the people carrying out the orders are just plain stupid and delusional. Others are pension slaves trying to make to retirement.

  10. Great article…
    The attraction of total support relieves the “refugees” of the necessity to stand on their own two feet.
    Wish IL residents would stand on their own two feet….oh wait…they are…they are leaving in droves.
    IL now ranked #5 in US population..
    Thanks to O and the host of other crooks…Chicago and Springfield.

  11. Fantastic article. Actually, its extremely sobering.

    It fails to also mention another issue that no-one has the stomach to bring up.

    Inbreeding. There are exceptional levels of concentrated, generationally-dedicated inbreeding within the Islamic world (especially within the pan-Arab sphere) that has caused innumerable genetic problems with their population.

    When cousin marries cousin, for centuries no less, then its not surprising to see the truly sad statistics that show the shockingly high rates of genetic defects suffered within the Middle Eastern (and in many cases, African) population.

    Geneticists look to nation’s like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Gulf States, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and many more, as a potential gold-mine for genetic study – because their populations are hotbed’s for genetic defects and faults that were bred into being with decades upon decades of concentrated inbreeding.

    There are nearly a 1000 different pathologies that are endemic in the Arab world alone, purely because of concentrated inbreeding.

    These genetic defects and faults are not minor issues. Most are alarmingly expensive to medically manage. We will be inheriting the medical costs of these refugees with defects – as well as their future offspring’s defects. And that’s not even factoring in the reality that once in the West, they will still madly breed inter-family like always, anyways. So the strain and drain on our medical systems, will be astonishing. And our grandchildren will bear an even bigger burden in costs.

    Then of course, there’s the risk of those defects transmitting to our population through breeding between the migrants and the Western populations. And that doesn’t factor in all the other lovely diseases the migrants bring, given how their nations are still rife with diseases that we barely remember how to fix anymore, given how we’ve largely advanced and evolved beyond primitive healthcare and sanitation management.

    It would be no different than if we built a proper time machine, went back to the 1300s and abducted a few million Europeans from back then and dumped them in our world, today. And not just medically, but given all the other issues as laid out in this article, these migrants have been proven to be primitive savages who will only ever cause us misery, danger and extreme costs.

    Call me heartless all you like, but I am not enough of a humanitarian to think that its worth letting them in to our nation’s when the trade-offs are all negative, as laid out. We are not required to sacrifice ourselves, our nation’s and our way of life for them. They certainly wouldn’t do it for us.

  12. Baffled at why people say it doesn’t make any sense whats going on. It makes perfect sense – if you realize the goal for certain groups is to completely destroy the west. It’s not liberal stupidity, that’s just the useful idiots. It’s not even selfishness, like corporations importing low wage labor, because almost nobody they are bringing in actually works, has any skills, or wants any skills. It’s all about using the freedoms of the west to destroy the west and corrupting things from the top down.

    Every answer you wonder about how did this all happen can be answered by a combination of arguably two men:


    Whenever I link this on most of the rest of the web I get rapidly censored or banned. Nobody wants to talk about it. Find out why around 2005 the Islamic world made a big strategic switch to infiltration and temporarily ‘peaceful’ overthrow instead of open threats of violence. Find out about things like Pakistan circulating a memo among it’s own generals saying that it is Shariah-compliant to have a first nuclear strike against the USA. (not kidding, I forget the exact timecode and which ep though, 4 or 5 I think)


    This is the other man that seems to fill in holes that aren’t always dealt with by Mr Coughlin.

    Also searching for John Guandolo on youtube as he has a lot to say about internal corruption at the FBI where they aren’t even aware anymore of the threats, are specifically told Islam cannot be violent by Muslim Brotherhood trainers the FBI brings in, are banned from even using words which suggest the possibility of any link to such violence and similar.

    All three men seem to delve deeper into criticism of Islam than I’ve seen from any of the public and well-known sources in a very important way – it’s not even the violence of Islam that is the greatest threat, it is the totalitarian nature. If they are not violent yet take us over using our own systems against us, such as simply outbreeding so that by 2150 the USA is 51% Islamic and votes Shariah to be the law of the land, is that somehow “fair and okay”? Consider California was once republican voting until Reagan legalized a bunch of immigrants turning it permanently democrat. The same infiltration is happening everywhere. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, they can wait, and be patient, and breed, and slow down the financial gears of the country using every resource, contributing nothing, being a drag on the system etc.

    It’s not just the violent ones to be concerned of. Those already here are statistically outbreeding us. This in no way is a call for violence, or paranoia, or anything to be applied against anyone – but this is an instance that the truth be discussed. The three men listed above will tell you things no other Islamic critic I’ve ever heard of go into, GUARANTEED and the message they give combined is far scarier than anything I’ve heard from say Pam Geller or Robert Spencer or Chris Hitchens even.

    [emphasis by admin]

  13. “Refugees” are all about a third effort to stamp out Germany.
    Not many people know that AFTER WW-II Eisenhower deliberately let at least one million of German males die, having put them in open air field prisons, without food and without sanitation…
    The same old, same old ugly designers behind the curtain want to get rid of the German population specifically, of white Europeans in general, and of Christianity in particular…

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