Viktor Orbán: “We Will Fight”

The following clip was recorded just before Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán left for the Belly of the Beast: an EU summit in Brussels. The documents he’s carrying with him are the results of the recent national consultation on migration — on which the Hungarian people voiced an emphatic “NO!”

Many thanks to the unknown translator, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

6 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “We Will Fight”

  1. And, meanwhile, as Hungary, Poland and the other members of the Visigrad four fight for the future of Western civilisation, in London the treacherous scum in Cesspit-on-Thames are doing their damndest to sell us down the tubes.

    I dream of draconian justice and retribution with a manic intensity these days, but I do wonder if I am but a lonely voice in the wilderness.

  2. What a privilege – a consultation on migration, something the British were never accorded.

  3. There is some Christian prophecy concerning WW3 in which Europeans side with Russia when Russia invades Europe.
    I could never understand this previously, but more and more it makes sense given the way things are going.
    It would be ironic as heck if Russia saves Europe by kicking its butt(although according to prophecy, Russia loses but at great cost to Europe).

    • They WILL do some foolish militaristic thing. They only make guns, and they make lots and lots of them. You can’t feed your population whith guns, especially when the price of oil is as low as it is. And when the world moves away from oil, US and the rest of the world better have a relief plan for Russia, otherwise it’s going to be hell for everyone.

  4. It comes to nothing. The people who he is trying to address don’t want to listen. He is beating the same drum for a long time to no avail.

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