Vienna: Silent Night, Violent Night

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Vienna: Silent Night, Violent Night

An original translation from Kronen Zeitung:

Violence Against Officers

Vienna: Thugs break female police officer’s hand

December 26, 2017

On Christmas Eve, after three on-duty Viennese police officers were wounded, in part seriously, by thugs, the next attack on an officer followed on Christmas Day: four men downtown who were involved in a fist fight broke the woman’s hand.

According to police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, the officers were called around 7pm. The reason was a fist fight among four men at Fleischmarkt.

The officers wanted to calm the situation down, but the thugs immediately turned against the police and attacked them verbally and physically. The female officer was taken to hospital with a fracture. Her colleagues arrested the perpetrators. They are four Russian citizens from Chechnya, aged 19, 20, 22 and 30.

Kneed the officer in the back of the neck

On Christmas Eve, three Chechens, a Georgian, and an Afghan attacked police officers in a restaurant at Vienna Stadtbahnbögen. An 18-year-old kneed an officer in the back of the neck from behind. The officer suffered a concussion and bruises. Another policeman was wounded in the shoulder and another on the nose.

18 thoughts on “Vienna: Silent Night, Violent Night

  1. There is a Glock factory in that country. Why not they advertise their products with proper live fire demonstrations?

  2. I hope, most likely in vain, that it is understood that this trend will continue, and worsen, until the police top brass issue the weapons free, shoot to kill order.

  3. All of the EU really needs to implement one simple law: anyone of an immigration migrant gets deported the moment he or she breaks a law or in any way goes against common sense of Europe. And it doesn’t matter if they steal some bread in the supermarket or rape or murder someone, they go straight home to be sentenced according to their laws.

    Same for the guy trying to steal the cross from a Christmas tree.

    The only other way to cleanse Europe is civil war.

    • Ain’t gonna happen, my compatriot – this wanna-be law is just our wishful thinking and given the political landscape in countries like France, UK and Germany it truly verges on impossibility.

      I concur with you on the “other way” – the pain thereof will be immense and will throw Europe back: several decades? More than that?

      I wish we all were wrong and there were a solution we are overlooking.

      • I suppose I’m more optimistic, considering former East Germany still has some [testicular fortitude] and there are small patriotic groups scattered across France and UK. Sweden is probably the deepest and I assume will be the starting spark.

        I agree though that it’s gonna throw Europe back. No matter how you look at it, the region is gonna go through economic turmoil either way – derailed by the newcomers or stopped for some time because of the fighting.

        The thing is, many people over here think they don’t have to be bothered by what’s happening in France etc., but fact is, once [things] go down over there, all of Europe will be pulled into it. Hate to admit it, but we’ll probably be glad to have Russia behind our backs at some point.

        • As painful as it might be, the current economic malaise could be a saviour in the long run. I mean, when the can cannot be kicked down the road any longer. When peeps become really miserable, the mind becomes razor sharp really fast.

    • Dream on, that would be ” discriminating.’ They will probably never legally impose harsher penalties for a crime on the immigrants. If they let the Viennese off easily for stealing or having a brawl, they must legally do the same for the newcommers .

  4. On December 20 I was ganged up on, punched out and kicked in the back for wearing a MAGA hat in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada… three 15 years olds..

    • Raymond-

      Youth brainwashed by progressivism are all over the Western world thanks to the state-run media and schools.

      They have a free hand to inflict all sorts of mischief because the mayors of most municipalities are libs that have ordered their police to stand down in the face of Leftist violence.

      Hope you recover from this incident soon!

  5. I was about to comment that Austrians traditionally fist fight on Christmas Day. Then I read they were imports from Chechnya. Disappointed. /sarc
    Cultural enrichment by the previously ruling lefty-greens.
    BTW, imagine the poor Germans who spell it Tschetschen(en), and they have to do this more and more often these days.

  6. pleases at least that the Chechens “Russian” is not called.
    a lot of hemorrhoids from this people

  7. Same thing happened in my hometown.Three officers got beaten up and hurt by one handcuffed (!!!) drunk in the red light district, where he had a row with his wife working there (one benefit of matrimony). I am sure that in the US he would have ended in a morgue, attacking police officers.

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