Truck Jihad Plot Foiled in Germany

The following article about a foiled Islamic terror attack on a German Christmas market was published before Christmas in the Dutch media. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from De Telegraaf:

Man (29) wanted to drive into the crowd with a vehicle

ISIS Attack on German Christmas market foiled

KARLSRUHE — The German police arrested a 29-year-old man on Wednesday who planned to attack the Christmas market in Karlsruhe with a vehicle. The man has ties with the Islamic State. This was reported by German media.

According to the German police, the man, Dasbar W., was considering driving a car or truck into people at the ice rink on the Karlsruher Schlossplatz. In order to achieve his goal, he applied several times for the position of driver at various delivery companies.

Propaganda videos

The suspect was arrested in Karlruhe by an arrest team. His home has been searched. What is found there is not clear. It is known that the man made propaganda videos for the Islamic State. He often shared these on various internet sites. He also distributed propaganda material in a chat group.

W. traveled to Iraq several times in 2015 and 2016. There he joined ISIS and was trained in the use of firearms. The man will be brought before the court on Thursday.

Increased supervision

The security check on Christmas markets in Germany has intensified after the bloody attack in December of last year at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing twelve people.

3 thoughts on “Truck Jihad Plot Foiled in Germany

  1. Foiled Muslim attacks count for nothing in teaching the stupid West what Muslims have in store for their citizens. Only successful Muslim attacks have any impact, and at that the learning curve is slow.

  2. So the [obscene descriptive] Merkel government just let this ISIS terrorist waltz back in to Germany to go about his life? Europe is just pathetic. They have no future unless they start electing far right candidates, but they are so brainwashed they won’t do that since that will make them fee like wicked Nazis.

  3. The problem is, it takes a lot of manpower to track one suspect. They have to get a warrant, and have enough men assigned to the tracking that there is a 24-hour coverage. Add to that the cost of recording what happens in such as way as to make it admissible.

    Obviously, as more Muslims enter, the number of potential terrorists increases rapidly. Also, consider decoys, whose job is to act suspicious but stay legal. Like the “flying imams” in the US. The decoys stretch police resources and, of course, the decoy himself can turn violent on short notice.

    This is preaching to the choir at GoV, but it’s quite obvious that the Muslim influx will eventually overwhelm the security system , that which is left, or cause or allow the German government to do away with any individual rights still left, or most likely, both.

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