There Will Be a Reckoning

After writing yesterday’s post about the cultural enrichment of the Isle of Lewis, and after reading responses by readers — especially Scottish readers — in the comments, I started thinking about the larger processes that are now underway, grinding slowly and inexorably towards their unspeakable conclusion.

If “refugees” are being resettled on the Isle of Lewis, then it seems fairly clear that the UK has passed the point of no return — there is no peaceful, democratic way to reverse the slide into a multicultural hell-hole, with all that entails.

The same is true of a number of other Western countries, including Sweden, Germany, and France. Either they give in and allow themselves to become Islamic states, or there will be severe inter-ethnic violence. There is no longer any way out through the ballot box.

The relentless propaganda of the last forty years has been successful. A sufficient number of people have been convinced, numbed, intimidated, or made passive by the constant blare of multiculturalism from their media and elected officials. Even if they get a chance to vote for somebody completely different — as the Dutch do in every election where Geert Wilders runs — enough voters have been brainwashed or alienated to the point where such a candidate can never get enough votes to form a government and change the course of the ship of state. Titanic, meet Iceberg!

Yet a substantial minority is angry — all you have to do is read the comment sections on media outlets or Twitter to see how many white Westerners are enraged and disaffected. They know what is happening, and they know it is being done against their will and without consulting them. And they know who is doing it to them.

This means that when all the trouble shakes out and the dénouement comes — which will not happen in my lifetime; it’s decades away — there will be plenty of survivors who will remember what happened and who was responsible. If they have children, they will pass that awareness on, along with their bitterness and anger.

These people will constitute what the Bible calls a “remnant”: the people who survived the catastrophes inflicted by God on the Israelites for their faithlessness. And so it will be with the surviving fragments of Western Civilization. Whether they believe in God or not, they will be a remnant.

Which means there will be a reckoning.

Not this week, not this year, and not this decade. But someday there will be a reckoning.

Those who never surrender, and have to go through the decades of horror that lie ahead, will remember who was responsible for inflicting Multicultural Hell upon them. Some of the culprits are old now, and (like me) won’t be around to see the arrival of the Ragnarøk with their name on it. But the younger members of the Powers That Be — some of whom are even Millennials — will still be alive. And they won’t be forgotten.

Yes, there will be a reckoning. However, those who survive to see it will have lived through such horrific events that there won’t be much satisfaction in seeing the guilty parties get what’s coming to them.

But at least justice will be seen to have been done.

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  1. Dear Baron: You seem to be coming down on the side of “XXX is done, stick a fork in it.” with this post.

    For once, I’ll be the optimist. I see – in Quebec – how people can simultaneously be against what is happening, but keep on voting for those idiots. It’s because they’re not single-issue voters (yet), despite this being the biggest issue of our time.

    When this awareness takes over, things *may* change.

    • As I see it, the point of no return has been reached in some countries, not all of them. Britain is one where there is no longer any electoral way out. Canada, the USA, Australia, Denmark, and even Norway may be able to escape the same fate. It’s too early to say.

      • Take heart .Remember Robert the Bruce and the spider ..

        According to my dear old mother Robert the Bruce having suffered defeat in battle was hiding out in a cave from the English army.

        And he watched as a spider crawled up the wall of the cave and attempted to make a web.But the spider unable to gain purchase on the dank and slippery walls of the cave fell on the first attempt.

        The spider picked himself up and climbed up the wall and had another go .He fell to the floor again..And again he climbed the wall and again he fell.But he didn’t give up .And finally he climbed up the wall gained a purchase and spun his web.

        And Robert the Bruce taking a lesson from the spider wrapped his plaid about him ,marched out of the cave and led his men against
        the English king Edward the second and his army .The result was a glorious victory for the Scots at the battle of Bannockburn.

        As my mother would conclude “If at first you don’t succeed try ,try and try again and no you cannot give up Maths”

        I recommend you watch Kenneth Mackellar on youtube singing “The midges” ,it’s a humorous song that makes reference to this glorious battle.It will cheer you up no end.

        I’d post the link but I am not too sure that you’d like Kenneth Mac
        Kellar in this song .He may be sailing a little close to the wind ,but it really is a hoot. He had a classical music training ,sang opera and also traditional Scottish songs.

        Kenneth MacKellar had a better voice than Andy Steward ,but no-one does “”Scottish soldier “and “The battle’s o’er” better than Andy Steward. I also recommend watching both renditions by Andy Steward on youtube.

        • Shelagh,

          I never heard that story before. Thanks for telling it. My plan is to go to YouTube and hear those singers. BTW did
          you learn Maths?

          • Well , yes I wasn’t actually given a choice so officially I did Maths at school , though not very well,barely scraping a pass. Mostly I was impervious to it.

            I’m glad to have introduced you the singers that mean a great deal to me.They were my grandfather’s favourite. I listen to them for his sake and for their own.

            I can also recommend “Song of the Clyde” , “Bonnie Strathyre”,”Road to the Isles””The Proud Peaks of Scotland,”The Mingulay Boat song ” and”The Skye Boat song” ,by Kenneth MacKellar.

            “The Skye Boat Song “as you no doubt know is about Bonnie prince Charlie’s flight from the English .First he fled to Skye where he as sheltered by Flora MacDonald.She got him to wear one of her dresses to avoid being identified by the English .And from Skye Bonnie prince Charlie set sail for exile in France.

    • People will not resort to physical violence unless in extremis; that is to say when economic conditions have deteriorated to such a point that there is no more worry about losing a job for engaging in violence against any number of deserving targets because one no longer has a job to lose. And even then, the opportunity for violence against those most responsible will be very difficult for most to achieve. How does one exact vengrance against the multinational who closed the factories and shipped them overseas, or the arrogant central banker or politician who destroyed one’s life savings with the stroke of a pen, or the filthy rich currency manipulator who donated billions of his ill-gotten riches to leftist causes aimed at destroying white society? It will simply be much easier to murder one’s neighbor and his family; the one that posted the Hillary signs on the lawn and sits on the local council, or makes life hell through petty homeowner’s association harrassment.

      • To see what happens in such a situation, look at what happened to Nicolae Ceauşescu. Boy, that was sudden.

        Maybe the crucial factor is the level of repression in any given polity. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

        • Ceauşescu is a great example. I imagine a similar thing would happen in North Korea, even might soon, considering nowadays the people there are prone to argue with soldiers and even oppose them – something unthinkable just a few years ago.

          Once people are pushed that much in a corner, nobody is going to care to bring the banker/politian/you name it to safety. Especially if it means facing a dangerous mob. It’s easier to join the mob than go against it, especially in scenarios where money won’t be worth much in the upcomming years.

          Personally I think a civil war in Western Europe is a question of less than five years now. Whether because the natives will have lost their patience or because the slaughter of them has began and they will need to defend themselves and their loved ones is up to debate. It’s already pretty much ongoing in South Africa and about to fully start in Sweden.

          And it’s almost tragicomical how there always seems to be a hunt after white people throughout history, if you check non-mainstream sources (mummies in China, legends of some Maori families in New Zealand – now proven true by DNA testing, etc.), yet we always bounce back somehow.

    • Mike Quebec and the political crooks from it are the cause of this in Canada! the french lost their guts years ago!

  2. Remember when El Ingles said similar things?

    You say:

    If “refugees” are being resettled on the Isle of Lewis, then it seems fairly clear that the UK has passed the point of no return — there is no peaceful, democratic way to reverse the slide into a multicultural hell-hole, with all that entails.

    The same is true of a number of other Western countries, including Sweden, Germany, and France. Either they give in and allow themselves to become Islamic states, or there will be severe inter-ethnic violence. There is no longer any way out through the ballot box.

    When we had the nerve to publish El Ingles’ descriptive account of what might happen, we were banished, shoved beyond the pale for our racism…That all seems so long ago now.

      • I’d suggest you re-issue the no-can-say-article as a sticky post after you’re done with your fundraiser.
        I remember reading it here in 2008 when I was running a counter-jihad blog myself and re-posting it on my site.
        Your readership must have greatly increased since then and a re-post would be worth doing. Since GoV is already being characterized as “racist website for counterjihad paramilitaries” there’s not much “reputation” to lose.

    • The one usefull outcome from such invader resettlement tactics is it will polarize the locals in every locale where they are emplaced and force the residents to take sides. To seperate the sheep from the goats as it were… When war comes as it inevitably will, there will be no doubt as to who the local traitors and quislings are.

      • They will all be some version of violent leftists. Just look at the products being manufactured in ‘higher’ education. Or perhaps the snake eggs being hatched.

      • Not necessarily. See, here’s the thing not to forget: in refugee/”refugee” groups OTHER than the self-selected adventurers crossing the Med into Europe, i.e., any that are brought in as families with kids (etc), most people are reasonably decent and somewhat amenable to a reasonable relationship with their neighbours on a one-on-one basis.

        A small number of refugees like this, there’s a strong chance of not having pushback, because the individuals in question are all decent ones.

        The problem happens because people can simultaneously be decent at an individual level, while having very strange society-corrupting ideas at a group level.

        Islamists aren’t the only ones guilty of this. Though less frequently, one can find leftists who are decent at an individual level, while remaining society-destroying in their overall beliefs and practices.

        • The “otherness” of those families, and especially the taking of social benefits will not be tolerated in times of economic turmoil. One may look the other way at outwardly polite foreigners taking welfare and not looking for work when times are good and oneself is employed. But when you and those around you are barely getting by, or worse, unemployed and competing with families of invaders who dress strangely, don’t mingle socially, and put no effort into learning the language or finding employment, resentment will certainly ensue.

          A lot can be tolerated when times are good. Especially when the price of resistance and protest are very high. I see no good outcome for those families of invaders when the economy turns and their lack of willingness to integrate and maintain their hostile customs puts them much at odds with the dominant culture who will increasingly resent such truculence.

          • That is true. ‘Round here, welfare is a truly small amount (enough for rent or food, but not really both) and so most of the refugees have been forced (willingly or otherwise) into some sort of employment. That of course changes things.

            There are nonetheless some that will obviously NOT work out well. I’m thinking of the way that some of the women are viewed by their menfolk. No amount of employment can change that. In one particular instance, it’s seriously nasty. We’re talking about a dude who freaks out at the idea of his wife leaving the house alone with the daughter. I have also heard credible reports of domestic abuse in some other cases. We’re talking serious, er, “cultural problems”.

            OTOH, there is one family where the (bareheaded) wife picked herself an English name before they even arrived and is pretty much unwilling to tell people what her original name was unless pressed. They have no interest in associating with the religiously fundamentalist refugees (to the extent of expressing dismay to locals who want to introduce them). They’re just glad to be away from whence they came from, and want to have nothing to do with it. Obviously, those of us of the right-wing persuasion have no problem with people of that type – the thing is, if they are the only type that one has had contact with, it’s easy to imagine that the warnings are overblown. I know better, but obviously many people don’t.

            My strong feeling is that the proportion of normal to problematic types is fairly positive around here, but that in some other places – especially in Europe – it’s very much the other way around.

      • The majority of people are sheeple anyway. Look at what happened in Malta in 1565. A few hundred Knights, a handful of gentlemen adventurers, together with the locals, stopped the Islamic invasion in its tracks … and sent them homeward … tae think again.

        • Now that ‘s the question- will the Flower of Scotland fight for hill and glen or instead passively allow the Muslim hordes to trample the Scots population wholesale ?

          After all the English with a far larger wealthier population have been practically kissing the Muslim invaders feet at worst , fairly supine at best.

          Must Scotland (population 4 million) be David with his slingshot taking on Goliath/Islam to save not only themselves but the perfidious sons and daughters of Albion(England) ?

          Is it too much to ask that England fight back on their own account?

  3. I believe that at this point the majority of Europeans still have something to lose, no matter how little that is. It is this fear that is keeping them in line.

    • Remember the passage from Hemingway, about the fellow who had gone bankrupt? How did it happen, he was asked … Gradually … then suddenly!

  4. “Though in unendurable pain, through their fading sight, the dying victims finally glimpsed the horrid truth, that they had denied so long……they themselves had been the main cause of their own affliction and fate!”

    As Christ said Matthew 22/23 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.’ 24Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock”

  5. I don’t think that Muslim migrants will stay on this island for a long time. The economic opportunities are too modest, there is very little entertainment (hardly enough young women or teenage boys) and the climate is awful. As experience has shown, migrants prefer big cities.

  6. Baron, I agree 100% except that I think the reckoning may come fairly quickly. I do not know how old you are, so I am unsure of the meaning of ‘not in my lifetime’ when you say it.

    But I expect some sort of serious reckoning within 20 years max.

    Factors speeding it up are:
    1. High Muslim birthrates vs low native European birthrates
    2. Radicalization worldwide — Islam’s reversion to its scripture, which is being sped up by modern communications
    3. Development of critical mass — the more Muslims there are in a place, the more confident and supremacist they get.

    There is a MAJOR factor holding it back, but it’ll break soon:
    () The economy of most of Europe is reasonably decent so far. There is not yet critical mass unemployment, and/or any related discontent is being mopped up with social welfare payments.

    When the economy breaks badly — and it will, and masses will experience unemployment and/or poverty — things will accelerate quickly.

    Vast sums of money are being spent on hiding the problems caused by multiculturalism. Last I checked, France had 20,000 military on the streets. French tourism — and even Paris alone has previously been a bigger tourist attraction than the USA as a whole –has already been seriously damaged and its getting worse. Enormous welfare payments for unemployable and hostile foreigners is going to bring the economies down. There is a lot of fuss about a Brexit Bill — and even at its higher end it is likely to be A LOT smaller than what the Merkel Invasion will cost Germany even within a few years.

    Titanic, Iceberg indeed. But not in the very distant future. 20 years max I’d say. Maybe even just 15.

    • I would agree with you, except for the fact that the economic collapse — which, as you say, is a necessary precursor to any mass uprising against the NWO and the multicult — has been postponed for NINE years so far, and counting.

      Nine years ago just about everybody who makes such predictions was predicting an imminent (within 6 months) collapse of the currency followed by hyperinflation. It didn’t happen. They’re still predicting it, imminently.

      One of these days they’ll be right, of course, because the collapse of the currency is a mathematical certainty. But the mathematics of it does not tell us when it will happen, just that it must happen at some point. The past nine years have demonstrated that the central banking wing of Powers That Be is very good at gaming the system to keep the imaginary value of fiat money approximately where they want it to be. If they can manage nine years, they can manage another ten or twenty. Especially with mass automation to help prop the system up.

      I hope I’m wrong, because I’d like to live to see how it all turns out, even though the process of getting there will be absolutely ghastly.

      • True, no-one can ever be sure about the economy. True, it can hang together longer than we think …. but I’d find it truly amazing if it holds in Europe for another 15 years.

        I don’t know what you think, Baron, but I’m on the camp where I actually believe that the FASTER it all happens the better for US. Because the faster it happens, the less demographically weak we should be when it happens. The less demographically weak we are, the stronger we will be, and the stronger we are, the more cleanly and decisively we will win.

        • Yes, definitely — the faster it happens, the better for everybody. The death toll will be lower, and the remnant larger. More of our civilization can be preserved.

          When I say “decades”, I’m not referring to the time when it kicks off, but the time when it is finally over. When the bill has been fully reckoned and paid, when things have settled down, and the new order, whatever it may be, has formed out of the ashes of the old.

    • What may happen is that whole cities will become unlivable, in a first pass. Think Detroit or Baltimore, for an American parallel.

    • Here’s a possible scenario for a first “kick-off”:

      An economic downturn in Sweden leads to unemployed young native Swedes leaving for culturally-similar Norway and Denmark. Over a few years, this leads to the “fighting-age” native Swede population severely declining. Non-working “migrants” become a larger share of the population, and the tax base just can’t handle it any more. Though the left-leaning governments (in power in a coalition with what is essentially Islamists) can’t envisage cutting rates, they can’t find/borrow funds to *raise* them, and rising inflation is lowering the value of the Swedish Krona fairly rapidly.

      Eventually, welfare rates don’t produce anything approaching a living any more. Violence breaks out. More and more of the population seeks to leave for Norway and Denmark. These countries eventually condition intra-Scandinavian migration upon the passage of language tests (de facto excluding ill-integrated “migrants”). Migration of native Swedes picks up pace, with the middle-aged also leaving, due to crushing taxes, and the elderly leaving due to massively declining services.

      After 5 years of this, government has essentially collapsed in Sweden, and outright fighting breaks out between pockets of resistance – led by a small number of die-hard actual white supremacists who refused to leave – and hardcore Islamists, with everyone else sort-of caught in the middle and forced to take sides. The remaining native Swedes essentially become refugees in Norway and Denmark (which by this point have dropped the pretense of allowing migration based on language tests, and are operating on a 3/4 “grandparents born in Scandinavia” rule). While for a while the situation looks “hopeful” for the white supremacists as white supremacists from elsewhere join them in a plan to create a “white homeland”, they are eventually crushed and massacred by the Islamists (who have been joined by large number of foreign Islamists). The non-Islamist “migrant” population largely keeps its head down and mouth shut at this stage.

      After the victory of the Islamists, they start enforcing sharia against the remaining migrant population. The few remaining native Swedes either convert or flee. War is declared on Norway. Denmark blows up the Oresund Bridge for protection, and deports any problematic elements to Sweden. Norway begins doing the same as a way to calm its own civil strife, though the influx of native Swedes has now created a situation where the Norwegians are no longer numerically threatened by “migrants”.

      After this stage, many descendents of migrants clearly and unambiguously pledge allegiance to the King of Norway and/or the King of Denmark, and make their choice. These ones are accepted into the community. The others leave or are driven out. A surprisingly large community of native Swedes has also regrouped on the Aland Islands, with dreams of taking back mainland Sweden, but over the passing years, they begin to sound more and more reminscent of Chiang Kai-Shek.

      Does it kick off elsewhere in Europe partly in response to this? I have no idea. But I think that this is scenario which might well happen in 10-20 years’ time. On the other hand, the ending might not look as good as what I’m presenting. Though it’s entirely possible.

      • It will not turn out that way. If the remaining population in what was Sweden becomes overwhelmingly muslim and/or African, the temptation to dispatch them wholesale by gassing or biological warfare will become too great to resist. Concentration into ethnically or religiously homogenous enclaves will allow the use of methods of warfare previously unthinkable when they were intermingled with native Swedes. And, since it will be at the hands of white supremecists, there will not be the moral squeamishness regarding such actions that would prevent governments from taking such action even if they were so inclined to do so.

  7. While not as bad as the Islamization of Western Europe, the Mexicanization of California (“Mexifornia” is the title of one of Victor Hanson’s books) is one of the reasons I chose to leave for Poland. As with Muslims, the communist leftists facilitated an invasion of an alien culture and CA is already resembling a corrupt Latin American country. The California of my young adulthood was bearable because at least I could talk to leftists about things other than politics, increasingly now, people residing in California barely have a grasp of English, and if they do their loyalty is certainly not to the United States. Demographics is destiny and I think the cake has been baked for generations to come in large parts of the West.

    • California is a sad disgrace. A scoff-law state which wants the freedoms of being part of the US federation while ignoring the responsibilities. Just one of the reasons it’s not salvageable. IIRC, due to its immigration policies, it now has the highest poverty level.

      California, in morphing from the dream state to the nightmare, is on the fast track to hell. And when the earthquakes finally erupt, guess who will be in Washington demanding financial relief??

  8. The good people of Europe have to put up with their governments because they are unarmed. […].

  9. Just as a matter of interest, nearly seven years ago I was introduced to a woman (this was is the UK) who was so upset abut cultural enrichment that she and a few others had decided to buy land somewhere in the back of beyond in order to start a small community. At that time they had investigated the farthest reaches of Scotland and other parts of the UK. But some capable and clever person in their group had found evidence of cultural enrichement planning already on the books – that is there were already plans to move refugees into these remote areas of the UK at least seven years ago.

  10. It’s ironic, it’s apparently okay to run an Islamist out of town in Scotland, if he’s a white convert that is:
    Scottish Muslim Preacher on Manchester: ‘Why Should We Care When the Table Turns?’
    “After making his comments, the preacher was run out of his Scottish hometown by angry locals, who spotted him in a local supermarket while he was visiting for a family funeral.”

  11. The policy of cultural replacement enacted by the globalist elites of the West have made a bloodbath inevitable. However, I have to disagree with you Baron when you say it will not come in your lifetime: on the contrary, it will come with the next great economic downturn, which promises to be much worse than that of the 1930s. And that event could happen any time – even a few months from now.

    • People have been saying exactly what you said for nine years, and it still hasn’t happened. From this I draw the conclusion that the system they work so hard to preserve is more resilient than we thought. That’s why I no longer predict within any time frame.

      As I mentioned earlier, my use of the word “decades” refers to the end of the great crisis, when the catastrophic events will have finally settled down, and the new normal, whatever it might be, has emerged. The process will be protracted and painful. I don’t think I’ll live to see it completed.

      • If the nukes (currently) under NATO member control get into the hands of the mujaheddin / ummah, the process will be sped up a bit.

        • I hope that the French have the minimal decency that the Afrikaners did when they “gave up” South Africa, and destroy their nukes first.

          Else those may well be the ones.

  12. This past weekend I walked by four consecutive houses each with a sign on their front that said “Hate has no home here”. These idiotic virtue signalers seem not to think about that Islamist sympathizer who murdered gay people at a club in Florida, or the truck attacks in the world’s major cities.
    I know it’s depressing. But we have do all legal means to get a great number of a fellow citizens to align with us.

    • Notice they were consecutive houses. IOW, this kind of ignorance is deeply contagious. What’s the reality? Probably that those poor souls harbor a great deal of suppressed hatred – which it is ‘safe’ to take out on The Other.
      In the Chicago area, it’s not hard to imagine who their “others” are.

      The dark side of human nature, of which we all share a part, is deeply irrational. To the extent we can own that part of ourselves, to that extent only, are we free. Otherwise our psyches remain painfully split.

  13. I think as the Baron, doubt I’ll be around long enough to see the reckoning. Pity, I suppose.

    I once saw it in high school, thankfully, when upon the last day of the year, the improperly put upon teacher, a good guy, a nice guy, to all evenly, especially if you were nice and respectful, and serious, hired into a tough situation, not of his cause, made fun of, mocked, by the football types in a science class, he was kind of big and gawky appearing, announced the reckoning day was upon them, grade wise, when his watching of the wrongdoers was his to deal the scales. I had felt so good, so proud to have been on that right side of his history, that he had indeed seen the outrageous disrespectful behavior, (all white, by the way), I had feared perhaps he had not, so personally nice, serious, well spoken, he had seemed. I had privately, secretly envisioned the words, gloriously delivered by him, of the consequences. It was an opportunity to see the Bishop’s above comment in truth, enacted live, from Matthew 23, 24. At least on occasion, it happens, in this life, I probably felt too much pleasure and satisfaction, in the glorious occasion.

    Seems ‘ol Germany is having a reckoning in rising turmoil, in their minds, just beginning to recognize a tiny little portion of the trouble they are again creating, for nothing of good, just evildoing, as it is, and will be. Follows from Zero Hedge…. Strange, very strange, an admission of wrong, their minimalist correction, perhaps to get the “low hanging fruit”, until…….

    Germany Offers Migrants $3,500, Housing, & Healthcare To Leave Voluntarily
    Germany is offering rejected asylum seekers money to voluntarily return home as the government gets ready to deport Syrian migrants next summer…
    Dec 4, 2017 12:48 PM

  14. The UK ruling elite appear to want to betray the British people at every opportunity. Not only is this migrant/population replacement matter going to hit the fan soon, so also is the planned destruction of the UK. Have a look at the details here:
    “How DUP wrecked Brexit deal with one phone call” shows how biased the press are.

    My comment is quite clearly “Thank God that someone has stood up against this. Thank God!” My fear is that some way will be found to shut the DUP up; another scandal perhaps?

    It is all of a piece with Raheem Kassam in Breitbart saying that May deliberately picked a fight with Trump so as to upset him enough that he no longer wants a really good trade deal with the UK. Then May can use that as evidence that the UK will need to stay shackled to the EU for longer, and possibly after Corbyn gets into government the whole thing will be undone because it is “too difficult”.

    There is nothing that the British ruling elite will not stoop to in order to achieve their own goals. Absolutely nothing.

    • I do like the DUP.

      The E.U is a menace.They are trying to deracinate and denationalize Ireland ,England ,Scotland ,Wales and doubtless Cornwall for that matter.

      The fact is fractious as the relationship between Ireland and England,or Scotland and England may be ,it’s not up to the totalitarian E.U to tell Britain to divide itself up into meaningless U.N defined zones.

      But I saw an article about 18 months ago ,showing the E.U plan to draw a ruler across Britain ,dividing it horizontally into 4 parrallel E.U administrative zones where the top half of Scotland would be administered in exactly the same way ,under the same set of laws as France and Italy.

      Other administrative zones would apply to the remaining 3 linking them up with either Greece , Turkey on its acceptance as a full member of the E.U,or some other basket case

      The Sturgeon is a globalist shill and an E.U sellout .
      She cares for power not for the Scots.
      She is the traitor opening the gates to the besieging hostile invading barbarian Muslim horde.

      There are too many Remoaners in Westminster ,May chief among them happy to shaft their own people with a smile ,a handshake and simultaneously a knife shoved between their ribs.

      And even it would seem on the fair Isle of Lewis a traitor/virtue signaler/ leftist ready to take his 5 pieces of silver from the globalists and their Muslim pets and sell his own people out.

      God bless all Scottish patriots.. For the sins of the traitors will be visited on their own heads until the 7th generation in the form of evil incarnate ,the Muslim invader.

      When we deport the Muslims we should deport the traitors after first giving them a good tar and feathering.


  15. They [whites] know who etc… And it is done with OUR money, taken from our retirement savings in various ways.

  16. I’ve read some and scanned the rest of the comments here.
    So, if I’m being redundant, please forgive me.

    But I am convinced that as long as Christendom abandons God, He will abandon us to the temporal judgments that come in the form of degenerate societies who then welcome their own destruction in the form of invading, brutal, and decimating hordes.

    Convinced. Certain. And ashamed that we’ve so wickedly blasphemed against our Creator and only True Lover of Our Souls as to remove ourselves from His protection.

    • God is famous for raining on the just and the unjust alike. It proves He has a sense of humor – a karmic sense of humor, perhaps, but He laughs last. Always.

      • “God Favours the big battalions”

        If you let enough of the enemy in they will overwhelm you .
        The best thing you can do is not to let them in at all.

        Massive Muslim internment camps and deportation seems to be the solution.

        The US has enough oil reserves for its own use and for export.So too does Russia.

        We should not buy oil from the Middle East and in fact place a worldwide embargo on it.

        We should reform the U.N by kicking out all Arab and Muslim countries.

        They have no right to sit on the Human Rights Council or on the Women’s Right’s Council and yet they do.

        In fact it would be better to close the U.N down and start from scratch.

        • You should read El Ingles’s excellent articles regarding why internment camps and deportations will not likely be the option used even if governments wish to do so. For reasons of pure logistics and cost, and the impracticality of getting other countries to accept their muslim refuse or allowing overflights of aircraft full of deportees (who will probably fight tooth and nail their deportations) or will refuse to allow them landing and refueling.

          [intemperate speculations and suggestions redacted]

  17. I was wondering Baron how you felt about AMD Waters and her “For Britain” party.
    Since she tried to talk about the Muslim child raping gangs who target underage white
    British girls the length and breadth of Britain ,she has had a lot of negative coverage in the press.

  18. The automation/AI (advances?) along with moslem quickness to propagate with the welfare state will exponentially (perfect storm) bring strife much sooner methinks..
    I’m sayin’/givin’ it ~ two years Bar..The start that is..Although it really has essentially already started microcosmically.
    I’ll betchya a fiver (U.S. I’m Canadian)
    and a 2 four..(that’s beer lol)..If’n on the pretext we’re not all raped or run over or bombed to death aforehand..
    And where IS El Engles these days?

    • El Ingles just wrote me today. He’s going to write a preface for a repost of “Surrender, Genocide… Or What?”

      After almost 10 years! It’s amazing to think it has been that long.

      • True enof and more..Incredible silly time..Thanks for the update Baron..Good to hear and looking forward to that..Remember -Two Years..I like Molson Dry btw..
        You and Dymphna have always kept me informed to the max and so glad you and Vlad hooked up.

  19. If “refugees” are being resettled on the Isle of Lewis, then it seems fairly clear that the UK has passed the point of no return — there is no peaceful, democratic way to reverse the slide into a multicultural hell-hole, with all that entails.

    The same is true of a number of other Western countries, including Sweden, Germany, and France. Either they give in and allow themselves to become Islamic states, or there will be severe inter-ethnic violence. There is no longer any way out through the ballot box.

    As Churchill was known to say, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

    In the Socialist realm a ballot box has (of late) become somewhat ornamental. Brexit may well be the proof of this. As a consequence—in these same regions—the conjoined twins of electorate votes and governmental monopoly on violence easily could become equally irrelevant.

    For over a decade, I have maintained that there will be a Darwinian “bottleneck” in the West. In a very binary fashion, either Islam or its opponents will emerge from this evolutionary constriction (relatively) intact. Koranic doctrine prohibits any other outcome and “survival of the fittest” carves that in stone. So be it.

    Long ago, Islam made its bed. The time is long past for Westerners to make sure that Muslims lie in it (however permanently).

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