The Cultural Enrichment of the Western Isles

On Saturday we posted about the resettlement of “Syrian” “refugees” on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. A local resident named Alistair took us to task in the comments for our Islamophobia:

That article is [not one with which I agree]. As a resident of the Isle of Lewis, let me educate you…

There have been Muslim families living here for 70 years, they are fully integrated into island life. To wait so long for a place of worship is what the real disgrace is.

After hundreds of years of de-population I welcome incomers to our island. We actually need more people and have plenty of vacant run-down houses which could be turned into safe, homely environments for people fleeing from war.

Ossian, our correspondent from the Isle of Lewis who sent the original report, wondered if this Alistair might in fact be the local MP for the Na h-Eileanan an Iar constituency. However, the islands’ MP in the UK Parliament is Angus MacNeil. The same constituency is represented by Alasdair Allan in the Scottish Parliament. So unless Mr. Allan deliberately misspelled his Christian name, it isn’t the same person.

To counter Alistair’s bland assertions, I asked Ossian for more information about the Islamization of the Hebrides. He sent this follow-up report today:

I did some research on DuckDuckGo and it’s apparently a bit worse than I thought, with families going to the Isle of Bute and the Orkneys.

The search was done using this phrase: “isle of lewis syrian families”. Here are the links; all were on the first page of the search results:

In this last link it is said the building used to be a sort of annex to the church that you can just see behind the building. Interesting the way it is referred to as an ex-storehouse. No mention anywhere of its being former Church land. I do wonder if the ex-church behind will be their real future mosque.

I have yet to talk to anyone living here who has anything positive to say about this recent influx. Both locals and incomers.

Also, this is a good one, the Wee Free’s up in arms…

From the website of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) [emphasis added]:

(On 31st August the Western Isles Council approved a planning application for the creation of a mosque in Stornoway. Following this decision the Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides issued a press release in which they indicated their concerns regarding this development. The text of the press release is below.)

Mosque in Stornoway

7 September 2017
by Rev. David M Blunt

Last Thursday the Comhairle granted planning permission for the setting-up of a mosque in the centre of Stornoway. The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides regard this as a most unwelcome development. Having made a representation on the matter to the Council prior to the determination of the application, we now wish to state publicly the reasons why we object to the creation of a mosque in Stornoway.

Our main concern is with the religion of Islam itself. If a mosque ever opens, Islam will be able to promote itself in our midst through public worship, despite its beliefs and practices being alien to the religious convictions of the vast majority of our community. Islam is wholly inconsistent with the teaching of the Word of God in Holy Scripture, which is the only rule to direct us. It is opposed to the Christian religion as confessed by the Church historically since apostolic times, and as established by law in our land since the Reformation.

Fundamentally, Islam utterly denies the divine Person and redeeming work of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to satisfy the justice of God, that He might grant forgiveness to sinners. Since Islam has no Saviour, it offers no hope to guilty and hell-deserving sinners, for we cannot save ourselves by our own works. The Bible declares that, having paid the price for the sins of His people, Christ rose triumphantly from the dead, ascended bodily to heaven, and is now seated at God’s right hand. From there He will return to this world at the end of time as the infallible Judge of us all.

Islam is also incompatible with, and indeed a threat to, our religious and civil liberties, as is very evident from the situation which prevails in those countries where it dominates. The oppression of Christians and the reduced status of women under Islam are well-known, as is the willingness of some of its followers to spread its influence by violent means.

It is a sobering fact that in recent years many militant Islamists or ‘jihadists’ have entered European countries under the guise of being refugees and migrants, when their real intention has been to wage war on the West on behalf of their religion; we are witnessing the tragic results of this deception in the form of regular acts of carnage, including in the UK. We have also seen young men born and brought up in our own country who have been radicalised in mosques and have turned against the society which has hosted them.

We stress that we have nothing against individual Muslims, least of all any who have been forced to flee their homelands because of persecution and suffering. Our desire and prayer for those who have made their way to Scotland and other parts of the UK is that they would hear the gospel of Christ and find the way of salvation, coming to know the love, grace and forgiveness of God.

Finally, we urge the Lord’s people to make this situation a matter of earnest prayer, asking the Almighty that in His kindness He will grant that no mosque will ever appear in Stornoway. Man may propose, but God always disposes. Above and beyond this particular issue, we need to plead with the Lord that in His mercy He would enable us to turn from our sinful and foolish course as a nation, and return to Him. Let us take our confidence from the Bible, which says, “Is any thing too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).

Photo credit: Stornoway Harbour by Stephen Branley.

27 thoughts on “The Cultural Enrichment of the Western Isles

  1. Islam and Christianity are not compatible. One is a ‘Religion of Peace’ and the other is not, and the one that is so often touted to be a Religion of Peace is the one that is not. The time for the Christian Church, in all its denominations, to once again become the Church Militant is passing, and that may well be the harbinger of its extinction.

    • Allowing the Leftist Sinister leaning to gain control of all Western institutions has had consequences that we-must-be-tolerant-crowd of the 20th Century — now all mostly dead — did not have to endure. They refusing to litmus test each new applicant for institutional principles at the time, that now condemns posterity to the consequences.

      The sinister west and the sinister mideast are working, pretty much uncontested, like a vise to squash their common enemy.

      This is GoV, and it has chronicled the build up of that alliance.

  2. It’s heartening to see the Free Kirk take such an unequivocal stand against Islam. If only the United and Anglican Churches of Canada could do likewise, instead of defending a faith that denigrates their own.

    In one of the linked articles, it states that volunteers are needed to help the new Syrian families with activities of daily life such as shopping, school, public transport—and visiting the gym. Visiting the gym?

    • The United Church of Canada is a part of the problem.

      If being involved in actively bringing “refugees” weren’t enough, they’ve actually caused their ministers to come out in favour of the Omar Khadr settlement. I heard this from a parishioner, who heard this speech (apparently compelled from the top), leading to the father of an active-duty soldier quitting the church in disgust.

      This Free Church of Scotland sounds quite hopeful. I like ’em.

      • I agree – the United Church is a huge part of the problem here in Canada with its anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam stance (obvious from its website postings and public “outreach”). I hadn’t heard that about the church’s stance on the Khadr settlement but it’s not surprising. That soldier’s father isn’t alone in leaving that church.

      • Me too.I like the cut of the Free Church’s jib. Hopefully I can refer to the website for Rev. Blunt’s sermons and thus attend his excellent church in a virtual manner via the internet.

  3. The “willingness of some of its followers to spread its influence by violent means” is connected to the INSTRUCTION to do so in Islamic texts. Osama bin Laden was clear:

    “Does Islam or does it not force people by the power of the sword to submit… ? Yes!”

  4. Every mosque is modelled on the original mosque of Mohammed in Medina:

    A school
    A place of gender segregation
    A Court where death sentences are passed
    A training place for mujahideen
    A base for anti-Christian training
    A place for anti-Semitic training
    A base for propagating sedition against the State
    A base for Soldiers of Allah
    A barracks
    A storage place for arms

    • In which case, under US Code, the Mosque is not a House of Worship and are therefore not entitled to the protections and tax status accorded Houses of Worship. Rather, it is an armory under the control of a foreign sovereign whose goal is the overthrow of the United States an the Constitution. All of them should therefore be closed, forthwith.

  5. Interesting that in none of the articles referenced was there a picture of these newly settled vaunted “Syrians”. Makes one wonder . . .

  6. As I suggested in the earlier thread, any mohammedans who are put in the Western Isles by the fascist elite should be made to understand that their false Satanic religion will be challenged and exposed at every turn.

    No opportunity should be lost to tell the mohammedans that they follow a kiddy-fiddler and their false beliefs are Satanic in nature, and will lead them straight to hell.

    Remember: You have the right to try to convert other people – legally – and you have the obligation to do so – scripturally.

    “Now it came to pass at the end of seven days that the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me: When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.” (Ezekiel 3:16-19)

  7. “Islam is also incompatible with, and indeed a threat to, our religious and civil liberties, as is very evident from the situation which prevails in those countries where it dominates. The oppression of Christians and the reduced status of women under Islam are well-known, as is the willingness of some of its followers to spread its influence by violent means.”

    If anyone reading this thread wishes to substantiate these truth claims, then may I suggest reading through the USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) reports. One can access specifically the chapters dealing with Islamic countries.

    Here is the link.

    At that website, one can find detailed accounts of what goes on in Islamic countries. I first came across this source whilst reading Majed el Shafie’s book, Freedom Fighter, and if memory serves it has also been used by Raymond Ibrahim, who readers of GoV will know very well. Upon investigation, I found the USCIRF reports to be a detailed record of Islamic atrocities and human rights violations – all compiled and recorded by a competent and respected organisation.

    Undeniable truths!

    So as I said, if anyone wants to be able to back up the assertions made above, study up on the USCIRF reports – also the books “Crucified Again” by Raymond Ibrahim and “Freedom Fighter” by Majed el Shafie.

    If Islam really was a religion of peace and tolerance, then Islamic countries would be peaceful and tolerant places.

    As the USCIRF reports clearly show, Islamic countries are not peaceful and tolerant places.

    Therefore (by MT) Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance.

    • Just to underscore your worthy remarks, Nick, are these well known truths, from today, in Zero Hedge, this am. Until destroyed, islam is permanent evil, hatred, and atrocities, conducted and repeated forever, always, neverending, beginning with deceitful lies, accommodation, progressing, just as in the Hebrides…….Unless destroyed, similar to Vlad’s technique…..

      And never forget, isis is the practice of pure pious islam, actually the practice of all devout evil is the practice of islam, until Vlad…..

      Reminder from Erdogan, always the hopeful new “caliph”, is he….
      Turkey’s Erdogan: There Is No Moderate Islam
      Seven years after Obama’s pathetic diagnosis about the kind of democracy Erdogan brought to an otherwise secular country, the Turkish president said that “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. There is only one Islam.”

      Germany Warns Of “Highly Radicalized” ISIS Wives, Children
      Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), warned that many women and children “had become so radicalized and identify so deeply with IS-ideology that, by all accounts, they must also be identified as jihadis.”

  8. When you see an article like this it does bring it home just how utterly hopeless and futile any opposition to this madness is. If I go into town close to the village that I live in, there are more and more Muslim women with a minimum of 3 children in tow. If I happen to go there on a Friday, I will see dozens of men in their native garb running to the mosque. This looks so utterly out of place in a small English town, and we are just expected to accept this as part of our new lives. As with many, many places all over the Western world, Muslim population never declines – it just accelerates at alarming rates. The Muslim community in my local town had a smaller mosque, but due to its ever expanding congregation, acquired a very large beautiful building, and turned it into a mosque. Naturally, there were objections to this, and naturally, the people objecting were called racists. You can pretty much duplicate this to many places all over the West and the end result will be pretty much the same. I’m at the point now were I’m more or less convinced that there really isn’t anything the average person can do but resign themselves to the fact that Islam in the West in going nowhere but up.

    • MH You have expressed a common belief of the seemingly average individuals singular powerlessness. Because most people don’t do big things that the occasional average individual rises too, yet. But it must be understood, learned, there is immense power, when all these ordinary good people act and know, in unison, against any evil.

      The average persons can learn, study the verses of murder, and hate, all 164 or so, and the rest of the commanded atrocities, then must resist and fight, in any way possible, to the death. Do not fear death, that is for the coward on the knees. Know right from wrong, good from evil. islam has always been the wrong, the evil gang of all gangs of evil.

      Of course, this assumes one knows the right of God, of the Bible. Otherwise, one must learn righteousness. Or as in atheism, and islam, what wrong exists?

      • MH I should also have said, you write well, and what you have said is very well that you have said it.

        Others think this way, also, reach these “I am powerless” conclusions. It is also well to remind that giant power is made by the knowledge and convictions of average people – together…

        They only need become organized, by evil powers of deceit, or dictators, kings, totalitarians, or duly ordained and respected leaders, when needed. All those individuals may act each together and also those who rise to individual greatness, through the throngs, or outside the throngs.

        In day to day life of average peoples common ordinary mutual interactions, many people forget, maybe never were taught, or thought, that ordinary people become great armies when organized, when all think together, individually, as one.

        Churchill was at his very best, in Britannia’s formerly “Darkest Hour”. There are many potential Churchill’s yet dwelling in ordinary people, who can rise to greatness, knowing good from evil, who will become leaders, cheering civilized sophisticated learned society upward and over all the challenges, which evil is now presenting to us all, again….

        • Fourteen years later, before both Houses of Parliament assembled to honour him on his eightieth birthday, Churchill reflected on this change in his fortunes. ‘It was,’ he said, ‘the nation and the race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.’

          Gilbert, Martin. Winston S. Churchill: Finest Hour, 1939–1941 (Volume VI) (Churchill Biography Book 6) (p. 318). RosettaBooks. Kindle Edition.

    • Well spoken, MH.
      Knowledge, even just a little more knowledge, is a powerful seed. Most Westerners know absolutely nothing about Islam, still less about the life of its founder, and adopt sealed ears when the subject is suggested.

      Various details of the life of the Perfect Man, the Beautiful Pattern, are enough to start newcomers on a journey of discovery. They are enough to cause many adherents to leave the ideology when they discover them, in spite of the vigilante-murder that is the punishment prescribed for them.

      Consider the Beautiful reaction to Abu Ayyub, who positioned himself outside the Perfect Man’s door all night, while he was lying with the very attractive teenaged Safiya (who had been the booty of one of his companions, from whom he had bought her for seven slaves):

      “This young woman had just been married, and you killed her father, her brother and her husband, so I did not trust her [not to harm you].”

      The Prophet laughed and said “Good”.

      Al Tabari vol.39, p.185

      This is on the video “Mohammed’s Jewish wife” by Brother Ismail, a convert who has now left Islam because of Mohammed’s moral example. His youtube site is Don’tConvert2Islam. He speaks clearly and backs every statement with the approved sources.

      In pictures, have a look at “Get the Message?” at Liberty GB:

      There is hope. People need to have these things shown to them. It brings results.

  9. We often see Islam being preached by Mullahs in Christian churches in the West, at the invitation of the Christian clergy.

    Is anybody aware of even one instance where a Christian minister has preached the message of Christ in a Mosque, at the invitation of the Muslims? I’ve done a brief search on the topic, but have not been able to find even one occurrence.

    Perhaps my search parameters are at fault.

  10. The Hebrides are not untouched by Islamic terrorism.
    A teenage girl from Barra was killed at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, and her close friend badly injured (htt)p://

    The Rev. David Blunt is right to call Islam “a threat to …our civil liberties”.

  11. I provide this for the benefit of all you English speakers around the world, who want to absorb the best perspective on history, since 2000 B.C.. Just checked this out from this am, and it is highly helpful, worthy of many explorations, of the 4000 years of history, visualized, from 1931.

    Parenthetically, realize, the pre-historic wars, generally were highly toxic, to most participants, what with decapitations and piercings, collisions, and deadly falls, drowning’s, etc. with participants death rates being in the 60% ranges and both more and less.

    In modern wars, rates have gone down towards the 1% to 10% range, recent times. I saw a heavy research paper, recently, showing the details, very extensively, and will provide it when I find it in my archives-the URL that is. It is eye opening, and provides more perspective on how and what people were thinking in our prehistoric times. Days when thoughts had not existed much of whole lands in relative freedom and safety, to live out your individual lives. Through all history, we’ve had to live with varying fears, of varying kinds, usually together.

    Here is the Zero Hedge article, and the high resolution info graphic, which would be great as a wall chart, actually. Milestones through history, perspectives…. Article first, high resolution chart last of the two URLs.

    • Here is the incredible research on death rates, homicide rates, in prehistoric times, by a Max Roser, with incredible citations for reference, extensive. It provides invaluable historic reality, especially in these marxist, fascist, socialist revisionist times, with so many treasonous so called college professors, having been turned deeply into the darkest sides of education of lies, at least in America.

      Hope you like, and find helpful, the reality this extensively documented view into history provides all….

      “The levels of violence in prehistoric times (archeological evidence) and in non-state societies (ethnographic evidence) was much higher than in modern state societies and in the world today. This is what the data tells us, and I have visualized this evidence in a series of bar charts.
      Homicide rates for modern times are routinely published by statistical offices or other state agencies, and research institutes publish reliable data on war deaths.”

  12. With the Gaelic language in such a precarious position and still losing ground in former Gaeltacht regions, bringing in foreigners with no ties to Gaelic culture, Scotland, the UK or even Europe is about as stupid as it gets.
    Yes, more people are needed, but there are many with ties to the region who would settle if given the chance. That is, allowed to just move there like the Syrians without having to prove education, employability and all the other redtape that stops people doing so.

    Like what the Bain family had to go through:

    How many suitable people living in Canada, the USA, New Zealand etc would move there if given an easier road to do so. They could even have a waiver stating that immigration status would be dependent on the immigrants living in the Highland Region for x number of years.

    But no, instead they bring in Bosnians, Syrians and who knows what else to small genuine minority ethnic enclaves that further erode those minority communities.

  13. One gets the feeling globalists see ‘Chrislam’ as one way forward, like the ‘progressive’ Swedish church or the Episcopalians in Scotland;
    The Rev Isaac Poobalan, by way India and Dubai, invited Abdul Kalam and Sheikh Amed Magghabri to share his church, the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, Dr Robert Gillies, said “the arrangement at St John’s could serve as a lesson for the rest of the world.”
    I don’t need to tell GoV readers, much of the rest of world is not listening, nor do I have to point out the common denominator when it comes to much of the persecution.
    (but just in case the local MP is reading, the stark facts are touched upon here)

    The convener of the Church of Scotland published an article: “Sharia not to be feared”.
    It is the epitome of progressive wishful-thinking and reveals the cognitive-dissonance required for such a position.
    “The decisions must not break the fundamental tenets of the Human Rights Act….the rights of women in particular must be respected.”

    Meanwhile when a Muslima law student was invited to give a Koranic reading in Glasgow Cathedral during the Feast of the Epipany, she “went beyond reciting the passage in the service sheet” to read Surah 19, which explicitly denies the basis of Christianity.
    The bishop, the police and the Guardian all seemed far more concerned with the ahem, backlash or messages left on the Church’s digital notice-board.
    The nature of these are unclear, although the Daily Record reported “online trolls who targeted the church for contradicting Christian beliefs.”
    Apparently pointing out the obvious is ‘trolling’, if these online remarks were more vociferous in their condemnation or anti-Muslim in nature, it doesn’t say- a police spokesman however is quoted as saying: “We can confirm we are investigating reports of offensive comments made towards St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow and inquiries are ongoing.”
    The leader of the Scottish Episcopal Church, David Chillingworth, the bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, who said in a statement: “We also deeply regret the widespread abuse which has been received by the cathedral community.”

    He does not say whether a Koranic reading that denies the basis of Christianity was regrettable or not.

    Or that the Muslim law student who “went beyond reciting the passage in the service sheet” to read a verse, that explicitly denies the basis of Christianity, was deliberately provocative or even veered into ‘incitement to religious hatred’.
    He does not say that Christians might feel justifiably betrayed or offended.
    No apology is offered.
    He’s more worried about the ‘abuse’ the community received.
    Appeasement or submission masquerading as inter-faith dialogue, is all to common.
    There is not reciprocity in the Muslim world.
    Gavin Ashenden said it “is not so much a contribution to inter faith dialogue as a betrayal of those Christians throughout the world whose churches have been forcibly torn down and desecrated by an Islam that energetically repudiates the claims of Christian revelation.”

    Increasingly Christians are under attack in the West also but few speak out, authorities and media obscure, downplay or cover up, never joining the dots or providing context.
    Churches and Christian symbols are desecrated and vandalised by the hundreds, across Europe, that is if multikultist idiots haven’t taken them down first, for reasons of ‘community cohesion’.

    Yet still we hear next to nothing from Christian leaders.
    They have forgotten their religion allows for self-defense and I don’t mean armed police for the nativity scene. or Koran-blocks disguised as Christmas presents.

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