The Army of Mohammed is Returning … To Malmö

Muslim demonstrators gathered in the southern Swedish city of Malmö to respond to President Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem. They reacted to the president’s decision by threatening both the Jews and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of the demonstrations was caught on this cell phone video. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating the Swedish subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes for the English subtitling:

Below is an article about the demonstrations in Malmö from Sydsvenskan, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Threat against Jews during a demonstration in Malmö

About 200 people gathered and hurled angry curses against Arab leaders — and expressed threats of violence against Jews in Malmö last night.

On Saturday, Malmö police themselves chose to report the manifestation aimed at the (Jewish) group.

by Katarina Monikander

The demonstration was held after US President Donald Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“We want our freedom back, and we’re going to shoot the Jews,” was said, among other things, reports Sweden’s Radio Malmöhus.

According to several people the radio spoke with, spontaneous gatherings took place on two consecutive days, Thursday and Friday, without any real responsibility. The demonstrations took place without permission, and the police have not received any applications for future assemblies, according to the police officer in charge in the South region.

“Patrol police have been in charge of the site, but received no complaints,” said Calle Persson, a police spokesman, to TT.

The municipal councilman Andreas Schönström (S), responsible for security issues in Malmö city, is angry after watching a film from yesterday’s demonstration that circulated on social media. The video shows a collection of people who shout slogans in unison and waving Palestinian flags.

“Unfortunately, we have this kind of expression on a regular basis, and I’m just as upset and utterly confounded every time I encounter it. The police must act directly to investigate this, and look particularly to determine whether it can be judged as being hate against a group [hets mot folkgrupp].”

The police have not received any notifications in connection with the demonstrations. However, according to Calle Persson, what was said could be classified as an unlawful threat to a group.

“Overall, we look at it seriously. It may be a call for people to commit crimes.”

The anti-Semitism in Malmö has been widely reported, and Calle Persson believes there is tension.

“There is a latent threat to Jews in Malmö, and when it comes to the Middle East, the threat picture becomes more relevant. But there are currently no general threats directed against a person or assembly.

Will you have any surveillance of Möllevångstorget tonight?

“We have not received any application for approval. But it is possible that we will look at it anyway. We routinely patrol Möllevångstorget on Saturday night,” says Calle Persson.

“Otherwise, we also rely on the public to call if something happens.”

On Saturday, Malmö police themselves chose to report the demonstration on the Jerusalem issue this week aimed at a group of people.

Video transcript:

0:00   Khaybar Khaybar — O Jew:
0:08   The Army of Mohammed is returning.
0:16   Arm me. Make me of service.
0:25   Down with the House of Saud (Royal House of Saudi Arabia)
0:33   No normalisation with Jews
0:41   Down with House of Saud, no normalization with Jews
0:49   Strike them with knives
0:56   Strike, strike, do not be afraid
1:10   With knives, o fedayeen (those who martyr themselves in battle), with knives
1:18   We have proclaimed for millions
1:22   We die. Palestine lives.
1:32   The answer is the Al Aqsa (martyr) Brigades
1:38   The answer is the Qassam brigades (armed branch of terror organization Hamas)

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  1. The last Europeans who did this kind of war-crying were the football hooligans, but they were stopped from going to the football matches because their shouting caused fear in the hearts of mothers with children.

  2. the only way to even slow this stuff down is to do things we are discouraged from even saying online.
    Sorry. But that’s just a fact.

  3. If we think this is bad, wait until the time comes, as it surely will, when the muslims are told they must leave Europe. That will be when the true nature and intentions of the muslims will come into the light and the real fighting will begin.

    • Just who is going to tell the Muslims to leave Europe? Sadly, there isn’t a chance […] that this will happen. Just look at the power they have whilst representing a measly 5% of the population in many countries in Europe. (France, Germany & U.K. is much higher). Due to their breeding practices- 4+ on average, in the not too distant future it will them telling us where to go. The lefties have no clue just how medieval this lot will turn once they are calling the shots. Sorry to say but they ain’t going anywhere.

  4. Can’t understand how there are still Jewish in Malmo. What are they waiting for? It is dangerous for them, and it’s not going to improve there in the future.

    • Plenty didn’t learn either in the years leading up to the Nazi takeover of Europe. Natural selection will remove the ones foolish enough to still be hanging around in Sweden from the gene pool. After all, the two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

  5. Isn`t Malmoe the place where Barbara Lerner Specter lives?
    Now she can see the joys and advantages of muslim Invasion firsthand.

  6. I blame the Quislings who mass-imported them to replace their own population more than I blame these Feral Inbred (Islamic) Barbarian Invaders.

    If the farmer puts foxes into the hen-house in the name of diversity, etc.

  7. It is truly sad how they are telling us exactly what they want, yet most in the West are too dense, or have too much wax in their ears to listen and comprehend.

  8. Sorry for the crudeness but why don’t this lot just sod off to Palestine if they care that much. Wherever they are in the world you can guarantee that they bring trouble and grief.

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