“Temporarily” Arrested? Why Not — A Stab Wound is Temporary, Right?

The following report by Egri Nök was posted earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany — Syrians Stab Down Young German Between Christmas Market Stalls

An original translation from Breaking News Saarland.

Syrians Stab Man Down between Christmas Market Booths

December 17, 2017

Saarbrücken: Yesterday evening at 10:30PM, police received a report about a fight between several people using weapons. According to the report, one person is lying on the ground with a stab wound, while the group of perpetrators has fled.

According to the police’s first investigations, everything starts with the to-be-victim, a 22-year-old from Homburg, and several friends (male and female) taking the train from Homburg to Saarbrücken.

On the train a verbal argument with the to-be-attackers, three Syrian migrants of the age of 17, 19 and 20 years, occurs. The argument on the train remains verbal. After leaving the train station, the two groups take different directions. The Homburger and his friends walk through the Bahnhofstraße towards St. Johanner Markt.

In the pedestrian zone, the Syrian group ambushes them between the Christmas Market stalls. The migrants threaten the group verbally, insult them, and attack the 22-year-old Homburger with drawn weapons. According to witnesses, the perpetrators are holding a club, a sickle-knife, a throwing knife and a chain whip in their hands.

The attack lightly injures the victim. He receives a stab wound in the shoulder and at his temple, and can leave the hospital later that night.

The perpetrators only cease from attacking their victim when more eyewitnesses arrive, and because there are loud calls for the police, and run away in different directions.

Three hours after the deed, the attackers were temporarily* arrested on the train to Homburg in St. Ingbert. All three of them were under the influence of narcotics. It is unclear whether this was already the case at the time of the deed. Police are looking for witnesses who can provide information about the deed, or about the prior argument on the train.

Tips: Police Office Saarbrücken-St. Johann, Karcherstraße 5, phone 06 81 / 9 32 10

*   Translator’s note: Yes, “temporarily arrested”, you read that right. Saarbrücker Zeitung, who run this same story under the innocuous title “Man Injured By Knife”, close their report with: “But after the interrogations they were let go again. According to the police headquarters, there were ‘no reasons for arrest’.”

12 thoughts on ““Temporarily” Arrested? Why Not — A Stab Wound is Temporary, Right?

  1. Is this like those times I’ve suffered from a slight case of death?

    In all seriousness, the immivader youths should be charged with felony assault using a deadly weapon.

  2. These savages stabbing people in the own country, and probably been illegal, and they’ve been temporarily arrested??? What that Merkel did to this country is totally outrageous, this country and whole Europe is very dangerous: they can rape you, kill you and rob you, and nobody is doing nothing anymore…

  3. so stabbing someone is not a reason to arrest them. Every German should start stabbing every islam they can get they’re hands on.

  4. It seems that this type of non arrest or non attention comes from a higher group! Merkle we know is more liberal than Obama and her and Obama are good friends! Could she be Muslim? You know the liberal news MSM kept it hid and John McCain did too he never talked about it in 2008 many knew it but the public didn’t know he was Muslim until the second term!

    • I don’t think it necessarily comes from above in form of an order from the superiors. My guess is that the Syrians are well educated in dealing with EU police, they know laws, and they know to remain silent, and they also have a wide islamic family support…

      …so in the end it comes down to corrupt EU police, allowing this to happen, letting the migrants bribe them or effectively argue with them. It is the ‘lack of toughness’, a sort of femminine virtue, that brings about corruption.

      • The ‘lack of toughness’ is key. Prog losers like Merkel think they can indefinitely outsource toughness to their police and military infinitely…

        …which is not possible, because if you create a society that creates nothing but low-T soy boys, you will eventually have no tough guys left for the military and police forces.

      • I don’t think the immigrants have that much sophistication.

        In fact, it is the Germans who have build a complex bureaucratic house of cards that depends on docile cooperation from the people they encounter.

        Charging an immigrant means endless paperwork, probably having to engage a translator, constantly changing stories by immigrants who have no concept of truth, and sporadic and unpredictable violent outbursts endangering the arresting officers.

        In addition, they have zero support from their superiors and face the strong possibility of official censure if they violate any picayune procedure.

        So, in the case of illiterate, stupid, violent immigrants, it simply makes sense for the individual officer to minimize any contacts with them. A “temporary” arrest is far better from the officer’s perspective than a real arrest, which entails high effort, high risk, and almost no upside.

    • In all honesty, I’m just waiting for the press to tell us how how he probably “provoked” it…
      The justice minister, Heiko Maas (Social Democrats) is intending to abolish the mandatory life sentence for murder, if the murderer was “provoked to anger”, for example by “insult”.

  5. Saarbruecken is a den of thieves, a crooks el Dorado and a fiefdom of extreme left shysters like Oscar Lafontaine & his commie protege’ wifey Sarah Wagenknecht. Sarah is born to a German mother and an Iranian father and raised in the former GDR, in other words, she’s loaded with the full mental baggage of the leftist totalitarian. People like that carry the freeloading entitlement mentality that made the Saarland one of the most indebted states in Germany. The police in that place is only there to protect the ruling class, that’s why this kind of behaviour should surprise no one.

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