Taking the Cross out of Christmas

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Messaggero:

Climbs up Christmas Tree on the Square to Remove Cross: Migrant Arrested

A 21-year-old from Gambia climbed up the Christmas tree in Piazza Duca D’Aosta in front of the Central Train Station of Milan in order to remove the cross. The young man, in an agitated state, was stopped before succeeding in his goal and was taken to the Questura (police headquarters) to be identified and charged.

The episode that occurred Friday was only announced on Saturday. “After the Tunisian Gate right in the middle of the square, now we missed an African citizen who tried to remove the symbols of Christmas,” commented Riccardo De Corato, former vice mayor of Milan and group leader of Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in the Lombardy Region. “And all this, he added, happens on the day that the government says yes to the exhibition of a migrant boat in Milano, an operation that will cost 500 million Euros.”

4 thoughts on “Taking the Cross out of Christmas

  1. And what, exactly, would be the logic behind arresting the idiot, rather than shooting him out of the tree?
    There must have been SOME reason to undertake the more demanding and less promising course of action. But I am hard pressed to think of anything plausible.

  2. When consensus is destroyed trust is destroyed.

    EU politicians have wilfully imported thousands of hostile supremacists. These new arrivals are INSTRUCTED to hate all other ideologies and religions and to treat their symbols as provocative insults.

    This conflict was predicted but was ignored. Now it is in Europe big time.

  3. Do not go mad,guys! All events of nowadays were known already at the times when you were smoking weed and listening at Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin and Triumvirat!
    Eric (a.k.a. Clapton) was psychic enough knew events of nowadays long ago and prepared the anthem of present EU as early as in 1970!
    Guess what?! The song was called ‘Layla’!
    So,all was set up a long time ago!
    Do not go mad about Swedish Church what tries to replace a cross with crescent,don’t go mad about pig meat and brainwashed kids who are indoctrinated to accept muslim believing system!
    All things in Universe are happening logically and coherently!
    You have ‘culture enrichment’,you have halal food,AND you have an anthem of EU!
    What you are not happy with?!

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