“Safe Zones” for Women on Silvesternacht

Tonight is Silvesternacht — New Year’s Eve — in Germany. Since 2015 it has also been Gropin’ & Rapin’ night in major German cities, thanks to all those culture-enriching “refugees” that the Germans have so earnestly welcomed into their collective bosom.

Tonight the city of Berlin is implementing a Silvesternacht strategy that was pioneered in Sweden a year or two ago: “safe zones” for women, no men allowed. I would have thought such a plan violated the country’s constitutional ban on sexual discrimination, but apparently that otherwise sacred rule is subject to flexible interpretation where the behavior of migrants is involved.

As Vlad Tepes said, “This means, of course, that any women not in a women-only safe zone are ‘asking for it’, and sharia is complete.”

A Polish woman named Olga posted the following tweet to tweak the Germans about their difficulties with cultural enrichment:

Polish authorities have set up a special “safe zone” for women in preparation for New Year’s Eve celebrations. pic.twitter.com/0s0eh5yup9

Other German cities are seeing a massively increased police presence tonight. North Rhine-Westphalia, a.k.a. “Moloch-am-Rhein”, is deploying 5,700 officers across the state, including an initial contingent of 1,400 in Cologne. Egri Nök said, “Cologne and the other towns like Essen have the largest police deployment ever.”

See the Hamburger Abendblatt for German-language news on the Berlin “safe zone”. And here’s a report from Fox News:

‘Safe Zone’ For Women Aims to Stop New Year’s Refugee Sex Attacks in Berlin

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin will see a “safe zone” for women for the first time in the city’s history.

Organizers of the Brandenburg Gate party are hoping to prevent mob attacks similar to those that occurred in Cologne two years ago.

Hundreds of women were attacked by gangs of men with migrant backgrounds during New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2015.

The incident happened after Germany had accepted a record influx of more than one million migrants.

The German capital will this year have a “safety zone” where Red Cross helpers will look after women who feel harassed or threatened.

Additional safety precautions, including a ban on large bags, rucksacks, glass bottles and alcoholic drinks, will also be enforced.

Berlin police have issued advice to women attending the celebrations, encouraging them to seek help if they feel threatened and to avoid carrying a valuable bag.

About 500 security personnel will be at the Brandenburg Gate party, as well as more than 1,000 extra police officers patrolling the city.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out for the celebrations.

23 thoughts on ““Safe Zones” for Women on Silvesternacht

  1. I hope those “hundreds of thousands of people” they’re anticipating all wear black armbands to represent their mourning for the death of free Germany.

  2. Why do You need to created safe zones???, this stupid politicians created this horror , it will be easier to deport all this criminals???, and safe money???

    • The easy answer would be that you work with what you have, not with what you wish you had.

      Deporting these people ain’t gonna happen. Not in Germany. Not in yours or my lifetime.

      No, it would not save money. It would cost the treasury to deport. And the p.c. social justice warriors would kill all the Germans who tried.

      • Makes me feel like a dhimmi. 🙂

        though I do appreciate the wise words, as it helps one of any age to be more effective.
        Noting the many sage points made just below in the “The New Kids on the Block”.

        Appreciate all the good writings of Baron & Dymphna.
        All the Best from a part of the World that has almost completed the first day of 2018.

  3. And there is an additional irony to this grotesk situation – an addition of insult to irony:
    PiNews addresses the “irony” part in an article where they say:

    “…In the BEDOUIN-like tent, the so-called “retreat for sexually besieged women” the female party goers can expect “psychologically trained personnel from the city’s crisis intervention service”……..[…]…

    “…The only ones truly in need of protection in Germany these days are the Germans and especially women and girls.

    These are now separated in Bedouin Tents, while the celebrations take place outside . Whether the form of these “shelters” is due to the famous Berlin humour or is simply coincidence is not known. In any case, the symbolism behind it certainly mocks the victims of this rapists invasion yet even more.

    So, women and girls off to the “Tent of Security” from “Thousand and One Nights”. Because taking part in the celebrations unveiled would endanger your health and maybe even your lives.”

    You can see the whole article (in English and German) and the photo of these “Bedouin” tents here:


  4. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. To think that “the boys” shed their blood seventy years ago to save Europe from tyranny only to have it submit to another of our time. I have no answers, because with the magnitude of the situation, I’m not even sure what the questions are, at least the most fundamental from which all others stem. Outside of Divine intervention it appears, save a few nation such as Poland and Hungary, Europe is lost. Lord, have mercy.

  5. LOL. Taunt them as much as you can. Sharia separates men and women, too, so that’s the first salvo in the “cosmopolitan” swamp Berlin. Diversity in, brain out.
    Happy New Year!

  6. I wonder how they have singled out the men dressed in an abaya and headgear – a common practice amongst male Arabs who wish to disguise themselves by posing as a woman?

    A quick feel on the crotch is clearly out of the question.

    Oh what a tangled web they’ve weaved ….!

  7. Next thing the German municipalities will bring in a night time curfew, on German women of course. The cultural enrichers will own the night. (IF they don’t already)

  8. Meanwhile here in Czechia:
    I walked home from the celebration at a friend’s at roughly 3AM.
    Guy is sitting motionless at a bus stop.
    Another guy walks over. Pokes him to see if he’s alive.
    Bus-stop guy, clearly drunk, gets angry. They exchange some nasty words.
    Meanwhile two girls walk out one of the houses to walk their dog. Join me in watching if the situation escalates and I/we need to step in.
    Then a patrolling police car drives by.
    Them slowing down ever so slightly as they get near the bus stop is enough for the men to stop and part ways. Peace is restored.
    I’ll rather keep my culture, where people respect the police and go out of their way to check on the well-being of their fellow citizen, thank you very much.
    (Btw the whole event didn’t last longer than a minute or two.)

    • God bless the people of Eastern Europe. You are a beacon of light in the darkness of chaos, barbarism, regression and undeclared war.

      • The people of Eastern Europe have the leaders who allow them to be virtuous. Germany doesn’t, nor does France. And the U.S. isn’t much better. We are fortunate to have Trump’s loud bullhorn, but look at what our dominant culture vultures do to him and his family, not to mention his supporters.

        • Hi.
          ..” And the U.S. isn’t much better.”

          What do you think? Is this a random social “chaos” or purposely “created disorder” to achieve certain objectives?

          • I think it’s the latter. The question becomes who is purposely creating the disorder? Goons wouldn’t show up without being paid to do so. We saw that firsthand in Charlottesville – i.e., the antifas and the Black Lives Matter idiots showing up on the same buses. They didn’t even live in Charlottesville or Albemarle County. But neither police nor media were interested in finding out where this organized group came from. Most likely, they were from Central Casting (in other words, paid to act out the drama).

            Even worse, the police had the so-called “alt-Right” (white men stupidly marching in public against the VERY liberal status quo of the Republic of Charlottesville) penned up at the small Robert E. Lee city park. When they finally let those fellows go, instead of opening the pens in a northern direction, which would have allowed them to scatter away from the crowds of bused-in belligerents, they released these naive idiots southward, where the actors were waiting for them with open arms.

            I have the advantage of being quite familiar with that area since I drove it and walked it for three decades when I worked in C’ville. I used to know every nook and cranny of in that small space, including its history. Thus I was able to see exactly how the governing authorities (mayor, city council, police, etc) all of whom I once knew quite well, created the mayhem. I have often wondered what those “old guard” retired officials thought of the artificially created mess which allowed the resulting riots to happen. As I did, I’m sure they noticed how the police catalyzed the whole drama – following the orders of the mayor and police chief.

            But the question remains, who paid for the buses and actors? In a real riot, with local folks reacting in violent anger, the drama wouldn’t have started and stopped on a dime like it did in Charlottesville. Now I don’t trust the news on ANY demonstrations.

            Obviously, it was “purposely created disorder to achieve certain objectives…”

        • Thank you for your support!

          I prefer to call our region “Central Europe” as that’s how it’s always been until the Iron Curtain and our culture is truly a mix of Western and Eastern Europe and different from Russia, Ukraine or Latvia (for better or worse).

          That aside, the majority of people here are rooting for Trump and were happy about Brexit, as they don’t like the EU much. That is, the majority aside from young people (15-25) who tend to have the snowflake rhetorics too. At the aforementioned celebration, there was the younger brother of a friend, age 16, and he happened to start a conversation on the topic of Trump and migration with me. He said that he’s pretty much the only one on the entire school to see the bigger picture and be against it and that he gets called racist, a xenophobe, etc. all the time. He said it’s heartbreaking to see his classmates so oblivious and I have to agree. It’s overflowing into our countries too and not all of our leaders are as supportive as you think.

          Our late PM Bohuslav Sobotka was of the kind that promised us firm anti-migration position, then visited Brussels and agreed to quotas.

          However, seems to be that our folks aren’t completely brainwashed and his party barely got into parliament in the latest elections (as did the welcommers, who only got in because of young voters in the capital).

          The media are terrible too. The winning party and our president get constantly nagged on, because their stand is “controlled migration, help in the countries of origin and neighboring safe countries and no chance of pushing our culture aside for the sake of immigration”.

          It’s nothing new though, I’m sure you know such shenanigans all too well.

          It’s a shame the fraud around the presidential elections in France didn’t get more attention, but seeing Trump win, Brexit happening, Mr. Wilders nearly winning, etc., I believe there is still some hope for the West too. My biggest worry is Sweden and South Africa, if a full-blown genocide starts in either of them (on an official level, as it’s pretty much going on already), I think all of Europe is going to get swooped with it and the US and Canada will get some trouble too.

          • Hi.
            I’m Pole currently living in Poland.
            There is a lot ambiguity among us how Czech people relating themselves to our Polish action on creating new political dynamics in this part of Europe..
            Do we have a support among mainstreamem Czech Society ? what is a general sentiment toward Poland ?

          • Hi max,

            From what I can tell, most people over here support Poland and the whole of V4. Some to the degree of leaving EU and making a union of our own. And are against fees from the EU. It’s, after all, becoming more and more like the USSR and people here don’t like those connotations.

            Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean our politicians are going to support Poland no matter what.

            Politics aside, I think Poles have some negative aura because we’ve had several bad cases of Pole drivers ramming their trucks in front of a train and causing an accident. But overall I think you don’t have a bad reputation as a whole. Personally, I like Poles more than Slovaks, because you are confident in your history and nationality, while they (especially men, women are generally ok) try very hard to make others (especially us Czechs) look bad so they look better, lol.

  9. So it’s okay to ban all men as if all men are guilty, but not to ban the specific races causing the problem? Or to stop bringing in millions more of the original ‘rape culture’?

    I guess it really is true that the white male is the lowest class of human in any modern Western society – free to be prejudiced against and degraded and pointed at as the source of all evil. How long before the half of the population that is female combines with the minority males of all other races and votes with a clear majority for gas chambers and a Final Solution to eliminate white maleness? I’ve literally heard calls for as much from some college professors before.

    At some point I think democracies seem prone to self destruction, sinister secret forces can act endlessly to enlarge real or imagined rifts between groups of people, plying on their reasonable or unreasonable prejudices, until the whole system just tears itself apart.

    What’s the solution, meritocracy by force instead of consensually? (But even if the smart seize power where do you draw the line of whats considered merit/according to whom, or one degenerates into the same thuggery as elsewhere?)

    Apartheid against the stupid based on IQ or at least proving understanding of historical ‘tricks’ used against the masses that tear down countries?

  10. Just back from Poland and I can testify it’s a 330,000 square kloms safe zone.

    It was an IMMEASURABLE pleasure to walk for a week in a monocultural and mono-ethnic society, and I did not see a-single-muslim. What a relief!!!

    I feel well and rested. Maybe our children’s future lies in this golden country.

    • It’s good to see you feeling upbeat! Maybe a place to retire when the time comes? Your own once-beautiful country has seen too much devastation, from WWI onwards.

      • Hi Dymphna, btw, Best Wishes to you and the Baron for the New Year, in particular a good health.

        I’m all tied up commercially here but I’m playing with the idea to invest in a commercial enterprise in Poland. If only to help our children (16 and 10 now) in case all blows up in Western Europe.

        Poland is amazing. We visit once a year, and every time there’s evidence of new frantic building activities, be it huge industrial estates, traffic infrastructure, or big shopping malls.

        Over here, one cannot put a spade in the ground or the greens come hollering hysterically that the environment will suffer.

        • Well, maybe some of our Polish readers can offer advice regarding your potential plans. They can send me their email addresses, business or political background (if any), and I’ll forward them to you. Do you have any business compatriots there?

          I figure if the Downeast (the name for Maine) blog can operate out of Belgium, it can certainly move east 😉

  11. Thus an other victory for the moslemist…separation of men and women in public! Seems like europeans welcome sharia.

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