Robert Ménard: “Behind the Fight for the Nativity Scene There is the Fight for What We Are”

Robert Ménard is a member of the Front National and the mayor of the town of Béziers in the South of France. His wife Emmanuelle Duverger is a member of the French National Assembly. Both are staunch opponents of mass immigration and Islamization, and both have appeared in videos here in the past.

In the following video, M. Ménard and Mme. Duverger speak at a rally about the controversy over a Christmas Nativity scene that has been put up in Béziers. The local prefect has initiated legal action against the crèche in Béziers, due to its violation of French laws on secularism (laïcité) in public places. Mayor Ménard is adamant that he will not take the Nativity scene down.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Tonight, voilà, the provincials are in Paris.
00:04   It’s the last time; it’s too cold. It’s better in Béziers.
00:08   What did I want to tell you? I wanted to tell you
00:12   that day by day we see the damages
00:16   done by those who are behind us. The State Council,
00:20   you know the position they took on the Nativity Scenes,
00:24   and you know that since… no, you don’t know it, because since
00:28   yesterday morning the prefect of Herault has been prosecuting us
00:32   personally for the Nativity Scene.
00:36   You can boo him, you are right to boo him1
00:40   Usually, usually
00:44   we support each other: the organization of Human Rights,
00:49   that you know, the League of Human Rights, what else?
00:53   The Free Thinkers and so on, but it was also the prefect,
00:57   in person, who decided to prosecute the Nativity Scene.
01:01   What I’m going to tell you is that the Nativity Scene, we will keep it
01:05   in Béziers!
01:14   I expect them, to see them, sending us
01:18   police detachments to move — for now,
01:22   for now —St. Mary and St. Joseph.
01:26   If they ever had to
01:30   intervene, since we are open — you know it — to the true refugees,
01:34   to true prisoners of conscience, we will
01:38   take care of sheltering them in the town hall
01:42   and make them the Official Refugees of our town.
01:46   I’m not joking. Behind the fight for the Nativity Scene,
01:50   there is the fight for what we are,
01:54   what we are trying to emulate. Yes, we are from the provinces, yes we are
02:02   from that France made of bell towers, of landscapes,
02:06   of geography marked by Christianity, yes
02:11   we are in a Judeo-Christian civilization that we love,
02:15   yes, we are planning to stay that way, and since we are planning to stay that way,
02:19   there are a number of symbols which are important to us:
02:23   the Nativity Scene is one of those symbols; so as long as I am the mayor
02:27   of this town, as long the Biterrois [inhabitants of Béziers] trust me,
02:31   they will have in me someone who will defend their tradition
02:35   and who will start around Christmas by defending the Nativity Scene.
02:39   If we need you we’ll call you!
02:47   Good evening, everybody. Just a quick word, because
02:52   it’s starting to get really cold, to tell you that in this fight
02:56   we are a couple: there’s the two of us,
03:00   Robert in Béziers and me right now in Paris in the Assembly.
03:04   I’m trying to bring the voice of our traditions
03:08   of our culture, of our history, the history of France
03:12   also in the parliamentary chamber, I guarantee you that
03:16   it’s not easy every day. I guarantee you that there are many who are trying to silence us,
03:20   but we continue, we continue the fight. The Nativity Scene
03:24   is a priority, it’s a priority because it embodies so well
03:29   this message of peace, this message of familial unity,
03:33   which is so precious to us, voilà, and we are trying also, the two of us, in politics
03:37   to embody it in our way. So voilà, just a little word to tell you
03:41   that you can count on us, but that we are also counting on you,
03:45   really, to support us every day, because we need you,
03:49   and we won’t win on our own! Thank you, everyone!

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  1. The bad old times are coming back. Like in pagan Rome, Christianity in modern Europe is becoming the only persecuted religion. Europeans are saying to Jesus Christ: “Go away, we don’t need you! You are too inconvenient!” Just like the people of Gadara who cared more for their swine than for their souls.

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