Poland: The Last Bastion of Christianity in Europe

The following interview from a Polish video channel features a young Pole who has spent most of his life in Germany, and thus has a thorough understanding of the German language and culture.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:24   Today I have Emil with me. Emil is from the [YouTube] channel Gornaj PL,
00:28   not a very well-known channel; perhaps one of the reasons is
00:33   because it’s in German. Emil tells Germans
00:37   about Poland. The link to his channel is in the first line
00:41   of the description; there are also some movies in Polish, but if you know
00:45   German then you can find out what Emil is telling Germans about our country.
00:49   Right. I like to show them —
00:53   you put it very well, Krzysztof —I like to show Germans
00:57   our beautiful cities and in general talk about Polish politics.
01:01   I think that it’s very important for us
01:05   that Poland cooperate with Germany and vice versa as well.
01:09   What I’m seeing lately in Germany worries me a little;
01:14   that’s why I decided to go back to Poland as soon as possible
01:18   even though I’ve been living here for 18 years, since the year 2000.
01:22   At 21, so from early childhood.
01:26   Yes, correct. I grew up here. My parents often
01:30   took me to Poland, so I wouldn’t forget
01:34   the Polish language, so I would grow up as a Polish man
01:38   and not a German man. I went to school here
01:42   I work here, my girlfriend is German,
01:46   so I’m quite integrated,
01:51   as Germans like to call it; and
01:55   as an integrated Polish man, who feels as
01:59   Polish-German, a real European, I am a little shocked
02:03   about German politics. But not only me.
02:07   A very big chunk of German society is; and the problem is
02:11   that I noticed that in the last months something
02:15   is changing. They are starting…
02:19   I don’t know… forbidding people…
02:23   They are taking away freedom of speech. When someone says something
02:28   about the refugees or even Mrs. Merkel, then
02:32   quite soon his voice online will disappear or even privately [he will be silenced].
02:36   I noticed that where I work, three people were fired,
02:40   three Germans, because, my boss told me that
02:44   they hired three refugees, and the government allegedly
02:48   is paying the companies very well. That’s why they prefer to fire Germans or Poles,
02:52   and hire refugees. It doesn’t matter if they [refugees] are qualified or not
02:56   what counts is that they are here, because it serves the government, right?
03:00   And the government can then show their statistics, yes:
03:04   look how many refugees are working, look what hardworking people Syrians are!
03:08   I don’t know what I should think about it,
03:12   and you’ll certainly give your opinions.
03:17   There are a couple of worrisome things.
03:21   Also the attitude of Germans towards Poles got worse… —Wait, wait.
03:25   I literally froze. Let’s finish the first
03:29   subject, and we will get to the next ones. Because you said so many things that
03:33   it already curdled the blood in my veins.
03:37   At first you talked about the breaching of freedom of speech,
03:41   that people who say unpopular things online, they —as you said — disappear (are silenced).
03:45   Disappear. —It happened to me. Yes.
03:49   Please elaborate, because it looks like a totalitarian state. Just that,
03:54   just that. —Well, it’s
03:58   an internet site; of course I cannot give the name here,
04:02   but it’s a site where you ask questions, and people answer your questions.
04:06   I simply don’t know, in Poland it might be called
04:10   agoodquestion.net; I don’t know. — Yes, an equivalent
04:14   of our Ask, in Poland, probably. — Yes, exactly. So on Saturday I asked:
04:18   “What do you think about the policies of
04:22   Angela Merkel and the refugees?” Not only did
04:26   the group of left-wing extremists
04:30   Torpedo my question right away, but
04:34   they called me a Nazi, [and said] that, let me put it
04:38   this way: I should f**k off that site or they would help me. —Just for asking? —The next day,
04:42   yes, exactly. I was writing, I was trying,
04:47   I don’t even know, one automatically starts explaining himself,
04:51   because you don’t want to be called a Nazi. —Right, especially if you are Polish.
04:55   Exactly, not at all. But this is because
04:59   they really don’t care, because they consider Polish people Nazis nowadays.
05:03   I was simply trying to explain to them, I was writing that
05:07   this is just a question: I would like to know what
05:11   the rest of my compatriots in Germany think about it.
05:15   The next day my question was gone and they completely removed
05:20   my profile. I cannot log in any longer
05:24   on that site. Nothing. They only sent me an email that I got the red card [like in soccer].
05:28   I told them what happened,
05:32   that I didn’t break any rule, but to this day I got no answer.
05:36   Terrible.
05:40   Do you know about the cases, because you can find
05:44   information online, one was even reported on public TV,
05:48   so I suppose it’s real. There was
05:52   a journalist, independent; And he wrote
05:56   the truth, that before World War Two Islam was
06:00   connected with Nazis, and in order to demonstrate it,
06:04   in order to show that’s it’s true,
06:09   he posted a picture of an important Muslim with Hitler…
06:13   or some other important Nazi; I don’t recall.
06:17   And for that he was sentenced to six months in prison. Do you know these kinds of cases?
06:21   That police would bother you like that? —Yes, and even the case you are talking about.
06:25   I know it well, but I have to tell you, unfortunately, that
06:29   it was a subject that lasted perhaps two days in the news.
06:33   Those subjects, I don’t know how it happens,
06:37   I don’t know how it’s possible, but they simply vanish. For me,
06:41   it may sound harsh, but those extremist leftist groups
06:45   That are being created here, they are simply
06:50   a real, modern-day Gestapo. You go on the street,
06:54   you talk with people, you ask an elderly person —
06:58   which reminds me of a story I’ll share with you in a minute
07:02   about a grandpa I took a train with in Hamburg; also very interesting —
07:06   so you go on the street, you talk with people,
07:10   but as soon someone says “refugees”, “Angela Merkel”
07:14   you’re gone. Totally.
07:18   Either someone will come and tell you that you are a Nazi, Hitler, whatever —
07:22   For that one word? —My problem is also… What? —For that one word?
07:27   On my channel — Gornaj PL — you can see
07:31   my pic, I am very patriotic and I often wear,
07:35   in general, and especially now, that it’s this cold; when I go to work, when I take the train
07:39   and the bus, I wear my “Poland” hat, and
07:43   Germans, when they see this hat, it’s for them,
07:47   I don’t know, unpleasant, because they know that when I remove this hat and talk with them,
07:51   because my German is perfect. [says the same in German]
07:59   When I talk with them without my hat it’s totally different,
08:03   but when I put my hat on and I talk to them about subjects
08:08   such as German politics, and all that, then they say right away that I am
08:12   a Polish extremist who is torpedoing Germany
08:16   who is trying to, I don’t know,
08:20   spread hate among Germans.
08:24   It’s very worrisome. — When you wear this hat, before you even say anything?
08:28   —Yes, many people also , they kind of watch me
08:32   with an unfriendly facial expression when I get off
08:36   the train in this hat, but on the other hand, now I’ll get to the subject
08:40   of that elderly man: there are also people
08:45   who can see that Poland is Europe’s last chance.
08:49   Really. Recently I was sitting on the train,
08:53   and there are, like in Warsaw, you have those trains
08:57   where you have four seats: two facing another two. —Sure, sure.
09:01   There were two Muslims, I don’t know if they were Turkish
09:05   or Syrians, but what they were saying was
09:09   that German women are so easy, and how easily you can… you know what, right?
09:13   In German?— Yes. That’s why I think those were likely
09:18   Turks. —Because they were fluent in German, so not refugees… —And I sat there —
09:22   right, right. —New-wave refugees on the other hand don’t speak German. —Right. I think that
09:26   those were rather Turkish Muslims, and
09:30   I sat there in my jacket with the legend “Polska” [Poland],
09:34   and “Poland” on my hat,
09:38   and this grandpa, you could tell, a very ill, very old man,
09:42   all of the sudden he grabbed my hand. I didn’t know what was going on, so I removed my
09:46   earbuds and he says to me, in German:
09:50   “Ihr seid die letzte Hoffnung, Ich hoffe das wisst ihr.”
09:53   “You are the last chance. I hope you know it.” I didn’t know
09:59   what to tell the old man, and I’m not sure
10:03   what exactly he wanted to tell me, but
10:07   I simply nodded and I left at the next stop.
10:11   But this shows me, really, that Germans see in Polish people
10:15   — of course not all, because Hamburg is a
10:19   very leftist town and they are very,
10:23   they are already very multiculti; there is a huge proportion of foreigners,
10:27   perhaps 60-70% foreigners,
10:31   and they simply
10:36   look at Polish people as if they were barbarians who would gladly
10:40   stone brown people to death —
10:44   but there also are German people who see us as
10:48   European knights, who are fighting
10:52   for the last bastion of Christianity,
10:56   meaning Poland and Eastern Europe.

14 thoughts on “Poland: The Last Bastion of Christianity in Europe

  1. Islam is not a religion. It is a military tool to lull countries into a sense of security and compacency and then they are invaded. It a wolf in sheep’s clothing…it mimics Judeo Christian belief’s. People do not read for themselves they believe whatever the government and the media tells them. I worked for a Syrian Ambassador’s daughter and live just North of a large Muslim community. If Poland and the Visegrad do not defend them selves and Christianity neither will exist. The medical community in the States kill Christians, the imported workers destroy the quality of goods. I have examples but not enough time to tell you. Europe will be encouraged to sign treaties and agreements and they will not honor them – you are an unclean infidel and they think it is their duty to destroy, kill, and maim. They all take the pledge.

  2. Germany is done !!!, totally brainwashed, very sad , government will finished this country very very soon, ..

    • I don’t know where you’re from, but what is your first-hand experience of Poland under the Russian Soviet Communist regime? I am not being snarky – would like to hear of your own trials under Communism…

  3. I try a look behind the smoke screen:
    Germans get fired in order to employ illiterate refugees? What companies are those and in what jobs the autochtones could be replaced? Enlighten me!
    The government is paying companies ” very well” for employing refugees? I beg your pardon,Sir, but which kind of job and company is that?
    I am dead serious, having worked as an officer in the military and a tenured teacher and never have been paid very well, but only fairly well.

  4. They just hiring them for propaganda; shows people how Muslims are very well integrated into German society, which is [not true], because these people don’t even speak German. It’s all propaganda to cover these fake refugees…

  5. Doesn’t surprise me about the Turks on the train. From my experience of Germany, the S-bahn is where the Enrichers like to make their presence felt… although from what I saw, it was more talking at the top of their voices in Kurdish (or something) in their group of around 30.

    Now seems that they’ve moved onto actively trying to provoke native Germans with bragging in German.

    Bit worrying though that Poles are now seen in such a hostile light over there. There are lots, many with kids, and the Jugendamt (government agency for the “protection” of children) is always eagerly looking for the slightest excuse to take their kids away…

  6. Hitler hosted the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Berlin in 1941 to discuss their common interests (namely hatred of the British, the Jews and the Communists). This is historical fact documented with photos and an official German record of the meeting.

    As for Poland, it wouldn’t hurt for it to face up to its role in the Holocaust. Yes, the Poles were victims of the Germans, but were also active accomplices (as Szmalcowniki (denouncers) and murderers themselves) in the murder of over 90% of the 3 million Polish Jews. And as usual, life is complicated, because there were also many brave Polish people who helped saved Jewish lives (estimated at about 125,000). But even after the end of the Second World War, as if there hadn’t been enough bloodshed, local Poles murdered hundreds of Jews who had the audacity to survive the Holocaust, most notably in the the Kielce pogrom in 1946.

    And still today, according to research done for the Polish government, antisemtic views are widespread, even though there are hardly any Jews left in Poland

    So I’m just saying, yes you should protect your country, but should also face up to the truth.

    • I have noticed a worrying trend among those resisting not just the jihad but the communist/marxist agenda in general to also harbor anti-Jewish and other outright racist (by the classic, REAL definition) tendencies. There, they actually get along with those whom they are “resisting” who also hate the Jews and want us all separated by our niche ‘Identity groups”.

      It is enough to make me want no part of it. There must be a happy medium where we acknowledge our culture’s past sins while still embracing our identity with pride.

    • ” but were also active accomplices in the murder of over 90% of the 3 million Polish Jews”

      As usual – a data [from less than full reputable sources] …

      Actually following matters:
      – they were mostly in cities (to be anonymous),
      – those were people not connected with Polish government or polish policy
      – was punished by polish underground government with death penalty
      – were responsible for some of victims but not majority, as that was achieved via access to polish census data and creation of ghetto system
      – often those were ***Jewish*** – not only Polish and German.
      – total number of those criminals was estimated few thousand for 30 milion population, while a number of Poles estimated to “Righteous Among the Nations” among Poles is hundred of thousands – and actually 6000 is awarded most of all nations.
      – only in Poland helping Jew was punished with collective punishment (nazi on several occasion killed whole families with children of people who hidden Jews)

      No you are unable to make a guilt trip on Polish people for action of few – so [depart hence in disgrace].




    • Hmm. According to highest estimations, szmalcowniks denounced up to 150 000 Jews (150 000 / 3 000 000 = 0.05; that’s 5%, not “over 90%”). They were considered criminals by the Unerground State and punished by death (if possible). I see no reason to “face up to our role in the Holocaust” because of them. In 41’, there were some pogroms in Podlasie, but the count of victims is up to 4000. Are those Podlasian peasants sufficient reason for an entire nation to “face up to our role in the Holocaust”? If you bear a grudge agianst us because too few of yours were saved, then I want to remind you that we were also a target (up to 2 500 000 dead) and punishment for such “crimes” as giving a Jew even a glass of water was death of one’s whole family. Admittedly, Poles and Jews were highly [!!!] antagonized before the war, but it’s not like the latter were blameless (usury and the infamous “Polacks, Polacks – yours are the streets, but ours are the houses!”; collusion with partitioners; open support for communism, even after NKVD’s Polish Operation [mini-genocide, interestingly more than half of the supervising officers were Jewish], mass denouncing dissident Poles to Soviets in 39’ – yup, they knew the Reds will kill them; what Jewish “dindus” were doing in the slaughterhouses of the UB since 44′ is here irrelevant). You are very willing to draw collective indictments.

    • In addition to the above – the Polish Government in Excile presented to the United Nations on 10 December 1942 a document entitled “The mass extermination of Jews in German-occupied Poland” . This was gathered on the basis of information smuggled out by agents such as Jan Karski and Witold Pilecki (who volunteered to be captured and taken into Auschwitz, so he could gather evidence). It also specifically mentioned three German “extermination camps” : Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor.

      On 17 December 1942, the House of Commons in London held a minute’s silence in memory of the Jews being killed in German-occupied Poland.

      Now doubtless there were Poles guilty of betrayal of Jews to the Nazis – with such potential rewards, where would there not be such traitors?! – however perhaps another question worth pondering is why, after officially admitting to know about the Holocaust on 17 December 1942, the Allies chose to do nothing, and even pretend to this day not to have known anything about it?



      • Just to add to it, when Jan Karski told elites in New York about the genocide against the Jews by the Nazis, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, himself a Jew, told Karski “Sir, I do not believe you.” Even though he was enthusiastic in his belief that Poles had committed Pogroms against Jews after World War I! I have researched at least one of these “pogroms” in Pinsk in April 1919 and it was most certainly NOT a pogrom, just early fake news used to attack Poland.

        Jews made up 1/3 of all of the leadership positions in the Orwellian Ministry of Public Security in Poland after (!) WWII. Julia Brystiger is just one name worth mentioning, she would personally carry out sadistic torture on political prisoners: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Brystiger Tens of thousands of Poles were murdered AFTER the war, in part because of sentences handed down by Jewish officials. Of course you’ll never hear about the need for Jews to self-reflect about the murders their predecessors are responsible for.

  7. Why was Beata Szydlo forced out as PM of Poland? I thought she was 100% pro-Catholic and pro-Polish (versus pro-EU). And her successor is a political creature of EU-operative Donald Tusk? What’s happening to the Polish leadership!?

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