No Memorials Permitted for the Victims of the Berlin Christmas Market Truck Jihad

Egri Nök posted the following report at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Berlin: Police Remove Identitarians’ Memorial for Christmas Market Jihad

By Egri Nök

Berlin — Police removed a memorial by the Identitarian Movement, Identitäre Bewegung, for the victims of the Berlin Christmas Market jihad attack, which killed 12 and wounded 70, a year ago this day. After the removal, unknown people improvised a second “illegal” memorial (last photo).

Original Berlin memorial set up by the Identitarians
Left to right: “No victim will be forgotten.”
“To the victims of Islamist terror.”
“Paris, Brussels, Manchester, Berlin, Nice, Barcelona.”

Second, improvised memorial, after the first one was removed

More (and larger) photos at Vlad’s place.

18 thoughts on “No Memorials Permitted for the Victims of the Berlin Christmas Market Truck Jihad

  1. This is Whole tragedy for Germany and Whole Europe, basically this politicians traitors support Terrorism, it’s so clear , the blind can see what is going on , why they choose that Merkel again last election is mistery..

  2. In the world of political correctness, there are always good and bad victims.

    For example, victims of islamophobia are always good and even saintly, they are a progressive atheist’s equivalent of the infants of Bethlehem, no matter who they are and what they do (and how slight the offence against them has been).

    Victims of Islamist terrorism, especially Christian victims, are, if not outright bad, at least unimportant. If you can’t blame them, you’d better forget them and not mention them in polite society.

  3. The German politicians, like most of Leftist (almost all of them) are blind to the truth (voluntarily blind…). It is for all of us, who are not so, to say we are proud of our moral codes (Judaeo/Christian) and culture (Graeco/Roman) every time it is appropriate. We should show respect for these values. No religious principles can justify killing other people. We can kill only in self defense, and at war when necessary,
    Nowadays there are people, including many so called “Christians” who act as they are ashamed of their opinions… While we should always show TOLERANCE to other opinions, let us remember that it is NOT the same as APPROVAL. Freedom of expression is not the same as saying “everything is respectful”. No moral relativism!
    As for migrants (my grandparents were immigrants), it is essential to demand a strictly lawful behaviour of them (according to their new coutries laws, not to Sharia and other aberrations, of course !). Otherwise, they shoud be sent back, and that shoud be made very clear for them.
    Thank you for the kindness of your attention, and please excuse my bad English,

  4. Are there any actual Christian symbols around the Berlin Christmas Market?
    I see a tree and a giant mennorah but nothing actually Christian apart from the cross on the impromptu memorial.

    • There is the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche, which was destroyed in WWII, and left standing, as a memorial, with a modern Church building next to it.
      This memorial that got removed was actually at Brandenburg Gate. I think I should have specified that.

      • A small but permanent memorial would more appropriately be placed at the site of the atrocity.

  5. German cops are so wonderful at being pussies, protesters should go after those in charge of allowing the animals to roam and then get away with crimes, the politicos have offices picket them.



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