La Meute: “We Are People From Quebec, We Are Proud of What We Are, We Are Proud of Our Origins”

La Meute (“The Pack”) is an Identitarian group in Quebec, similar to its Identitaire counterparts in Europe as well as to PEGIDA. For previous posts on La Meute: here, here, here, and here.

Recently a rally led by La Meute took place in Quebec (in the snow!), with various other groups that share similar goals taking part. Needless to say, the Gutmenschen among the Québécoises developed a severe case of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers in reaction to the event.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We decided to organize a rally. Someone saw an announcement, the consultation
00:04   about systemic racism, then when you say that the… government showed signs
00:08   of disdain towards the people, that they have the audacity to call us racists, xenophobes,
00:12   because we are asserting ourselves as we the people. We think that
00:16   asserting yourself as nation, it’s not racism, it’s our right. —We are in Quebec.
00:21   Here we are people from Quebec, we are proud of what we are; we are proud of our origins
00:24   [unintelligible]. We are asking the government to pass
00:27   laws that would support coexistence [immigration], because
00:33   fundamental liberties have been undone, but the fundamentals aren’t absolute, either.
00:37   One person’s freedoms shouldn’t infringe on the freedoms of others.
00:41   We aren’t here to fight with anybody. It’s certain that we have a security team
00:45   as well, against violence. —And the small right wing groups that joined you,
00:50   would you remove them? —You cannot prevent them from being here,
00:54   because we appealed to the citizens to come and rally, so the others have rights
00:58   as well, and they have right to rally. The 3%
01:02   doesn’t represent our ideology, because we are a peaceful group,
01:06   against violence; they have their way of proceeding and we respect it as well.
01:10   [unintelligible]
01:14   Because it was the others who initiated the rally in the area.
01:19   We decided to demonstrate separately, because we have to follow both groups.
01:23   It doesn’t matter how we do it, the way we say it. If we get the same
01:27   result, they are our allies.
01:31   [rally speech unintelligible]
01:39   Did it go they way you wanted it?
01:43   Yes, it was better than we thought. We didn’t expect that the security
01:48   would do such a good job. So we had no opposition [unintelligible].
01:52   If it were always like that, it would be nice to rally.
01:56   Are you surprised by the small number of the counter-demonstrators
02:00   that arrived today in Quebec? —Not really.
02:04   Your movement is controversial, therefore you would expect to have more. —Yeah, yeah.
02:08   More people — Well the typical participants in those
02:13   Movements. I wasn’t really surprised in one rather important demonstration
02:17   [unintelligible] if it’s in August, it’s — when it’s youth like that —
02:21   it’s more fun to rally outside, but with lower temperatures,
02:25   the motivation might be less than for fathers and mothers [members of La Meute] —The presence
02:29   [unintelligible]? —No, we didn’t communicate with the others;
02:33   they decided to participate in the rally with their own group
02:38   And as I said, it’s a citizens’ demonstration, so they are citizens like everybody else.
02:42   And they have right to demonstrate in their own way. —Is there any other way of being visible?
02:46   Not right now, I mean, we do follow the news,
02:50   so when we rally, it’s a reaction to a subject on the news
02:54   that concerns us, but we can see more and more action in the field,
02:58   not necessarily by the means of a rally, but in intervention by elected officials
03:02   in order to have our poor politics changed in the electoral year.

5 thoughts on “La Meute: “We Are People From Quebec, We Are Proud of What We Are, We Are Proud of Our Origins”

  1. La Meute is basically a decent group as far as I can tell – working-class no “BS’ types, not big on fancy words and incomprehensible ideas, but fundamentally decent people (justly) worried about the future. They’ve got their coo-coo members like anyone else, but the likes of Tommy Robinson would obviously fit right in with them as a group, to give an idea.

    It’s quite telling that in what seems to be a Le Soleil (mainstream media in Quebec City) video, they’re presented so well. This may be a sign of the tide changing, at least in Quebec City. Quebec City is one of the least “enriched” places in North America, so perhaps this isn’t entirely surprising.

  2. Every immigrant to Canada should be able to skate backwards and stop a slapper bare-handed while singing “Oh, Canada!”

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