Jew-Hatred in Sweden

As we reported on Saturday, on Friday night Muslim “youths” in Sweden protested against Donald Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem by staging several separate demonstrations calling for the killing of Jews. After one of the demonstrations in Gothenburg, the mob firebombed a synagogue.

The video below was taken during one of those demos. In it you can hear the old familiar chant (in Arabic): “Khaybar, Khaybar — O Jew: The army of Mohammed is returning”:

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Snaphanen:

“Shoot the Jews!” — “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad sayud”

(The original video is from Facebook.) State-authorized? Swedish state TV: A ‘Strong Jewish lobby’ behind Trump’s Jerusalem move. Certainly, four former US presidents have stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but Trump must apparently take the entire barrage of garbage from the West’s journalists for making it happen. “We’re going to shoot the Jews”: a hateful and threatening mood against Jews at a demonstration could be heard on Malmö’s streets last night.

The anti-Semitism in Sweden is universal; everyone who travels in Sweden senses it fairly quickly. There is a completely different attitude to Jews than in Denmark and Norway. This has been a part of the price for having lived far away from the happenings in history. They have been “peace-damaged”, and the price for that has caused them to live in a fantasy.

It stretches from Foreign Minister Margot Wallström to the Old Communists in the Left Party to Christopher Dulny from Nordic Alt-Right and Muslims in the country. Only the Sweden Democrats can say they are not a party to it. One can take the opportunity to get a different angle than European journalism: Immigrant Jews in Jerusalem speak honestly about Palestinians, and the always good Dick Erixon: What have Jews done to the Swedish establishment? UPDATE: Threats and hatred against Jews have been reported to the police.

3 thoughts on “Jew-Hatred in Sweden

  1. ..and the police will do absolutely nothing unless these were right-leaning native Swedes aka the ultimate evil.

  2. Early 2003 I was in Stockholm and witnessed a demonstration there against (now former) President Bush and the Iraq war.
    Brain-dead left-winged Swedes and hate-filled “culture enrichers” marched together with billboards declaring in imperative tense the wish for Israel to be bombed.
    Large groups of police officers stood by, definitely must have seen these sick texts, and did…nothing!
    This, although calls for violence are of course strictly prohibited by Swedish law.
    However, if someone declares the slightest apprehension about islamisation in public, this person can be arrested for this.
    This, in spite the fact that, at least in theory, Swedish law permits freedom of speech and opinion.
    The even bigger danger of being murdered by “culture enrichers” while in prison (where there are many, for obvious reasons) is totally, and I suspect deliberately, ignored by the officials.

    Another infamous example is Ilmar Reepalu, the social-democratic mayor of Malmo, who even went so far as to declare (seriously) that the Jews of Malmo had “to distance themselves from Israel” if they wanted to live in safety in their own city, and that Zionism and anti-semitism are “both extremes”.
    As if “distancing oneself from Israel” would make a difference to hatefilled murderers of the “religion of peace”.
    Worse that that, it shows that he deliberately denies law-abiding citizens the protection they deserve against threats and violence, which is already a crime if it comes from an official authority figure.
    The fact that this denial of protection is based upon someone”s Jewish religion and private (pro-Israel) political opinion shows that Swedish society is leaning towards antisemitism and totalitarianism.
    Whatever one thinks of Zionism, being in favour of it is a legitimate opinion, so comparing it with anti-semitism can make one”s stomach turn inward out.
    And this country still dares to call oneself a “democracy”?

    It seems that Sweden is a kind of laboratory for the new globalist totalitarian order, and that the (mostly naive and brainwashed) Swedish population are the willing guinnea-pigs who don”t realise what experiment is being done to them.

    Alread in 1917, the social-democratic party leader Hjalmar Branting, who was a good friend (!) of the Russian social-democrat Kerenski (who ruled from February until Late Octover 1917), helped Lenin cross through Sweden from Germany, where the Kaiser allowed him through for strategic reasons, to Finland, which was then still a part of Czarist Russia, in order to let him declare revolution there. The rest is history.
    That this would mean the end of his friend Kerenski (who escaped in the last moment) he must have known.
    Rumours go that Lenin said to Branting, that he would not need to use violence if he were to make a revolution in Sweden, because the Swedes are so meek already that they would follow anything you command them anyway.

    During WWII the Swedish social-democratic government was reluctant to allow Jews in who were fleeing Nazi Germany.

    After WW II th-s same Swedish government willing extradicted Baltic refugees and German Wehrmacht (not Nazis, just mostly innocent soldiers) to Stalin.

    It can be regarded as an example of Jungian synchroncity that what we now call the “Stockholm-syndrom” got it”s name just there.

    Shakespeare was almost right when he quoted Marcellus in “Hamlet”.
    He just would have needed to move a few miles further North-East.
    “Something is rotten in the state of…Sweden”.

  3. Yes Sweden is indeed the place where PC Marxists run their pilot schemes before rolling them out to the rest of Europe. Tony Blair very much admired how Swedish socialists gained permanent power by changing the demographics. He liked it so much that he copied it in the UK.

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