Interview With Michael Stürzenberger About His Victory in the Appeals Court

We reported last summer on the case of Michael Stürzenberger, a well-known German Islam-critic and opponent of the proposed mega-mosque in Munich. In August Mr. Stürzenberger was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for posting a photo of a Nazi official and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on his Facebook page. That’s the photo at the top of this post, a historically accurate photo of what happened in World War Two — Jew-hating Nazis collaborating with Jew-hating Muslims.

Yesterday Mr. Stürzenberger’s conviction was overturned by a higher court. The legal process is not over for him, however; the prosecution can (and probably will) appeal the verdict at a higher level. And he is also due in court again on Friday, facing a different charge: two years ago in a speech at PEGIDA he quoted Hamed Abdel-Samad’s reference to Islam as a “fascist ideology”. Apparently that’s against the law in Modern Multicultural Germany, and he will have to answer for it.

Nevertheless, yesterday’s verdict was a victory for the Counterjihad in Germany and the rest of Western Europe. In the following interview, Michael Stürzenberger discusses his case with Vlad Tepes:

For links to previous posts about Michael Stürzenberger and Die Freiheit in Munich, see the Michael Stürzenberger Archives.

9 thoughts on “Interview With Michael Stürzenberger About His Victory in the Appeals Court

  1. What a brave man , He is absolutely right , In Europe now is more dangerous then in Middle East , all Jihadi this aggressive savages with double citizens are in Germany and all over Europe, it’s sooo frightening I don’t even have word to describe, what this evil politicians doing to the own people , Good for You Michael, We need more people like this

    • Europe not just in more dangerous because of the migrant hordes, but because their governments are ever more actively working against their own citizens and support the Muslim invaders.

  2. My brain can’t even function, what is happening in this country with lies , lies , even in the court room

  3. I have one question for Michael, Why this Merkel won again???, why she won after all this horror she created for all people not only in Germany but all over Europe.,

    • She didn’t. If she possessed shame or a shred of decency she would step down. But I suspect Gröfaz-Bunkersyndrome has taken hold of Honecker’s favourite daughter.
      It also shows the weakness of the democratic system in Germany. Kanzlers ought to only seek office twice, imo. New elections will again strenghten the AFD.

  4. And in the meantime, German pilots refuse , deportations for this savages Afghans , and they appealing in court and they winning, as long as I live I never understand this Germans, after all this reapes and crimes , they don’t want deport all this illegal individuals..

    • Sounds like the German pilots want to trade German citizenship for Afghan citizenship.

      Deport them too!

  5. Thank you, Vlad Tepes, for your remarks beginning at 17:00. I had a vague awareness of the Marc Lepine case in Montreal years ago, and I always took him to be some extreme misogynist. This is the first I heard that he was Muslim, and had changed his name from the Algerian name Gharbi (which I misheard as “Darby”, as in Kim Darby or John Derbyshire). See .

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