Gottfried Curio: A Proactive Family Policy Instead of the Replacement of Our People

The following speech was given by Dr. Gottfried Curio, a member of the German Bundestag for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). It’s heartening to notice the amount of applause and general approval that Dr. Curio received from fellow parliamentarians.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,
00:05   the SPD proposition for an immigration law wants to close the demographic gap
00:10   in the qualified workforce and control chaotic immigration.
00:15   Both goals are being missed. A higher immigration balance can hardly compensate
00:20   for the demographic shrinkage. According to the UN, in the first half of the century Germany
00:25   would need 25 millions of migrants in order to keep a constant number of employable workers;
00:28   that means five hundred thousand per year. But this many qualified workers
00:35   will simply not be available. In that case the migration isn’t solving our demographic problem.
00:40   The flood, however, with the lowest qualified,
00:45   plus their families that will join them as planned, doesn’t stabilize the job market
00:50   and the retirement system, but instead additionally multiplies unemployment and the number of
00:55   welfare beneficiaries by the growing digitalization of the job market.
01:00   What would be more decisive would be an increasing birthrate, a proactive family policy,
01:06   as it would be expected of us, not before, instead of replacing our own people.
01:11   This means billions for our families and
01:16   not for food and integration of: first of all those migrants who have no right to stay,
01:21   or, now, the unemployable migrants. The SPD does admit
01:26   that there is no general labor shortage in Germany, except in technical IT.
01:31   For that, who wouldn’t immediately think of a low-qualified candidate, with no knowledge of German,
01:35   from Africa or the Muslim world? Now, the previously illegal immigration will be supposedly
01:41   legalized by changing their declared status. Because for whom is the whole thing being organized?
01:46   According to the SPD documents, immigration is supposed to shape the interests
01:51   of both sides. By which is probably meant on the one hand, the interests of the previous
01:56   economic pretend asylum seekers who now get a new label, and on the other hand the UN ideologues
02:01   who want to cause the destruction of mature nation states through worldwide mass migration.
02:06   For that there is supposed to be
02:11   an annual immigration quota; well, qualified workers, like with the Blue Card System
02:16   [for professionals from outside of the EU], can add their contribution there where it serves
02:20   German interests, of course. But the residency permit
02:23   following the suggestion of SPD, with points —
02:26   it’s all but a perversion of this idea. It’s about integration
02:31   matters: “It counts positively if someone has a relation to Germany.”
02:36   That means: the relatives are here already! In other words this is a family-yield
02:41   program for our local parallel societies! A program for creation of clans!
02:46   Totally anti-integration. What else would the comrades like?
02:52   Easier recognition of foreign diplomas, determination of comparability of qualifications
02:57   only AFTER entry. And BEFORE? Are we giving points on good faith? Yes?
03:02   Therefore, concerning the subject of the migration control: what would be the difference with
03:07   the now-uncontrolled mass migration? Now the migrant says: Syria, asylum.
03:12   The new one, the invited one, says: professional diploma, education.
03:17   They’re both being allowed in without proof, and only scrutinized once in. The one, in long,
03:21   contradictory proceedings, entitled or not, will stay. The other
03:27   in one year-long job search, successful or not, stays; it will be extended.
03:32   And when he starts working: right away family — yield — without knowing the language, after three
03:37   Years, already a permanent residence permit. And both migration streams are supposed to
03:42   stay in parallel! This is extending our problems!
03:47   Next to further unchecked
03:52   Asylum-abuse migration, now also importing the workers with suspicion
03:57   of qualifications, without a corresponding job offer,
04:02   without assurance of salary, with qualifications only informally acquired.
04:07   Always first let everybody in, import the lot as so-called “potential”.
04:12   The taxpayer will be thrilled about such a potential in the welfare cases!
04:18   And when there is a job offer, nobody scrutinizes any longer
04:23   for reasons of efficiency: could Germans or EU citizens do the job? Doesn’t matter.
04:28   An incredible non-solidarity with one’s own people. The main thing is, the EU Replacement Migration
04:33   is carried on. In an efficient way. And of course,
04:38   the last goal should be, here, in this sorry effort, a legal framework for
04:43   a German Immigration Society, and allegedly a reform of citizenship rights.
04:48   The last pillar of German self-determination. Should the German nation, through mass
04:53   naturalizations of unqualified foreigners from all cultures,
04:56   soon become disenfranchised — by means of the electoral law —
05:03   the AfD will — as advocate of the interests of German citizens —
05:06   act resolutely here as a parliamentary resistance.
05:09   Thank you.

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  1. The Germans are nothing if not efficient at whatever they decide to do. Whether that task be exterminating millions of undesired citizens, or importing millions of newer Germans to replace their undesired citizens.

    An efficiency matched only by their mass insanity…

    • When Curio says basically let’s have more German babies the Left and Center starts the big booing episode in the 5 minute speech.

      Deutschland ist fertig.

      Talk about suicidal, useful idiots.

      • Totally, this government is just crazy, with this Greens , CDU , SPD , makes me physically sick in my stomach, very sad for young generations to come ..

  2. Protect own people and young German families, not replace with this Stone Age , primitives , welfare parasites !!, Where is the common sense of this government???, can somebody explain? This is sick ..,

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