German Anarchists Arrested for Violence at the G20

Last July the antifas and various other red factions fomented an unusual amount of violence and mayhem at the G20 summit in Hamburg. The G20 meetings always inspire violence from leftist rioters, but this was exceptional even for anarchists.

Now the federal German police have started arresting members of the “Black Block”. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating the news report below, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Police at the federal level made a number of arrests this morning of left- and autonomous-extremists
00:05   For example, here in Götingen the special commission is searching
00:08   the Black Block especially for evidence against alleged violent offenders, who have been
00:11   on the “most wanted” list since after the G20 summit riots in Hamburg.
00:15   There was at least one arrest; more than twenty apartments were searched. In addition to Götingen,
00:20   also in Hamburg, Köln, Bonn and in Stuttgart. This story
00:25   was researched by our college Florian Flade, and I greet him now on the phone:
00:30   Good morning, Florian. What exactly were they looking for and are still looking for? —Good morning.
00:35   The Hamburg state prosecutor is investigating to so-called Rondenbarg Komplex.
00:40   It’s about a street fight from July 7th, related to the G20 summit,
00:45   which took place in Hamburg. There were about two hundred people
00:50   aggressively attacking the police. Rocks and bottles were
00:55   Thrown, and in this case the Hamburg prosecutor is leading the investigation.
01:00   And more than twenty people have been identified. They are considered in the meantime as indicted,
01:05   and their homes there were searched. There were twenty-four apartments and rented rooms searched,
01:09   in eight federal states. —Are those indicted considered as acting to be part of a network?
01:16   Right now there are proceedings against the separate perpetrators,
01:21   but the authorities believe that it was a coordinated common action,
01:26   so it’s a bunch of people, these violent ones, who attacked the police,
01:31   and there are also people there who are members of the leadership of left-extreme scene.
01:36   What exact deeds were the accused charged with?
01:41   The accusation is in this case serious, the suspicion of
01:46   a serious breach of peace. It’s mostly about the rocks,
01:51   projectiles and bottles that were thrown at police in Rondenbarg Street in Hamburg on July 7th.
01:56   But when we hear that until now there only has been one arrest
02:01   in relation to that, can we come to the conclusion that what is happening right now
02:04   is only to collect and secure more evidence?
02:11   After G20 this so called Schwarze Block [Black Block] was created.
02:15   In recent months we had watched and evaluated
02:18   a lot of material. We’re talking about thousands of videos, including material given by witnesses,
02:23   pictures from the police videos of the traffic on the streets; all of it was evaluated,
02:28   and people were arrested shortly after G20, also
02:33   their phones were evaluated, and some evidence was gathered,
02:38   and what is being still found today, one cannot say for now, but when the evidence
02:43   is found, then of course arrest warrants and indictments could follow. Yes.
02:48   For now what we are seeing in the national investigation, we also lived in the G20, it was an
02:53   international occurrence. And what happened there, on that level?
02:59   On that level there are also efforts by the investigators
03:04   of the [unintelligible] Block, that they are for example networking with
03:08   the Italian authorities in order to see, in fact [unintelligible] if there were
03:14   violent perpetrators coming to the G20 from Italy, Spain, Scandinavia,
03:19   Poland. And precisely there we are trying at the international level to
03:24   get further information about those people, and eventually about previous events from past years
03:29   that happened in those countries, in order to get a complete picture of those people.
03:34   And it’s been going on for the last couple of weeks. — Florian Flade, thank you very much for this
03:39   new information.

4 thoughts on “German Anarchists Arrested for Violence at the G20

  1. Pity the poor German police.
    Antifa can throw rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails at them and only get charged with extreme disorder. The German bureaucrats obviously view the police as an expendable tool, just a bit above pensioners and a bit below Muslim immigrants.

    The German politicians don’t want the police to get rusty, so they continue to import populations with a very high rate of criminal activities so as to insure the police operate in maximally chaotic environments with severe underfunding.

    So, why are Antifa rioting at the G20 meeting of international zillionaires who give so many billions to inundate Europe with Antifa’s favorite people, sub-Saharan Muslims?

  2. About time these violent anarchists were targeted, but knocking on the door and one arrest doesn’t inspire much confidence in the Police. Don’t they do covet operations, informers and undercover agents?

  3. 2:13 »after G20 this so called Schwarze Block«
    should really be “after G20 this SoKo Schwarer Block”, where SoKo is the abbrevation for Sonderkommission (special comission, something like that), a group formed by the police as needed to deal with special issues, the black block in this case.

    SoKo is also the “unintelligable” word at 3:05.

    3:13 is “um zu schauen, um wen geht es da eigentlich”, something like “to see whom they are at all”.

    More interesting than these details is:

    Left scene got warned of the raids! Messages circulated to clean the memories of gadgets, get rid of some cloths, be not at home for one or two days …

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