Geert Wilders: “We in Western Europe Have Made a Terrible Mistake”

Yesterday the parties belonging to the European Parliament group Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) gathered in Prague. Among the party leaders were Marine Le Pen (France, Front National), Tomio Okamura (Czechia, SPD), and Geert Wilders, (Netherlands, PVV).

Below is the prepared text for Mr. Wilders’ speech. I haven’t seen a video of the speech yet, but we’ll post it when it becomes available.

Speech by Geert Wilders at the ENF Congress

December 16, 2017

Dear friends, I am very happy to be here in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Thank you Tomio Okamura and the SPD for inviting me.

Your huge election victory last October here in the Czech Republic encouraged us all.

Congratulations Tomio! Congratulation SPD! Long live the Czech Patriots!

I am especially honored to have been asked to address so many Czech patriots here this evening.

Let me tell you a little secret: The Czechs are one of my favorite people in Europe.
You are a nation of heroes!

Just think of Jan Komensky, the great philosopher who also lived in the Netherlands. He was a great European, but wherever he went, he kept writing in Czech and remained a Czech above all.
Let us never forget his great lesson: Only by remaining what we are, we can be true Europeans!

When I think of the Czechs, I also think of Thomas Masaryk, the liberator of your land, your very own George Washington.

He mocked our so-called intellectual elites, who are eager to change the world, but too arrogant to see the wisdom in traditions and conservative values.

His great lesson is this: Respect the wisdom of the people. Respect the wisdom of our ancestors.
Our national values, our traditions, our identity, they make us who we are.
And we will never give them up!!

When I think of the Czechs, I think of Jan Palach, hero of the Prague Spring of 1968.
Jan Palach refused to live under a totalitarian dictatorship.

Rather than live under the yoke of totalitarianism, he preferred to die for freedom.
In this legacy we stand! All of us!

Palach made the word “Czech” into a synonym of bravery.
He is not dead, his spirit lives on! We will never betray it!

We, too, we want to live in freedom and remain who we are.

My party wants to take the Netherlands out of the EU. Our motto is Nexit!

We stand for sovereign independent nation-states because the nation-state is the home of our democracy and only the nation-states can protect our national identity.

And we are not afraid to state very clear: The EU is a monster! We want a future without it!

Of course, individual countries can cooperate bilaterally or even multilaterally if they consider this to be in their benefit.

But we reject all supranationalism. Because it undermines our national sovereignty, our national identity, our democracy and liberty, our values.

Today, Brussels wants to inundate us with Third World immigrants. Mostly from Islamic countries.

It wants to distribute these immigrants all over the EU member states. The result will be a disaster.

It will dilute the Judeo-Christian and humanist identity of our nations.

The Czech Republic and the other Visegrad countries reject this evil EU plan.
They — you — defend Europe and its civilization.

And we support you in your brave resistance against the EU!

Because, like you, we want to remain what we are: Free, independent, sovereign!
Proud nations with a Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization.
Forever free, forever civilized.

My friends,
Together, we must oppose the cosmopolitan elites.
Because these elites do not represent the people and are selling out the nation-state.

Together, we must oppose Islamic totalitarianism.
Because our civilization is not Islamic.
It is rooted in the legacy of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome! And not, never, Mecca!

Brussels is suing you. The cosmopolitan elites are suing the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary because they want your country to be Islamized in the same way as Western Europe.

That is a scandal! But you are not alone!
I stand with you.
All our friends here stand with you.
We want the same thing as you:
We want to remain the masters of our own house.
Together, we symbolize the flame of freedom that cannot be extinguished.
Here we stand, united in the fight for freedom! We are the vanguard of the new Europe!

You do not want in the Czech Republic what happens in Western Europe today.

What happens there is terrible. New figures about the growing Muslim population in the EU have just been published by the renowned Pew Center.

Unless there are radical changes to the present policies towards immigration, over 30% of Sweden will be Islamic by the middle of this century, and almost 20% in Germany and France.
You are right not to want that here.

We in Western Europe have made a terrible mistake. In the past four decades, we have allowed in millions of immigrants, many of them from Islamic countries.
And though not all immigrants are to blame, mass immigration had led to a disaster:
Crime has increased, violence against women has multiplied, anti-Semitism has risen, terror attacks have happened everywhere.

You do not want that here! You say: No! Never! Ne! Nikdy!

You do not want Sharia neighborhoods where Czechs no longer feel safe! We do not want mosques, imams, halal food, inequality of men and women, we do not want barbaric Islamic sharia law in our land.

Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian ideology.
If you leave Islam you will be killed. Islam wants to dominate our society and is as an ideology unable and unwilling to assimilate. Islam means domination and violence and terror towards Christians, Jews, women, apostates and actually everybody who is not Islamic. Islamic sharia law and freedom are 100% incompatible. Nowhere in the world, in not one country where Islam is dominant, there is freedom.

So my proposal is: no more.
No more violence, no more hate, no more terror and no more Islam. If you like Islam and want more mosques or imams or halal food and if you want to live under full sharia law you may have it. But not here, than you better move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Not here. This is our country. Do you agree with me?

In the past, the Czechs played an important role in protecting Europe against Islam.

It was your king, Ludvik, King of Bohemia and Hungary, who fell fighting the Ottomans at Mohacs.
Bohemians were also prominently present at the siege of Vienna.
You were a bulwark of the West against the Ottomans. And we in the West owe our freedom to you!

And today you once again resist both the EU asylum policy and the Islamization of Europe. And I tell you this: Thank you my Czech friends, thank you Visegrad countries! Your resistance inspires us!

Unfortunately, if nothing happens, worse is still to come.

The African population is bound to grow from its present 1 billion to 4 billion by the end of the century. One third of the Africans want to move abroad and many want to come to Europe

If we do not stop this, millions will be heading our way, we will become a province of Africa, we will be Islamized, our people will become a minority and our population will be replaced.

But our answer is clear: No! Never! Ne! Nikdy!

Therefore, our countries must adopt a totally new strategy.

We must have the courage to introduce travel bans, as President Trump has done in the US.
We must have the courage to send every boat with illegal migrants back, as Australia is doing.
We must have the courage to restrict legal immigration instead of expanding it, even if we sometimes have to build a wall, like the brave Hungarians have done.

We must have the courage to repatriate illegal immigrants. And the courage to de-Islamize and be unwelcoming to the ideology of Islam.
Instead of being soft, Europe must be tough.

There is no other alternative. If we fail, we will cease to exist.
If we do not have the courage to do the things I just mentioned, we will perish.
Because we are facing an existential crisis.

My friends, the big conflict of our age, the big confrontation ahead of us, is the conflict between globalism and patriotism, between supra-nationalism and identity.

And in this conflict, “Freedom” is our slogan! Svoboda!!

Long live the Czech Republic!
Tomio na Hrad

In the spirit of our national heroes we will defend the high castle of freedom and democracy.

And we will win!
Because we are the patriots!

Together, we are the wind of change that will shake the old order!
And restore Europe to the Europeans!!

Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “We in Western Europe Have Made a Terrible Mistake”

  1. He has fought a long, long time now. He has had to live with the threat of death every day for 24 hours a day , week after week, year after year. Never forget this. It is not the courage of the ‘moment of battle’ – it is a relentless courage and that can never let up. I am in awe of this honorable man.

  2. “Tomio na Hrad” would be ridiculous, because our president is already anti-islam and far more popular than Mr. Okamura.

    Our news only mentioned this meeting happened and as opposed to their usual change of information, they kept the number of supporters and demonstrants roughly the same (several hundreds).
    Though of course they kept saying “far right parties” and “extremists” and “populists” were meeting. I guess “populist” is nowadays a synonym to “common sense”.

      • Mr. Topolánek is more or less pro-migration. He opposes “political islam”, but simultaneously says it’s impossible to differentiate between refugees and economic migrants and not correct to close borders. My personal feeling of him is that of someone who tries to play it on both sides – keep the migration moderate, but keep it going, so that both conservatives and liberals get appeased. Besides he wasn’t very popular back as PM and I think many people still remember that.

        To elaborate Mr. Okamura, I honestly doubt he’s suited for president. First of, he can do more work in the parliament (due to our country not being a presidential state, like the US are), and second I do consider him a tad too nationalistic for our circumstances. From some of his rhetorics, he should be moved out too. Which, of course, is ridiculous. Now in a country like the UK, France or Netherlands, a person like him would be great to have. But over here, he’d be a handful with any more power.

        Recently the news said Mr. Zeman is doing better with his diabetes, but I’m not following all the gossip about his health closely enough to make any asumptions. I suppose he’s doing well enough if he’s running for elections again. He had by far the most signatures from common folk too. He’s not getting younger, that’s for sure. And while I don’t agree with everything he says, at least he’s mostly firm in his opinions, as opposed to our previous PM (Bohuslav Sobotka). It would be best if he could just continuously switch with Mr. Klaus, but I know that’s impossible, haha.

        • I’ll hope for Zeman then, thanks! But it sure seems like Fico threw Slovakia under the bus, hoping for munificent EU rewards…

          • No problem 🙂
            Honestly I’m afraid that’s common for the Slovak mentality (at least the politicians), as they have a bit of a history to join whoever promises more win.

  3. It could come down to fight or flight. The “old order” in Europe was always a cartel structure. Between 1945 and 2008, when the financial crisis struck the U.S.A. was minding the ship in the global economy. During bad times cartels can’t handle the distribution of burdens and losses and since that point, in 2008, Europe was desperately in need of more democracy and transparency. This is why at the national, level the people of Europe still don’t know what their representatives are saying on their behalf behind closed doors.

    Geert Wilders, I think, is different in that respect which is why the Dutch state finds him a thorn in their side and would like to see him gone. Europe needs more leaders like Wilders and Victor Orban. The game in Europe is set up in such a way that even genuine do-gooders contribute to the disaster in the end. The game has been rigged for the worst possible disaster.

  4. An End to Nationhood
    At the conclusion of World War II, the myriad of organizations, individuals, movements, and publications advocating various models of global governance all coalesced in a concerted crusade to insure U.S. adoption of the United Nations charter. Once that was accomplished, however, they returned to campaigning for what Walt W. Rostow (CFR) endorsed as “an end to nationhood,” since the United Nations could never become a genuine world government as long as member nations retained any vestige of sovereignty and autonomy.

    Winston Churchill and his son-in-law, Duncan Sandys, led the United Europe Movement, which convened a Congress of Europe at The Hague from May 7 to 10, 1948. While world attention focused on the glittering assembly of current and former heads of state — Churchill, Leon Blum, Aicide de Gasperi, Paul Henri Spaak, et al — it was Jean Monnet and the mysterious Polish socialist, Joseph Retinger, bon vivant and globe-trotting master of political intrigue, who ran the show. One of the accomplishments of The Hague Congress was the adoption of seven Resolutions on Political Union. Resolution number seven stated: “The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step towards the creation of a United World.”

    from, United States of Europe, by William F. Jasper (05/10/13),

  5. Thank you Gates for posting a speech that wouldn’t/couldn’t be given in the USA or Canada today, but is our future as well, if we’d just be aware.

  6. The most outrageous mistake in the Western history, let this Muslim horders and criminals let in to the Western world , this end up very badly , this savages bring the violence and distraction for all generations to come …

  7. What a fabulous speech, I wish Trump would dare to speak like this publically.

    My grandpa came over to the US from Prague area as a child, always heard how wonderful the people are there!

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