Free Speech Under Fire: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Last Wednesday the Center for Security Policy hosted a panel discussion, “Free Speech Under Fire: The Red-Green Axis’ Unrestricted Warfare in OSCE and Beyond”. The panelists were Christopher Hull, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Clare Lopez, and Deborah Weiss.

There is also a CSP research paper (PDF) available for download, which includes material by Frank Gaffney, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Robert Spencer, Deborah Weiss, and Clare Lopez.

The video of the full event is here.

Below are excerpts from panel discussion featuring Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

1. Elisabeth discusses her prosecution for “hate speech” in Austria:

2. On the significance to Americans of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE):

3. “Hate Speech is Free Speech”:

From Frank Gaffney, the president of CSP:

Free Speech Under Fire: The Red-Green Axis’ Unrestricted Warfare in OSCE and Beyond

(Washington, DC): The West’s free speech is under fire. It seems that every day, from every direction, the enemies of freedom encroach more upon this most sacred right. We see “snowflakes” on college campuses shouting down or even attacking speakers with whom they disagree. We see the politically correct mainstream media exploding in outrage over every utterance of President Donald J. Trump that does not meet their politically exacting standards. We see politicians too mealy-mouthed to tell the truth — especially when it comes to the brutal, totalitarian Islamic ideology known as Sharia, of which the meekest critique generates faux cries of “Islamophobia.” We see social media giants stamping out speech of those with whom they disagree, while they allow the speech of jihadis to flourish. We see international organizations, from the United Nations to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the little-known Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), working each in its own insidious way to strangle expression.

And from everywhere, we hear the trope, “hate speech.” What is hate speech, exactly?

This “Red-Green Axis” — the collusion between neo-Marxist and Islamist forces against America and the West — works systematically to punish speech to which they object, a category that expands with each passing day.

Free Speech Under Fire provides a peek into the painful process underway by which we are losing our ability to speak, including how the OSCE fits in. It includes:

  • An essay by Austrian dissident Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, telling the story of how in 2011 the Austrian state literally convicted her of “denigration of religious beliefs” — without regard to whether those beliefs were worthy of denigration;
  • A piece on OSCE’s missteps in its dealings with Jihad and Islamism, by renowned Islamic history and doctrine expert Robert Spencer, recently recovered from being literally poisoned nearly to death, allegedly by a Leftist radical who disagreed with his extraordinarily well-researched message;
  • An article by Deborah Weiss, Esq., a gifted attorney, 9/11 survivor, and newly minted Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow, on how the OIC and other international organizations as well as national and even local governments are clamping down on free speech;
  • Two actual OSCE “interventions,” that is, statements given before a plenary session, by the CSP’s Vice President for Research & Analysis Clare Lopez; and
  • An article by Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D., CSP’s Executive Vice President, who also attended the most recent OSCE meeting devoted to shutting down on speech critical of Sharia supremacism, while catering to the speech of Islamists.

American policymakers must stand firm in the face of the fire described in this study. Now is the time to fire when fired upon.

It’s time to call the Left’s “hate speech” bluff — including by asking if Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s violent suppression meets the definition.

It’s time to tell Sharia-supremacists that we know “Islamophobia” really means knowing too much about Sharia, and saying it aloud.

It’s time to rein in international organizations, refusing to submit to their slow, boa-like constriction by consensus.

2 thoughts on “Free Speech Under Fire: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

  1. M103 in Canada should worry UK, since Canadian judicial and Parliamentary decisions are advisory by example in British case law. PM May is rumoured to be in the process of introducing a similar type of instrument here in UK.

  2. The reason criticism of Islam or “migration” is not allowed is because national resources are not considered as belonging to those who are the current dwellers, who are no more than temporary occupiers who may be fooled, cajoled, denied, coerced and generally deceived in any way seen fit, by those who claim, and hold a certain, position over the mechanisms of national management . They use their position according to the precept that they have a legitimate right and ownership , whether by vote or ideology, of the use of those resources, to be used as seen fit by themselves.

    When someone complains – free speech – basically they are challenging the authority these people presume to hold. More than anything, they do not like that. They, at a personal level even, cannot handle that.

    So you have the people of nations, sat in their merry boats, with inept or corrupt politicians as placebo captains, being sold downstream by those who hold and own the hard levers. By the time those people complain, and they will have to acknowledge their own stupidity first, their own greed, as well as lose fear of not being pc, the boat will be in such a state and so far downtstream, well……


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