First Sunday in Advent 2017 AD

Growing up, I knew only the Latin words to this hymn. Some say it dates from the 12th century, some the 9th, some even earlier.

Advent is my favorite season of the Liturgical Year. Always thought of it as the new year when I was a child. Probably because the season of Pentecost just went on and on and on past all reason. Besides, I loved the anticipation of the twelve days of Christmas better than the reality. Also, it’s short and well defined.

Now, if I can just unearth my Advent Wreath frame. I was sure I’d put it with the menorah, but it’s not there…

7 thoughts on “First Sunday in Advent 2017 AD

  1. This brings back memories of my time as a chorister in Portsmouth Cathedral. By Easter my voice had broken.

  2. A man I work with has recently found his Catholic roots. I usually play songs from my phone in the office. There are often songs which I play that he never knew the meaning of, but one in particular hit him, or he says it did. Kyrie by Mr Mister. Even raised as an Altar Boy, and Choir Boy, he sang out and said the words “Kyrie Eleison”, thousands of times, never knowing what it meant, and knew the song by Mr Mister, being from that age.

    My point here being this; No one, of our age (40 – 70), understands ANYTHING. Those younger than us? No matter how they have been “educated”. How many remember when Rock Me Amadeus by Falco came out knew it was Satanic chanting? Even though it was twisted from the Godly music of Mozart.

    Humanity on Earth is in bad shape, and it will only get worse.

  3. Lovely! Took me back to Sunday School, though being Methodists we sang it in English- none of your Papist nonsense.

    Oddly enough, my beloved’s son, also Mark, has just bought a house a stone’s throw from that Methodist church in Kendal.

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