Culture-Enricher Tries to Drown German Girl; Almost Drowns Himself Instead

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Berlin: Afghan Refugee Tries to Drown Girl in 2°C River

by Egri Nök

An original translation from B.Z. (Berliner Zeitung):

Berlin-Spandau: 19-year-old wanted to drown girl (17) in the Havel

December 19, 2017

The young man pushed the 17-year-old into the river and repeatedly tried to push her under the water

A relationship argument between a young woman (17) and her boyfriend (19) – according to B.Z. investigations an Afghan asylum seeker – ended in the two-degree [Celsius; 35.6°F] water of the Havel at the Spandauer Burgwall! With dramatic consequences for the man: he submerged, and was rescued by firefighters. He had to be resuscitated. He was taken to hospital to the intensive care unit for further treatment.

Girl saved herself at the riverbank

The girl was able to get to the riverbank and save herself by climbing up a ladder on the wall. She was taken to hospital with hypothermia. As the German girl tells the police and the rescue teams, her boyfriend angrily pushed her into the water after an argument. He then jumped in as well, and tried to push her under the water to drown her.

The police confirm this course of events in their press release of Tuesday afternoon. The fourth homicide commission began investigations. “The man is a suspect. He had to be resuscitated,” says a police spokesman.

Rescuers in fear

B.Z. spoke to the gas station attendant at the marine gas station at Spandauer Burgwall: “I saw how the soaking wet, frightened girl was taken into the ambulance.” About a minute later a commotion broke out among the rescuers. They ran back to the water and searched for the woman’s boyfriend. “A tug was just about to land for tanking at my station; we were barely able to redirect it.” Then a river police boat arrived and pulled the man from the water.

43 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher Tries to Drown German Girl; Almost Drowns Himself Instead

  1. It’s so sad, why these girls even go out with people like this savage?? He is probably a rejected asylum seeker, these Afghans are very violent, reaping they like the most. I remember this case Of Maria L. From Augsburg, she was raped and strangled, and dumped into the river by an Afghan “refugee”. Sane tactics, dump to the river – disgusting; did her parents know she was going out with a dangerous savage ??

    • Because he’s a sexy, dangerous bad boy that gives her a neuro-physiological chemical thrill, unlike the effeminate local German soy boys.

      Also, because Western media propaganda is relentlessly virtue signaling that it is “hip” and “progressive” to date immivaders from Africa and the Middle East.

        • Well, the runaway success of the original 50 Shades is quite telling, as are the steady sales of Harlequin romance novels, aka, “bodice rippers”.

      • He gives her thrills. Muslims are fascinating they have been giving thrills and chills for the last 14.5 centuries. The Traitors are even more thrilled: They give them reason to live and to initiate elections, i.e. democratic elections, where now muslims are the main deciding factor as who will and should win: those who promote islam and hence jihad.

        Muslims have their own values: well they believe in them. Infidel women are for grabs and rape. Infidel people are apes and have no human allah-given feelings. allah s o b made the Pirate his vicar as to decide what is lawful and what is not: The pirate says that allah made all looting of infidels ( property women ) lawful. Raiding their countries … lawful. All those values and others work for helping them colonized other countries.

        Infidels ( we stupid ones) also have flimsy values. We think they are values, and they work against us: invaders call themselves jihadis but we insist that they are refugees. They rape our girls and we insist that if they had been wearing “do not rape) wristband , would have worked. We import them en masse healthy and virile, strong and soldierly, mature with beards, mature organs, and we insist that they are children and traumatized by war. They say “democracy” go to hell, and we say democracy is good for you and us. Some say rape is bad and they are dangerous. Some of us say that racism is bad and they are in danger, and that in less than a week she will get over rape.

        Probably she will never flinch to avoid hurting his sensibilities. They have feelings, we were told by Traitors, they should be respected.

        How many have said that the real people in real danger are the Jews and infidels. It’s the Jews are who are being chased out of Europe again after only 7 decades : Just remember Manchester.

        What happened to the lessons of WWII.
        Wherever I go in city, there are monuments inscribed with: Lest we forget.

        Forget what: did we forget how to pimp for muslims, they remind us of that.

        Actually we are traumatized by our godless, unprincipled, valueless, dishonorable, shameless, worthless, fake, Traitors.

        That’s traitors to us and loyal to muslims/ islamists.

        • Murad Wrote: “Some say rape is bad and they are dangerous … in less than a week she will get over rape. ”

          Actually some say rape is very healthy. According to Heidi Hochenedel, Ph.D: “Sexual union, even a forced one, is a fusion in which two become one.”

          Imagine what the Buddhist Ph.D. might have said about this report: “Drowning is unity with river, even a forced one. The Afghan boy wins the gigantic post-modern Buddhist diadem of the year.”

          • Oh, please. The “analysis” you link to claims to “deconstruct” a Leonard Cohen song. A song! This so-called “deconstruction” of a song is the piling on of a lot of words until the song is crushed into meaninglessness. Deconstruction is a frivolous academic shyster’s game.

      • Refugees are extremely effeminate. They are very very small, also. I am only 5’3″ and I tower over them, usually.

        Any random 16-year-old German boy is more broad-shouldered and “masculine” than refugees.

        I will happily admit that girls who date these “men” must have a special taste, but whatever it is, it’s not for masculinity.

        • I will happily admit that girls who date these “men” must have a special taste, but whatever it is, it’s not for masculinity.

          Please consider how it’s likely a “taste” for defeating what’s left of (European) masculinity. As in, “emasculation”.

          An all too obvious explanation would be that many of these less-than-splendid “international” candidates are not socially agile nor capable of fluid interaction (to put it mildly). Yet, these hostile and non-assimilating cretins are placed upon a pedestal that elevates them far beyond the usual population of indigenous males.

          At the risk of transgressing this website’s TOS, imagine the potential sense of empowerment that many, young, hyper-assertive, and ridiculously overly-empowered, European Feminists might obtain from a sense of domination (or mere “controlling” via physical attractiveness and intellectual superiority) over these, too often, illiterate, under-endowed (i.e., incompetent or indigent) foreign-born, “economic tourists”.

          What a rare opportunity for these somewhat recently unleashed, über-Feminists to impose their—perhaps, not particularly well-thought-out—mindset upon these new arrivals plus, not just Euro-males (i.e., “mapa” types and Swedish “hens“), but the seemingly unopposed EU examples of tragically submissively so-called, “men”.

          SIDEBAR: At this point it is obligatory to note how a huge number of modern, young—otherwise physically fit or mentally healthy—European males have been forcefully (via legal and socially or governmentally coerced means) compelled to comply with Politically Correct, Multicultural agendas that assure cooperation with some of the most distorted and warped notions to be had in recent times.

          The belief that Western culture (or its indigenous population growth) will thrive amidst this utterly absurd, immiscible cauldron of inverted psychosexuality and anti-nuclear-family propaganda defies all imagination.

        • @Egri Nök: a somewhat wild generalisation?

          Because after all, the men who invade Germany by the thousand since 4.9.2015 as “refugees” come from the Atlantic coast of Africa eg Nigeria and Gambia, through Arab/Berber N. Africa through the Mashreq via Iran to Pakistan inclusive, not to mention Chechens and various ex-Yugoslavs. Just look at the asylum application stats.

          So their physical sizes vary. The Central and West African muscled 25-year old heavyweights in their new tracksuits and Adidas sports shoes lounging around German town parks trying to find a female German pensioner to marry for the residence permit contrast with willowy Eritreans or Iraqis.

          • Yes, it was a generalisation, but a fair one.

            All these regions have bad infant nutrition and healthcare in common, and have been like that for generations.
            Add to that the inbreeding.

            You just don’t breed handsome, tall, confident men by malnutrition and inbreeding.
            You get small, vengeful weasels, who run and attack in packs.

            I think Norse Radish probably nailed it.

            I can’t speak of the Central and West Africans who flood Italy; the majority of “refugees” in Germany are Syrians and Afghans.

      • Her father is probably of the same calibre as the fathers of the Rotherham rape victims.

        • @Egri Nök: you say the majority of “refugees” AKA welfare migrants in Germany are Syrian and Afghan.

          I was looking at
          Is it not interesting by the way that these stats are not available in English?

          Be that as it may, they do seem to support your claim if I take first-time asylum applications by nationality in H1 2017 as the yardstick.

          But this topic is as difficult as is the question: how many Muslims are there in Germany? See the recent PI News article by a statistician.

          Firstly as regards “refugees”, there seems to be deliberate non-collection of certain data by the German state and also presentation of fake Syrian passports when making asylum claims, ; second, recording errors. Thirdly, already before 2017 Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Interior announced it had lost track of 300,000 asylum seekers (whatever they meant by that).

          Add to the above the different categories of “refugee” under German asylum law and the fact that those whose claims are rejected are not expelled (Geduldete) and you have a very obscure situation.

          • @Egri Nök:

            thanks for that link. For the benefit of non-German readers, I enclose and comment on a text from that site, which is the Federal German Statistics site, because I believe that their term Schutzsuchende, protection seekers, must be fairly new since 2015 and appears to illustrate the collusion of the EU public services with their political masters and/or the helplessness of the statistician when border controls have been widely destroyed for at least 2 years.

            In late 2015 there were leaked internal public service memoranda at various places in Germany showing aspects of collusion but I have not seen any for some time now.

            After all, the harbi statisticians in all countries of hijra do what they are told.

            The text says among other things:

            “These “seekers” are defined as “Non-German-passport holders (Ausländer), who are resident in Germany for humanitarian reasons and include rejected asylum claimants resident (!!!) in Germany”

            The text adds 3 other categories to these people to arrive at a “total” and then adds that there are 392,000 who have been left out because nobody knows if they are “protection seekers” or not! So where does the nicely exact figure of 392,000 come from, hmmm?
            Schutz­suchende sind Ausländerinnen und Ausländer, die sich unter Berufung auf humanitäre Gründe in Deutschland aufhalten. Dazu zählen beispiels­weise Personen, die sich noch im Asyl­verfahren befinden, anerkannte Flüchtlinge nach der Genfer Konvention, subsidiär Schutz­berechtigte sowie abgelehnte Asyl­bewerberinnen und Asyl­bewerber, die sich weiterhin in Deutschland aufhalten. 392 000 Ausländerinnen und Ausländer bleiben unberücksichtigt, weil sich auf Basis der Angaben im AZR derzeit nicht eindeutig bestimmen lässt, ob es sich um Schutz­suchende handelt oder nicht.

    • Thinking back to my time lived in Germany, German men who came of age post 1968 (my generation) were pretty passive (unlike those ww2 or just after that, who were still fairly forward and masculine). It’s hard for a young lady to even get a date, so naturally they are receptive to the hyper-masculinity of the invaders.

      • Some years ago I read an article somewhere that toyed with the idea that Germany lost it’s quality men during WWII and all that was left were the “beta” genes – men who in some way avoided the war (of course not all of them), and that it’s why Germany’s such a mess now. Can’t source it and of course it’s an unpleasant idea, but reasonable if we consider the state is indeed a mess a even among it’s leaders there’s no really strong male figure. Not sure if the UK, Sweden or France could be explained the same way though.

    • Many German girls will have most likely been exposed by now to government-sponsored propaganda, like Blinky the Shill (no longer on You-tube sadly) a young German women whose blinking rate made her look very shifty and disbelieving of the official ‘welcome’ culture she was propagandising for, possibly why it was removed, anyway, she said things like “don’t be scared of the ‘refugee’ males following you, they just want to practice their language skills and get to know German girls.”

      In short, there will be large state-propaganda effort, to encourage a ‘welcome’ culture.
      Many are bound to fall for it and like the poor girl above, find out the hard way what it can mean.
      Or worse like the Finnish girl, who tried to break it off, only to raped and burned alive by her migrant boyf(r)iend.

  2. In my jurisdiction, there is no obligation to help someone, if one has nothing to do with the cause of the person being in dire straits. While one could have a religious or moral objection to it, watching this dude drown, and even filming it, would not have been against the law.

    I’ll leave it to others to make the moral and religious arguments.

  3. How many tens of thousands dollars of German tax money will be spent to revive, care for and rehabilitate this murderer? How many elderly Germans who have worked all their lives barely live on their meager pensions?

  4. “Unaccompanied minor “?
    No documentation?
    There will be more events like this.
    Thank goodness the girl survived.
    Maybe she can warn other girls.

    • “Maybe she can warn other girls.”

      If she can do so before her migrant boyfriend finds her and kills to restore his “honor”. He should go to prison for a long time for this but since he is part of the privileged class in Germany and because, well, it’s Germany he probably won’t even go to jail for a day.

  5. Why even bother, I thought rats were still commonly drowned, especially if they jump in willingly.

  6. Misogynists are still woman-bashing, using pretentious pop-psychology terms. I’ll explain why the German girl was dating the Afghan. Because she is a teenager. Most teenagers, male and female, have poor judgment.

    Instead of blaming girls, what about the adult Germans who rescued the perp? That seems much worse, but of course no one will say it was because it gave them a tingle, even though that may be the reason.

    • Synchronicity! I just saw this item on a music blog: a well-known Korean tenor assaulted his girlfriend in Germany, and was given a fine and suspended sentence. He has now gone back to singing in Germany. This shows the German authorities and the German opera-going public don’t take violence against women seriously. Or one could ask, why was this woman dating a Korean tenor?

      • Correction: the assault took place in France, so the German authorities aren’t responsible for the suspended sentence.

        • Still an interesting story. Also very telling that I haven’t even heard about it. So when it fits the agenda, and an elderly European guy makes an inappropriate joke to a woman, it’s a big fuss – but when it doesn’t fit any agenda, then he can crack his girlfriend’s skull, and he will still be celebrated?

      • This is not really a good example, fame is a powerful attractant, and celebrity crimes are regularly ignored all over the world.

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