Cologne: Antifa Announce Plans to Harass Cops on New Year’s Eve

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Cologne: Antifa Announce Plans to Harass Cops on New Year’s Eve

by Egri Nök

Cologne — “Cologne Against Right — Antifascist Action Committee” announce that on New Year’s Eve night, they will monitor the police, to prevent “racial profiling” by the police.

New Year’s Eve In Cologne: RACIAL PROFILING IS ILLEGAL — CITIZEN*NESSES WATCH THE POLICE. Source: Köln Gegen Rechts/Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis

The group criticizes that, in order to prevent the mass taharrush of New Year’s Eve 2015 from being repeated, 2016 police stopped thousands of young male Nafris from entering the square between the cathedral and the train station:

Thousands of visitors to downtown were singled out because of the color of their skin, their assumed nationality, and their religious beliefs. They were apprehended and presented to the public as a catch in the glistening floodlights of the Main Train Station Square.

To fully appreciate the bigotry of Antifa there, it is crucial to understand that ethnically a “Nafri” (police abbreviation for a specific group of young, criminal, Northern African illegal migrants) is Mediterranean. Just like Southern Italians are, too, many of whom live in Germany, and are never singled out by the police. It is the behavior — aggressiveness, drunkenness, and showing up in large, male-only groups of young men — and not the color of their skin that “singles” (groups?) Nafris out to the police.

The Antifa state that they, too, were all for security:

Security of a long and healthy life, a secure income, a secure job, safety from pollution and destruction of the environment, security of our citizens’ rights, the security that police and intelligence services play by the rules, and, last but not least, the security to be protected from racial and gender-specific discrimination.

Not once does their long-winding statement mention the security of women.

So, for New Year’s Eve 2017, they announce that they will be observing and recording for the police.

They call upon citizen*nesses[1] to do the same, and to tweet and post on December 31 to and Köln gegen Rechts — Antifaschistisches Aktionsbündnis (FB) under the hashtag #copwatchcgn

Despite Köln gegen Rechts’ apparent deletion of critical comments, a few have made it through. One commenter asks:

Why don’t you watch the women instead? Then the officers could stay home and celebrate with their families.

1.   Bürger*Innen, politically correct, gender-inclusive Newspeak German for Bürger, “citizen”

Cologne, New Year’s Eve 2016/17: Police stop large groups of young men.

11 thoughts on “Cologne: Antifa Announce Plans to Harass Cops on New Year’s Eve

  1. There is a certain genius to this. It derives from the Alinsky rule to use the rules of society against it.

    The German government is taking a purely defensive position, only trying to prevent violence and harassment in spite of knowing almost exactly who the violent actors are going to be. But, with antifa, the individual police are going to be harassed, recorded, and probably at various random points, physically attacked by those supposedly doing the monitoring.

    What is the reaction of the individual cop? He knows that should he be the one caught using defensive violence, he will be abandoned by his superiors. They will need a scapegoat and will certainly not put themselves in harm’s way, legally or physically. If he is injured, he could very well be left on his own to arrange for his medical recovery, such as it is under the increasingly threadbare German socialized medical system.

    So, the reaction of the individual cop will, very reasonably, be to pull back from any action he is not specifically ordered to take, and certainly not to act differently than the other police gathered.

    The contradiction in the structure is that the police (and everyone else) are so hemmed in by rules and mandates that almost any action, examined closely, will contain some parts outside of the law. An Alinsky-driven attack forces either breakdown of the social structure or the physical breakdown of security. That’s the genius of the Alinsky strategy.

    Antifa are good cultural Marxists who in the guise of protecting various identity groups, fully intend to destroy the native German culture.

    If I had to predict the actions or reactions of the government, it would be they would dither, hem and haw until it became perfectly clear that there would be no protection for celebrators. No one in his right mind would go out to celebrate under those conditions, the Muslims and Africans would have uncontested control of the streets, and there would be no embarrassing video to explain.

    The other possibility is that the government decides that such an abrupt and abject surrender would mobilize too much public opinion against them, and might actually somewhat do their jobs.

    It will be interesting to see. Of course, GoV and other such blogs are the only way one can get that type of report. The mainstream media, including Fox much of the time, are silent like the tomb concerning issues such as this.

    • Good analysis… What still shocks me to this day, is how complicit the Catholic Church was in supporting Alinsky and his thugs in Chicago (including Obama). But then again, it was Bernardin who was in charge.

  2. Irony on:
    secure income? Yes, on taxpayers expense please.
    secure job? No way getting up at 5.30 in the morning. All employers are pigs. You must be kidding me.
    Protect the women so police can stay at home, as one comment suggests?
    The only idea! We are strictly opposed to any violence, especially if we risk getting stabbed or beaten up seriously. Unless throwing molotows or cobblestones at cops is involved, which is mere fun, not violence,

  3. In a functioning state the police would be given orders to arrest or even shoot such disruptors. Since that is not the case in Germany, common folk should embark against the antifa scum to ensure the police can do their job. I wanna believe not every (West) German has been neutered yet.

    • »Since that is not the case in Germany«

      Let’s discuss this in a week. My guess is, the Antifa will make some noise, but no severe problems. Police is stressed (and handicaped by politicians) but still do their job. If necessary, the govenment could have well-armed and loyal men at any position at short notice. But should this no longer be the case one day …

  4. It is interesting to think that, just four generations ago, Germany was in a very similar but, at the same time, very different situation as it is now:

    The German section of the Communist International (Comintern) attempted to create a communist system in Germany and succeeded in doing so in various parts of the Weimar Republic. The ONLY opposing force were the socialists of the nationalist kind. Those were battle hardened veterans with access to weapons and the will to duke it out in the street with the Spartacists. Ideological possession on both sides. We know the outcome.

    There are no such men today in Germany. The only remaining German alpha males are in business, not politics. Their self interest dictates their (non-) action in the political field and since globalism has been good to them, they accept it as long as it will be around.

    Frankly, I don’t see an uprising against Islam and Leftism in Germany anytime soon. Houellebecq describes the most probable future of Europe in his excellent book “Submission”. As he demonstrates, a government alliance of socialists and mohammedans is the easiest way out for everybody and the perks for submission are numerous.

    Generally speaking, family, religion and honor are things of the past in Germany/Western Europe. There is NOTHING TO DEFEND. There is no meaning in that culture. Nothing the Western Man is willing to kill or die for. We might be able to keep our culture alive underground for a long time and maybe revive it in small pockets of territory in the future. From that cultural seed bank we might be able to come back to the surface after a major worldwide catastrophe. Phoenix and all that …

    I’ve been thinking for a long time that the model of the IRA (strong foreign support and logistics) might be applied successfully to the European fight but I have relegated that to the realm of wishful thinking. If today you gave a German girlie man a Glock for New Year’s he would probably refuse it because he hasn’t got a permit for it.

    Happy New Year!

    • There is no such thing as a carry permit in Western Europe.
      It does not exist. Firearm possession is illegal and a felony here. In several countries, even airsoft guns, replicas and realistic looking toy guns are illegal “because crimes could be committed with them”.

  5. you write:
    “, religion and honor are things of the past in Germany/Western Europe. There is NOTHING TO DEFEND. There is no meaning in that culture. Nothing the Western Man is willing to kill or die for..”

    this is all not true.

    we live in modernity.
    “to defend” doesn’t mean only “kill or die” anymore.
    what the “family” and “honor” are, – everyone can choose and take responsibility.
    “religion” – yes it dies out, and nothing to regret here.

    and here is SOMETHING TO DEFEND fyi: the social order that guarantees
    – natural rights under single law based on progressive ethics
    – freedom of life choice among decent options
    – associating by trust
    – judging by merit
    – supporting you in hard times, in response to charity you paid in good times

    all these policemen opposing nafris in Cologne, where are they from?
    from there, where there is something to defend.

    • I tend to agree with Ron about there no longer being anything SOLID for the German men to fight for. So many men there now at the top of societal levels education-wise– never marry, they hook up with ever-increasing younger women as they age, who only stick around as the often pay for a
      lot. These men may or may not have an out of wedlock
      child they support, who might
      even live in a faraway country,
      as many find German women
      a bit boring and prefer foreign women.
      This scenario is pretty
      common. These men may
      believe in God, but they do
      not adhere to the rules of
      organized religion, etc. I know
      a number of these types.
      These men will not fight and/
      or die for the rather vague
      concepts you listed as being very defendable ( in my
      opinion), but if you think they
      will– then you are more
      optimistic about modern man than I am!

      • your emphasis on man/woman differences is too heavy.
        don’t forget about modernity.
        woman can press button or/and trigger the same way as man.

        no Westerner will agree to abandon these “concepts”.
        that would mean, – to become a serf, or something lesser.

        I think majority will eventually start resisting.

        • Sorry, but a couple of the concepts you stated (if I understand your intent in English correctly)– have already
          abandoned by modern,
          Western governments, and no one is
          up in arms over
          it in the streets-
          – all people do
          is whine about
          it in writing
          (kinda like you
          and I are doing

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