A Third Letter to my People — Ten Years On

Our English correspondent Seneca III began his contributions here with “A Letter to my People” more than ten years ago. The first letter was followed by a second not long afterwards.

A lot has happened in the intervening ten years. The third letter addresses the current circumstances facing the English people, which were scarcely on the horizon back in 2007.

A Third Letter to my People — Ten Years On

by Seneca III

And so, the Bitch of Westminster has done it. Where both Napoleon and Hitler failed she has almost succeeded — she is now trying to break up the UK and is in the process of trying to hand over part of it to the new Axis Alliance, but she has not done it alone and just off the top of her head. She has had fifty years of furtive preparation readying the ground for her, and has simply pressed the button to get the operation underway.

However, it is not going as she and her Brussels apparatchik masters planned. Arlene Foster then leader of her coalition partners in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party, telephoned her before the deal was sealed and told her that from their perspective the whole heap of excrement was a no-go. The Irish government was delighted to be able to stick its oar in as well and perturbate the general flow of political excrement, and even to lifelong aficionados of the endearing process of political suicide, this must be a classic example of the genre.

What passed between Foster and May may never be known in detail, but Foster is a coalition partner in a shaky government with a very narrow majority and, if she and her party wished, they could deprive May of that majority and thus leave the conservatives to try to govern as a minority government, or go to the polls and face a very hostile electorate. The future does not look good for the Tories but, then again, they are the ones who chose May as leader and, God willing, they will get every desert that is coming to them. A parliamentary vote of ‘No Confidence’ is also possible.

The only chance for survival that they, the Tories, have is if they immediately challenge her via the party rules and procedure (1922 committee and a ‘Stalking Horse etc.) and hold a leadership election where she could be replaced by her own party, who then immediately negate this abhorrent surrender to the EU Dictatoriat, or themselves go down the tubes into oblivion.

But, if this does not happen, then I will know that I am living through the last days of the country into which I was born, and as I have been around long enough to have watched this debacle evolve in its entirety, albeit with a helpless, morbid fascination I must admit, I shall now presume to tell you how it has come about.

As a boy and young man, I was taught by men and women of upright courage and character who had either fought through the war, sometimes both wars, or, if too old, had pursued their profession steadfastly under a rain of bombs whilst they and their students survived on a meagre diet bereft of all luxury, but one never short on love.

They taught me to think, how to learn for myself; they taught me that to work hard and aspire to better myself was an honourable thing, and that a sound personal morality was the foundation upon which we would rebuild a devastated Britain that was to be fair, just, proud and independent. They were the last of their kind, and our world became a far lesser place by their passing and replacement with a collection of spoiled, brainwashed, indulged Marxist-Socialist sycophants, many of whom are sexual deviants of the worse kind, and all of whom do not teach, but simply indoctrinate.

In politics in those days, even those we elected had on the whole actively served their country and thus fully understood the meaning and mechanisms of tyranny, and they conducted their business on behalf of the electorate accordingly. Now they, too, no longer exist — into their shoes have stepped at least two generations of traitors who have been selling and continue to sell us to the highest foreign bidder, invasive terrorist, parasite and/or predator either for votes or thirty pieces of silver to line their already well-lined pockets.

Our once trusted, world-renowned ‘bobbies’ have become nothing more than legalized thugs whose common-purposed function is to persecute any long-heritage native citizen who objects to his or her ethnic cleansing, and to do so with alacrity and draconian glee. This whilst the detection and prosecution of real crimes is reduced to nothing more than a subsidiary function to be carried out when time and resources are not all being utilised putting the jackboot in once-free men and women.

The legal profession is, as always, no better and is doing rather well, thank you, even before they slither into the Commons and/or the Lords.

End of days, people, end of days. Because all the above institutions and professions have also been infiltrated by the many-hued invasive Fifth Columnists of the New World Order, who are being introduced into our deep state and protected by those of substance who in any rational environment would be rejecting them with absolute abhorrence. The Long March Through the Institutions is almost complete.

So, in the final analysis, I note that the future is not orange, it is black, and the only light I can see on the near horizon is that our choice has been reduced to a bare minimum — we either hold out our wrists ready for the manacles, or — win or lose — we physically turn, fight, burn and hang using any weapons we can lay our hands on or manufacture.

I know where I will stand and where it will take me, but I have nothing to lose but my children’s chains. You, too, have a decision to make. Or will you dither in the comfort of your ephemeral affluence until it is too late to make any decision at all?

Only you can know that, for I am not psychic.

— Seneca III, in a suddenly dark Middle England, this 4th day of December 2017.

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38 thoughts on “A Third Letter to my People — Ten Years On

  1. Could not have put it better! I can add not even a comment. There is nothing more to say.

  2. I have nothing to lose but my children’s chains…….that is a powerful image. One that keeps me up at night when they are dreaming of their future. I will not go quietly for their sake..

  3. We need Brexit because the Scottish fishing industry has been decimated by E.U rules that any fishing vessel from any E.U country must be allowed to fish in Scottish waters.

    We must get back control of our waters and our fishing rights from the E.U.
    And hard Brexit is the only way to achieve it.

  4. Agree. Fight and kill or be killed. The choice is bleak but there is no other for the British people. 95% are still asleep. May they wake before they die in their beds.

    • Agree: fight and kill or be killed. But that’s how it’s always been. Freedom must be fought for. 95% asleep? Not sure I agree with that. I’d say maybe 60% are asleep, and of the other 40% the majority are quiet but watching and waiting.

  5. Is there a list of who will be executed come the revolution? The specific politicians, judges, social workers, media class, bobbies, etc? Should they be publicly put on notice?

    • That may have been how the October Revolution started i.e., with a list – but this is a different time and place.

      This working out of history by individuals will proceed along different paths and will take place in the midst of an already on-going chaotic repression, in a country which once knew the rule of law. Individuals may have their “lists” but it is more likely to be an Erosion rather than a Revolution.

      Eventually, a state based on socialist economics run by a remote elite comes to the end of other people’s money. When that happens then the average person has little left to lose. The fall of the USSR was/is a good example of economic implosion vs revolution.

      Had Britain not turned to socialism after WWII, things might be different today. Had Labour not deliberately hauled in a diverse, inimical population, then perhaps it would have survived in the long term while keeping its rigid class structures. And if wishes were horses…

      • It goes back to before WW2. Look at the loss of budget veto by the house of lords, the introduction of new liberal policy. Further back still, look at UK closing out its empire, turning into Europe for its future, the mutual defence pact with France that brought it straight into WW1… the decision to segregate British citizenship by descent and turn instead to greater naturalisation, depend on Ius Soli… this all took place before WW1…with royalty basking on the continent as it were.

  6. The STEN gun–a 9mm caliber select-fire submachine gun–was quickly and easily cobbled up with virtual scrap machinery and low-quality steel tubing and stampings by England in the early days of ‘the war’.
    It quickly served a desperate need for weapons in a desperate time of a desperate people, and served throughout WW II-up to the present day in the lesser corners of War. (England had no comparable military caliber at the time–but fortunately had seized mountains of 9mm from the Italians in North Africa.)

    The STEN design was copied in basement workshops all over Nazi-occupied Europe, there to use stolen Reichswehr 9mm ammo. When the war turned desperate for the Reich–the Germans even copied the STEN for their own last-ditch use.

    This weapon would NOT be hard to duplicate in 2017.
    Aside from .22 rim fire, more 9mm is churned out by more factories that any other cartridge, and impossible to ‘control’.

    Just a suggestion–as ‘food for thought “. (I’ve fired some of the originals. They are quite effective to 100+ meters or so, and LOTS of fun.)

    • Unfortunately, swords and guns come from a different era, when even dive bombers had sirens to warn the civilians of the attack at least seconds before JU87 dropped its accurate payload. That is too old school. Modern warfare is done in secret, with improvized explosive devices, false flags and secret special forces missions, and so on.

      That is because we live in an age of deception, when wars are started by german soldiers in polish uniforms attacking germany, and so on…

    • Not hard to make at all, there are guides / videos out there which show how.

      Exhaust pipe, re-would bed springs, bent sheet metal, a couple of parts made from steel blocks with a drill and a file, and a piece of high-pressure 3/8″ hydraulic pipe for a barrel.

      As I recall, the unit cost at the height of WWII production was about $1.40 per ( not adjusted for inflation 🙂 )

      John in Indy

  7. “I note that the future is not orange, it is black”

    Sorry, but what is the meaning of these colo(u)rs? Is this a British expression? Does “orange” refer to William or Orange and have some sectarian significance? Or to the clothing that prisoners wear (in the U.S., anyway)?

    • It is very Brit I’m afraid, but the article was specific to our immediate situation. It is/was the advertising slogan for a mobile (cell) phone network originally known as ‘Orange’ but now simply as O2. Sorry to have confused you, Mark, and thank you for the reference to the Orange Order which I hadn’t considered but now that you mention it does seem rather appropriate considering the part the DUP played in stomping on this particular example of May’s treacherous cupidity. S III.

  8. Can the Baron or Seneca III give an opinion of the very brave Anne Marie Waters and her For Britain party? Does she have a chance, or is For Britain too quixotic and idealistic to make a difference?

    • First and foremost – under Britain’s First Past the Post system,any party other than the big three is almost certainly condemned to winning no seats. Sorry to put it like that.

      Islamists played a more successful strategy, by infiltrating the top parties, and dominating much of Labour. Counterjihadis didnt do much of that – hence they have negligible influence…

    • No minor political party outside of the unholy triumvirate of Liberal/Labour/Conservatives stands a hope in hell of getting a workable representation in Cesspit-on-Thames.

      Just look at what happened to UKIP at the last GE; that Party had a large, functional base, a charismatic leader and got one MP – who turned out to be a turncoat anyway – for four million plus votes as a result of our ‘first past the post’ electoral system.

      Sorry to have to point this out this out, Astraea, but that is the reality, the logical extension of which is that there is not going to be a ballot box solution to resolve the matter of our ongoing ethnic cleansing that is being so actively encouraged and enabled by those with their hands firmly attached to the levers of power. Short of the one I suggested at the end of the report, that is. S III.

  9. Seneca, you noted that the people changed. From what you described, the generation that raised you did not teach its children. The children learned from other masters who apparently regarded what you had been taught as so much rubbish. Things are no different here. Character has gone from honorable to dishonorable, taking with it the institutions of governance. Behavior has gone from polite and mannered to lewd and coarse. The tenor of these days brings the warnings that Paul gave to the Romans and Thessalonians, and even what Solomon proverbially said to the Jews. But no matter, theirs is the better way, and will continue to be the “better” way as it and they pull the world down around their ears and the undermined foundations give way and open to the pits of hell below. We pray night and day that those whom we know and love will be spared what is sure to come and trust in the Lord to answer our prayers and our needs.

  10. @Louis Carole– [word press wouldn’t permit me to reply in your window]

    That may have been how the October Revolution started i.e., with a list – but this is a different time and place.

    This working out of history by individuals will proceed along different paths and will take place in the midst of an already on-going chaotic repression, in a country which once knew the rule of law. Individuals may have their “lists” but it is more likely to be an Erosion rather than a Revolution.

    Eventually, a state based on socialist economics run by a remote elite comes to the end of other people’s money. When that happens then the average person has little left to lose. The fall of the USSR was/is a good example of economic implosion vs revolution.

    Had Britain not turned to socialism after WWII, things might be different today. Had Labour not deliberately hauled in a diverse, inimical population, then perhaps it would have survived in the long term while keeping its rigid class structures. And if wishes were horses…

    • Dymphna, it’s not so simple; at the British General Election in 1945, many of the ordinary servicemen were disenchanted with the snobbish attitudes of many of the officer (ie “middle”) class; the “Dambusters’ ” commander Guy Gibson (raised in British India), who didn’t mix with NCOs in the mess, is a typical example. So they voted Labour, notwithstanding the widespread admiration for Churchill as a wartime leader.

      The postwar Labour government under Attlee achieved great things in setting up the NHS, state education and social housing, while paying off our financial debt to the US (the debt in casualties can never be repaid).

      • The rigid class structure in Britain is proving to be its downfall. It used to be considered a quirk, but it’s proving to be the Achilles Heel (or “Hell” – as I had originally typed) that will contribute to its demise.

        The scandal of America’s leaning on Britain to pay back her “war debt” was the doing of the Communists in power in our bureaucracy. The USSR was given all the good stuff, gratis. Until after the war, of course. The US has a lot to answer for.

        Unlike you, I don’t view the socialist takeover, with its NHS, etc., as a good thing. In many ways that set up the immigration onslaught that is currently ruining the UK. Unlike other socialist states, Britain is not quite a tyranny – not yet. But you can see the outlines in its policing methods, its relative lack of free speech, the problematic reaction to people who merely defend themselves. The dole killed off individual initiative – or at least reduced it drastically.

  11. Excellent article and one that mirrors my thoughts exactly.

    Question: Is there any way to contact Seneca III by email? I would greatly welcome the chance to do so.

    My own email is […]

  12. 70 years have passed since the nazi hoards were stopped and victory declared
    American canadian polish french all dies to save Britain. How they would turn in their Graves if they could see how the freedom they paid so Dea Ely for has been reduced and rendered moot. Bobbie are now the new brown shirts freedom of speech gone. The uk is an island.prison where simply criticizing it’s leaders can land you in jail fare old England we knew ypu once. We know not who you are today

  13. The cities and larger towns are lost (in much of Europe). Can small towns and villages make any difference? Can they grow the resistance?!

  14. The goal now is to lay the foundations of the rebirth of the West. The advanced stage of legal, political, economic, financial, and artistic rot is beyond reform. A collapse (perhaps instigated by a conflagration in the Middle East) is inevitable. So, what are we going to do about it? Start a cultural revolution to become cultural generators. Start book publishing, including books for children. Write plays (Why not put one on regarding the Rotherham scandal?). Start schools using pre-modern (non-marxist) textbooks. Just some ideas.

  15. Not so, in my experience. There was a man in Great Britain who wrote books on how to build a home workshop made sub-gun of 9mm caliber. I believe his name was Luty. The Brit govt sent him to prison several times for writing those books. I believe he passed away a few years ago. Anyway, I built one of his subgun designs here in the USA, and it worked very well! I fired several thousands of 9mm ammo, me and friends, and kept it for some years before finally destroying it.

  16. My comments are divided into two thoughts:

    1. how can a country that gave birth to Robin Hood, Oliver Cromwell and the United States of America be reduced to self-inflicted genocide by allowing its own leaders to bring about their own destruction? please, please wake up UK, do not let Islamists or the left destroy your will to resist. Keep up the good fight. Get Paul Weston elected to the head of government with Tommie Robinson as his lieutenant.

    2. I throw this out to all of the Christians in the UK…It is possible that there are significant spiritual issues undergirding the foundations of what is occuring. I would suggest, in degree, that if there has been some national historical sin at work, that it is leaving the UK wide open to these destructive forces. If this is so, the UK Christians need to confess the sins of the nation corporately and repent of it. Get the Queen to get on side with the church of england to call on the nation for God’s help. Perhaps massive prayer rallies can forestall the ruin of the UK. God be with you and all others who stand in the truth.

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