A Giant Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Here’s a seasonal change of pace from Seneca III.

A Giant Ponzi Scheme Exposed

by Seneca III

This morning I awoke to an almost monochromatic world of whiteness. During the night, silently and gently, Granny Weather returned after many long years of absence and laid her soft blanket upon us — a real English winter has returned.

As I sat looking out from my study with my mug of morning coffee in hand I said to her, “Welcome back, but where have you been, and why?” knowing that that was really a rhetorical question born of a deep cynicism that has been festering in my soul ever since a certain Mr. Gore sentenced Polar Bears to a pseudo death and began lining his pockets via his investments in carbon-trading companies… soon to be joined in various ways by a horde of similar predators and parasites.

But, dear readers, that would appear to be the way of things. So, as we move further away from the conjunction of the eleven and two hundred-year solar cycles and, after another coffee, it will be on with the snow boots and out with the yard brush and shovel to make a small impact on my patch of what millennia ago was a vast, semi-tropical carboniferous landscape populated by wondrous creatures now extinct.

Climate does change — it always has and always will, so one must be pragmatic and just get on with it.

— Seneca III, soon to be walking up to the Pub in a refreshingly redecorated Middle England this 10th day of December 2017.

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4 thoughts on “A Giant Ponzi Scheme Exposed

  1. I always liked to imagine the time when England was warm enough for vineyards. You probably wouldn’t like it, though. One gets used to things as they are.

    Here at Schloss Bodissey, when the garden is done until March, I like to look at the weather in the south of England, just to imagine. Your temperatures are close to ours during the day but your nights are warmer. And you have more rain – or snow, as the case may be – while we’re in a protracted dry spell.

    We did have snow over the weekend, but it was just enough to drape the evergreens. The ground was patchy – though a few miles from here they had right good amounts…and lost their power. Someone will eventually ask why the lines aren’t buried, but that would be way more territory than Yurop is used to thinking about.

  2. According to Spengler, as a culture approaches its destiny the weather gets warmer. He didn’t put forward any hypothesis as to why, but left it just as an observation.

    • According to barn swallows, winter brings about food shortages, and the need to move south.

  3. During my doom and gloom considerations, I like to think we are headed into another solar minimum, which might bring about “a year without summer”. Last year when there was no Summer was 1816.

    Such scenario would mean global war for food, because there is not much left in the oceans and rivers, and forrests, except for few happy places, of course… But the big cities will be death traps if we lose agriculture for a whole year – and when all that gets combined with cold weather – the people are truly screwed. One must eat to survive cold weather!


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