Who do the Berlin Police Work For?

The following video and article were translated and annotated by Egri Nök at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Berlin Police Leadership: Pushing Diversity, Neglecting Ordinary Officers

by Egri Nök

The stream of allegations is never-ending. It appears that, while diversity was pushed onto the Berlin Police (see also this interview with the Deputy Police Chief here), the issues of the ordinary officers, policemen and firemen alike, were not so high on the list of priorities.

1. Video: Berlin Police get prescribed a “Culture Change”:

(H/T: Martin)

2. An original translation from Focus:

Grievances in Berlin Police Academy

The Long List of Allegations Against the Deputy Chief of the Berlin Police

By Joseph Hausner

November 03, 2017

The Deputy Police Chief of Berlin, Margarete Koppers, has come under fire. An instructor lamented in a voice recording what allegedly are fatal circumstances at the capital’s police academy, and spoke of hatred, refusal to learn, and violence, in a class with many police students with migration background.

Shortly thereafter, Focus released excerpts from an anonymous letter by a Land Office of Criminal Investigations Detective to the police president of Berlin, in which he accuses Koppers of being too close to criminal Arab clans. “She is legally represented by a lawyer who also represents an Arab clan”, the letter said, among other things.

The experienced detective from Berlin warns of a subversion of the Berlin police by the clans. “Applications from these clans are accepted at the police — even when they have a criminal record. Allegedly, findings about this are withheld by this very same Deputy President (and future Attorney General).”

Police President Klaus Kandt denies such allegations, speaks of “unfounded, defamatory, possibly even indictable remarks” against him and Koppers. But the current reports are not the only cases for which the Deputy Police President has come under critics.

1. Gun Range Affair: Dead and sick police officers, because Koppers did not act?

As the ventilation did not work in many gun ranges, it appears that Berlin’s police officers were exposed to poisonous gunpowder fumes and minerals for years. Koppers allegedly learned back in late 2011 when she was the provisional police president that a report warned of acute health risks from contaminated breathing air, and recommended closing the gun ranges. But for the longest time, nothing happened.

In the meantime, many shooting instructors and police officers have become ill, suffer breathing and lung conditions. Some of them have developed cancer. Five have died, Radio Berlin Brandenburg reported in March. First charges have been laid; some doctors see a connection. Some of the victims blame Koppers personally. The police initiated against investigations against unnamed persons, for suspicion of inflicting bodily harm by professional negligence.

2. Manipulated credentials

Tagesspiegel reports a case from 2012 and 2013, when Koppers already was provisional Deputy Police Chief. A high-ranking position in the Land Office of Criminal Investigation was to be staffed. According to the report, Koppers changed the credentials of a head of division retroactively, even though it already constituted a legally binding document at that point — to his detriment. She downgraded several of his grades. At the same time, the grades of a different candidate, whom Koppers possibly preferred, were upgraded. The federal administrative court ruled that this was an unlawful manipulation of a proceeding for a high-ranking position. It was “not conceivable that Deputy President Koppers had sufficient knowledge” about “the accomplishments” of the officer, it said. The officer won a temporary ruling against the staffing of the position. The court did not answer the question of whether Koppers might have committed the forging of documents.

3. Firemen cheated of their overtime?

At the end of July, Focus reported that Koppers’ authority might have cheated the firemen of Berlin, for whom she is responsible, of paying their overtime. They had been working up to 55 hours a week for years, even though only 48 hours were permissible. Koppers’ authority said in different procedures that the claims were partially lapsed, and that the firemen had been informed that the authority would assert lapse of time. This led to the demands of the firemen for the period of 2001-2004 being rejected. But employee data from 2008 shows that the firemen were promised exactly the opposite: “The authority will not assert lapse of time of claims,” it says.

The opposition in Berlin sees an initial suspicion of collusion in this contradiction. The interior administration did not want to comment on the allegations back then. In a statement it only said, one “stood with the fire brigade of Berlin unrestrictedly”.

4. Koppers is getting a new top position — but there are inconsistencies in the selection procedure

In November 2015, the position of Attorney General for Berlin was advertised. Koppers, who allegedly is close to the Greens, applied for the position. In the end, she was neck and neck with the jurist Susanne Hoffmann, who is close to the CDU. So the Justice Senator at the time, Thomas Heilmann of the CDU, convened a selection panel, staffed with, among others, conservative federal judges. Koppers remained absent from every single one of the selection interviews; took sick leave.

Then in December 2016, after the elections for the house of representatives Berlin, the Green politician Dirk Behrendt replaced the former CDU Senator of Justice Heilmann. Behrendt decided to fully replace the selection panel. As soon as the new panel was appointed, Police President Koppers, who had been on constant sick leave before, showed up for the interview for the first time. Just a few days later it was decided that Koppers would be the new General Attorney.

There was outrage in parts of the capital. The opposition CDU and FDP railed at “Green Sleaze”. The defeated competitor — in contrast to Koppers, an experienced prosecutor, even Deputy Chief Investigator in Brandenburg — pressed charges. But the District Court rejected the lawsuit at the court of first instance. Now Hoffmann wants to take the lawsuit to the Higher Administrative Court.

Gun Range Affair: as the Attorney General, Koppers would be chief of the investigations

The Green senator Behrendt is happy about the decision at the first court: “Berlin will get an intrepid and energetic General Attorney. She has already proven this in several positions,” he said.

The opposition views it differently. “Koppers is responsible for the desolate situation at the police,” says Marcel Luthe of the FDP Berliner to FOCUS Online. “And now she will move on, to damage the prosecution next?”

The investigations against unknown persons for causing bodily harm by professional neglect, in the gun range affair, are ongoing. If Koppers indeed becomes General Attorney, she will soon be the boss of the investigations.

Video transcript:

00:00   Der Tagesspiegel. Diversity 2012. Charter of diversity.
00:03   Diversity, for me, does not just mean bringing more women and more migrants into the police;
00:07   but allowing what women and migrants can do for us to come into effect.
00:11   This means — police are always about having to deal with conflicts;
00:15   and I believe that both — so to say the usurpation [sic!] of both areas,
00:21   means a greater orientation towards the problems, a greater problem-solving competence, for us.
00:26   This means that when we acquire all the skills that women and migrants bring to us,
00:30   the greater diversity — then, in the future, we will
00:34   be able to better deal with the conflicts and problem-situations that we have to face.
00:38   We face the problem that we aren’t able to recruit enough trainees,
00:42   and that we cannot qualify enough women and migrants
00:47   for the job, or aren’t able to interest them in it.
00:50   This means we need to step up our marketing of ourselves to potential recruits,
00:53   and we must see to it that women not only meet the recruitment criteria —
00:57   are able to enter the job — but that they are given the opportunity for advancement.
01:01   We need to increase measures to make family and profession compatible.
01:06   We need to encourage them to commit themselves to the service,
01:10   so that we don’t lose them when they start a family,
01:14   but stay with us; if necessary, in part-time jobs or limited jobs,
01:19   so that they will be fully available to us again later.
01:22   I think this is a cultural change more than anything else.
01:25   And cultural changes in large companies and public services take one generation, they say.
01:31   So I hope we make a big advancement over the next ten years.
01:37   Der Tagesspiegel. Diversity 2012. Charter of diversity.

42 thoughts on “Who do the Berlin Police Work For?

    • Do you ever get the feeling from these liberal leftie ladies that they prefer to ultimately have men be in subjection to THEM in the armed forces?

      They know in their hearts that bringing more and more
      women in to fight against evils
      of all kinds, natural disasters,
      foreign enemies, etc., is idiotic, yet this “police chief”
      manages to keep a straight face as she advocates the
      ptotection of her people by naturally weak women.

      I have come to believe over
      the years that the underlying
      problem of a liberal over say
      the age of 30– is that
      he/she is actually dishonest.
      Dishonest to both themselves,
      and others., as well as to
      reality. As a result, they are
      lacking in integrity, even if
      they have many other
      excellent qualities.

        • This march has to be continued at all cost or else the entire liberal philosophy will come tumbling down.

      • My late sister-in-law was a feminist activist in the 1960s in the U.S. She was good humored and seemed to be most irritated by having to disrupt her life to follow my brother to better jobs for him (and the family). Her sacrifices were understandable but the balance of considerations was clearly in favor of relocation. She was also greatly stressed by four small children each only a year apart and her maternal responsibilities were demanding. However, despite her activism there was no vindictiveness in her toward men. She wanted only a moderate adjustment of roles and attitudes. She joked about her NOW chapter wanting to establish a “men’s auxiliary.”

        Contrast that with what is feminism now and you can see the hostility toward men and the desire to have separate independent lives with only grudging interaction with men, certainly not anything smacking of dependence. Lesbianism is even extolled and recommended. The complete separation.

        Many men correctly survey the mine field that marriage can become and make appropriate adjustments. Why would this kind of feminist thinking infect modern professional women? Domination, separation, disdain, exploitation. Take your pick.

        You’ve no doubt seen the pic of the four “defense ministers” of Germany, Sweden, and two other European nations juxtaposed to the pic of the Russian defense minister. The ladies were laughing and posing with their spiffy scarves and the Russian was seen in his uniform with decorations and a decidedly businesslike look on his face. Why do I think the ladies’ response to serious military developments will be unlike the Russian’s and exactly like the female governor of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit? She lay on the floor and cried according to one report IRS (I read somewhere).

        The women represented the “tee hee” component of national life but even they did not have exhibit Kopper’s glee at sticking the knife in the ribs, the feeling all the more delicious to her knowing how destructive to the mission of the organization her policies are.

        Swedish women exude this kind of grim triumphalism in spades and exult in keeping men on the knife edge of compliance, though the men are strangely lacking in any fury at this awkward, no, destructive posture they’re forced to adopt.

        Your last point is the Big Question. The record of the left since 1917 has been nothing but slaughter, torture, execution, starvation, imprisonment, subversion, and a concerted attack on ALL things that make for consensual, rational, orderly and civilized life. The same is true of unopposed Islam in our time. Death, decay, and destruction. To maintain a belief in the childish ideas of liberalism/progressivism/socialism/communism now is possible only by ignoring a mountain of skulls.

        In my early thirties I was a patriotic man with prior exposure to the third world and war, but still without a clear understanding of totalitarianism or law or tradition. Reading Solzhenitsyn’s magnificent work changed me instantly and forever. The vital necessity of avoiding what made the Soviet tragedy possible dominated all my political thinking thereafter. Never would I ever think that giving vast discretion to politicians was a wise thing to do.

        Yet, feminists, who cannot have avoided exposure to some part of the history of the 20th century, not least just the constant focus on National Socialist crimes, invariably conclude that the oppression of men is hideous thing but the oppression of the state is nothing about which to be concerned. To say this is a lack of integrity seems inadequate the the vividness of the facts and the avoidance of them makes it seem to be exactly that. There seems to be something missing by way of course correction or restraint in the modern man. Something that just allows the mind to drift like a balloon in a light summer breeze where NO input affects where it goes. All that is left to the modern mind is simply What do I want now? What are my needs? What problems do I have that can be universalized?

        To mouth the words “unlimited government” or “totalitarian state” sets off no alarm bells to moderns. A stun gun applied to a corpse will have a greater effect. But say something remotely “racist,” “sexist,” or “nationalist” and you have the Ghostbusters’ response to calls of ectoplasmic dismanifestation. Siren, lights, accelerator to the floor.

        • A great piece of writing Colonel. Feminism has deliberately promoted the female well above her psychological and physiological abilities while the male has been demoted and relegated to a lesser role that has caused an almost complete divorce of the male’s role in protecting the female, a traditional role, within all Western cultures.

          A more graphic example of the divorce between Western male and female is the almost complete lack of response to what we have seen in Britain and Germany whenever the native womenfolk have been groomed, manhandled, assaulted and raped, by Muslim immigrants.

          Those who long planned this attack on us must be very happy with what they have wrought to largely unsuspecting Western native populations.

          • Thank you kindly, Nemesis.

            I simply can’t understand how the same spiritual inversion has afflicted hundreds of millions of people at the same time. I’m no statistician but isn’t the bell curve supposed to represent the varying distribution of talents and other characteristics? I don’t know whether attitudes and opinions have a nice neat distribution. Probably not but is anything in human experience normally so lop sided and impervious to contrary data? Somehow, here, it is.

            Marcus Aurelius said one’s stance in life should be like a wrestler, ready to meet an attack from any direction. I see no such agility and adaptability now.

        • The Russian Defence Minister had “a decidedly businesslike look on his face” is something of an understatement Colonel. He looked like he’d been told of a terrorist-hostage situation which demanded a severe military response otherwise hundreds of Russian civilians would die, but would almost certainly involve Russian civilian casualties, perhaps a third of the hostages. And he’s one second away from saying “We go in!”

  1. Wyviwyg.

    What you vote for is what you get.

    Don’t want to hear Germans whining any more. Don’t care.

    • I admit how i feel towards germany has also changed since tbeir election. 87%. Actually over 90% if you count the abstainers.

      • You both don’t realize or ignore, that Germans have been a brainwashed people since the 1930s. Indoctrination will never be 100% successful, but enough of those fed a diet of deliberate and deceptive propaganda based on sweet lies, will always win over a majority.

        • I’ve been disgusted with FoxNews and their incessant anti-Russian slant. Do the Russians devise nefarious schemes at all hours of every night to snatch our Big “D” “Democracy” from us? Are we locked in a
          death struggle with them? Why, yes, they do and we are. American troops are everywhere, even places Congress doesn’t know of. And Russian troops are in Syria and, where?, Abkhazia and/or S. Ossetia. Whoa! A new Red Tide!! Why, people are assassinated in Putin’s Russia. It would never happen here!

          It’s pure propaganda. The “fair and balanced” part doesn’t apply here. The same with Pres. Assad and supposed chemical weapon use. He bad and they used, yo. Opposing views? Ha!

          Where you really see it is in the commercials. The “men” sport their scraggle beards and pencil arms. They freeze at changing a tire in insurance commercials. Men embrace on the couch in Omaha Steak ads and interracial couples are as ubiquitous as Somalis at a Nebraska meat packing plant or black police supervisors on cop shows or stern female judges on “Law and Order.”

          This flies at eyeballs and brains like mashed potatoes in a dorm food fight. The Party Line kung fu is strong. Immigration laws must be “fixed” but only as part of “comprehensive” reform as befits a “nation of immigrants.” Women are “strong” unless they are “sexually harassed,” at which point they become quivering wrecks, their lives ruint.

          The lies are so thick we become like fish with no concept of water.

          @#$&+% Russians!!!

          • ‘….scraggle beards and pencil arms…….’ LOL Colonel, you paint the perfect picture of the ‘metrosexual’ kind of wuss that now gets a pass in la la land as a male.

            I’m still laughing as I write this!

            And you have reminded me of why I no longer watch any TV of any description.

  2. Things in Germany have gotten so bad, so perfectly bad in so many ways, that the situation has developed the same sort of awful fascination as a bloody traffic accident.

    I have to admit, that Germany lacks some of the shock and horror impact of hellacious Sweden. But, Sweden is starting to lose entertainment value as it dissolves into unrecognizable pre-cultural effluvium. I mean, really, after a certain point how much can you still care? Dead is dead. Meaning dead, as in dead. Story over. Done! Boooooring.

    Paint drying on a mausoleum wall. Grass growing around a grave stone. The silence of rot. Of the unstoppable reversion from personality to primitive matter. Boo hoo, and snore.

    But Germany was still occasionally twitching, which to my eye indicated evidence of feeble but still extant life.

    Looking at it all from the long view it’s very very weird. It’s not so long ago that Germany sat at the peak of a millennium of cultural and military prominence.

    Now? Cultural desertification at the hands of the same savages that turned North Africa from a garden to a desert. The sort of people that Germany 50, maybe 70, years ago couldn’t take seriously enough to even regard as meaningful enemies. Comedians on Camel-back!

    So we have a very very nice, considerate, globalist, open-minded (they’re always “open” minded) perfectly respectable goody-two-shoes girl as the commander of police.

    Give me a damn break! This is a pornographer’s dream come true!!!!

    Everybody knows what the invaders are thinking. Who can say that they’re mistaken?

    • If Sweden or any European country turns Islamic, then we can pronounce them dead, but until then, life and sanity in some places is still ticking over.

  3. It is plain as day that Koppers doesn’t believe a word of what she is saying. Only the maternity leave aspect is she being honest, ie an expensively trained and experienced. And public monies being wasted on training her. A female police officer should be able to start a family without losing her career. I have dealt with female police officers who were better in their role than a male would have been, eg interviewing a 12-year-old girl to ascertain whether the girl believed she was at risk of harm from somebody. There is a place for women in police forces, the problem is when there is a push for parity, ie wanting 50% of a police force to be female. Which is rank stupidity. And when female police officers are promoted to executive positions simply because it is felt that women are underrepresented in the upper ranks.

    As late as 1985, the NSW police force had minimum height and minimum weight requirements for recruits. The NSW police force is now packed with men and women who are very short and lightly built. It is not uncommon for me to walk past a group of three or four police officers (I work near a Criminal Court) and all of them are considerably shorter and more lightly built than I am – I’m five foot nine inches tall and not heavily built.

    The majority of mounted police in NSW, 58%, are women. Though these policewomen tend to be country girls by background who are good equestrians (because they’ve been riding horses since they were seven or eight) and the police use horses primarily for crowd control (very cleverly too – the horses form up in a line and slowly step sidewards in unison like a moving wall) so the brute strength of the officer is less important than their equestrian skills in this instance. And the horses the Police Force trains and deploys are huge animals, around 18 “hands” in height.

    When it comes to ethnic diversity it is nuts. I recall a seeing a barrister (trial attorney) in 1999 who did “Workers Compensation” law (only) drinking alone at a bar, he was deep in his cups. He looked like he just been told his wife was leaving him. I’d never seen Gary look so down. I asked him what was up. He explained that he had just learned that a former client, a Turkish man, aged 47, who had had three successive bogus compensation claim payouts that he was permanently incapacitated from working since arriving in Australia 15 years earlier (obvious you’re meant to only ever have one), had just been accepted into the NSW Police Academy as part of a push for “diversity”.

    Numerically there were not “enough” police officers of Turkish background compared with the Turkish-origin population, so the Police Academy lowered the admissions standards, minimum educational criteria, to boost the numbers of “underrepresented” ethnic minorities. And targeted them in advertisements in ethnic language newspapers. Almost “Never finished secondary school? Can’t read or write English properly? Have a criminal record for minor offences? Have a history of mental illness? Over 40? Never mind, you still may be eligible to join the NSW Police Force!”

    Gary told me “I know a lot about this guy, the idea that he’ll be legally carrying a gun around with the authority of a policeman is simply frightening, a chilling prospect – he’ll just be a criminal in a uniform with a badge and a gun. He’ll create a criminal empire! I want to write an anonymous letter to the Police Academy telling them what I know about him, but the information, inevitably, would be tracked back to me and I’d be struck off for breaching legal professional privilege. But I CAN’T sit back and do nothing and allow him to become a police officer!’ In the end, he did nothing.

    • Your last three paragraphs are why there should be no immivaders among the police.

      Taxpayers funding the creation of a network of double-agents and informants that will work overtime for the immivader gangs is very definition of insanity.

    • Julius, I could write up a few stories about my own experience within the ‘job’.

      As you state, there are roles for women police officers, but generally speaking, never as street police or commissioned officers in commander’s roles. Especially today with so many varieties of criminal on the streets, and who have absolutely no respect for females of any description.

      Gary will have to live with his decision in not reporting his ‘client’ if his ‘client’ ever decides to become judge, jury and executioner, but I’m sure that those who get to be police instructors would have noted something odd about Gary’s ‘client’ and written adverse reports on him.

      Maybe Gary’s ‘client’ didn’t make it through the Police Academy?

      The lowering of induction standards into police forces is no one off decision, but an agenda that has permeated into all Western police forces. If one takes to considering how to destroy the effectiveness of a police force, one would take the same steps as has been happening since the mid 1980s, and upon reflection as to how effective police forces used to be, I would say that the agenda has been highly successful.

      • In watching Jordan Peterson the other day, he discussed the counter-intuitive finding that in Sweden – where job/gender equality is a religious dogma – the men and women have voluntarily segregated themselves into ever-increasing stereotypical roles. Firemen for fires, women for nurses, etc. He didn’t elaborate or source his remark, but it does tell me that left to their own devices, men and women are quite capable of sorting things out without govt mandates.

        Hooray for male police…though I would like a female along for those horrifically difficult (non-Muslim) domestic disputes.

        JP also said that at his college the psych students are aligning at about 80/20 female preponderance classes.

        • I think it telling that even today, and with all those decades of brainwashing, when attending social gatherings such as barbeques or parties, the observer notes that the instinct is for the women to seek out the company of other women and for the men to seek out other men with which to converse.

          It’s instinctive and as natural in Western culture as day turns to night.

          • Not only in Western culture. In islamic culture it is standard practice that men gather in the livingroom and women are sent to the kitchen.

          • copywriter. Islamic practice of gender separation is not due to instinct or freedom of choice, but to Islamic dogma – separation is enforced in public or private places.

      • One would hope Gary’s client didn’t make it through the Police Academy, but the instructors are also under tremendous pressure to pass sub-standard trainees from targeted minorities. Not least because a rejected trainee will invariably launch a lawsuit against the Police Force for discrimination, “racism” etc, bringing unwanted publicity and financial loss.

        • Generally speaking, enough adverse reports concerning a recruit’s inadequacies cannot be ignored, not even by those who are complete multicultural zealots.

          The Police Association’s main concern is officer safety, as is the Police instructor’s role in ensuring ALL recruits are suitably trained before they are given the OK to suit up. So unless the Police Association is no longer looking after the street cop, then a very dim view would be taken if inadequately trained police were put out onto the streets.

          But having mentioned that, there is some laxity in addressing those ‘personal’ issues that may impact on an individual’s performance on the street, such as a noted problem with alcohol or ‘soft drugs’, that may be swept under the carpet due to the individual’s racial background, such as being of Aboriginal descent for instance.

          There are few veteran cops on the beat these days who have more than 10 years experience. The erosion of the numbers of officers who remain in the ‘job’ after five years service has increased dramatically, and this is mostly due to the wear and tear on the individual officer. (it takes at least five years service for the individual to attain adequate proficiency at their job) The effect has a marked influence on males, but tends to be devastating on the female, which is why police forces are always trying to fill female uniforms and not just due to ‘affirmative action’ or ‘gender equality’.

          That ‘erosion’would not be such a problem if state governments had not removed the safety net and superannuation schemes that guaranteed the long serving officer some financial security at the end of their service, whether that be due to retirement or medical discharge. What is now in place to cater for injured police or those who make a career out of the force makes a mockery of the dangerous occupation that being a cop is.

  4. The most ironically named Koppers appears to be a real piece of crud.

    The conflict of interest from her choice of attorney – I bet she’s making a mint facilitating arms, drug, and human trafficking for the Arab gangs her lawyer represents.

    As for the police, there shouldn’t be any with a ‘migration background’. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

  5. Also, how can one be ‘intrepid and energetic’ when they are constantly on sick leave?

  6. The little smile at the end said it all.

    It said;

    “I know perfectly well that what I just said was a stream of fake virtuous, meaningless, politically correct gobbedly-gook, but hey, what you gonna do about it, huh?

    I’m the boss here you peasants.”

  7. I try not to speculate on motivation, and inevitably fail. There’s really no need for motivational analysis: the pattern of behavior is consistent and predictable. Why generate controversy over speculation on the internal state of a person, which can never be known anyway.

    Still, one wonders if Margarete Koppers is acting from some principle or commitment to a philosophy or religion, however evil, or if she is simply following the road to wealth and power wherever it leads, which is a matter of no concern to her.

    I suspect the same holds true for Hillary Clinton. She had an undeniable Russian connection, much stronger and more malevolent than anything even dreamt of concerning Trump, but the connection actually didn’t worry me too much. It was a simple pay-for-play scheme and the last thing it implied was any loyalty by Hillary to the Russians, short of another exchange of cash.

    One does, however, have to wonder at the plethora of sociopath, unprincipled leaders and officials now plaguing North America and Western Europe. I can speculate that the levers of power have grown so remote, unaccountable, and complex that they select for the intelligent sociopath. It’s pretty typical in history that the government power eventually accumulates to people who value power and money far more than the country they supposedly represent.

    One short-term remedy is to break countries into smaller regions where there is a personal accountability to the people. From this perspective, the breakup of Spain into Spain and Catalonia may be a good thing, especially in light of the tendency of the current Spanish government to idolize Islam. Also, small independent regions with a high degree of homogeneity are hell to conquer and occupy. Look at the experience of the USSR with the Forest Brothers resistance during the Stalin era.

    Germany would have been far, far better off if it had not been reunited. Chances are East Germany would resemble the present government of Hungary more than the present government of West Germany. The Germans simply interested in money would migrate west; those interested in identity and security would migrate east. Even if West Germany went completely down the tubes, like Sweden, you’d still have the German identity in East Germany.

    • Uh, the Catalonian separatists will lay down for Islam if they gain independence.

      The Clinton dead-enders are pushing the Russia-Trump connection because those are the exact treasonous criminal activities the Clintons have engaged in.

      • Yes. Catalonia will be a rich (at first) Socialist Utopia, and Spain will be a poor but conservative country. Relatively speaking, that is. Almost nothing in Western Europe is truly conservative, not by American standards.

        • Hi Baron,
          You hit the nail on the head! As I read anything about “conservative” western Europe, I know I would be considered a nutjob Christian gun toting right wing idiot! ( over there ). I am glad I am as old as I am (64) but still fear for the world my 4 children and 10 grandchildren will live in!!

  8. For every police vehicle in Berlin the Muslim has ten or more vehicles manned by experts who know every nook and alley of the city – the Muslim taxi drivers. They are the mobilized strike-force of Jihad in the future: smuggling guns and bombs, ferrying terrorists, spying everywhere always. Luton England has discovered this as the police have to deal with all Muslim cab drivers in collusion with Muslim gangs.

    • Yes. I have often thought about the potential role of the Muslim taxi driver. They infest Europe’s cities don’t they – not just the German ones.

      • And Australian cities. And there is a constant stream of them being charged with sexually assaulting inebriated female passengers. Plus the occasional case of them running down or knifing passengers who do a runner without paying their fare. The Muslim taxi driver is a world-wide phenomenon. I look for a Chinese face when hailing a cab (there are very few Europeans who drive cabs in the major cities of Oz.) My kids also take the Chinese option.

    • This is why ceding taxi jobs to the Ummah is dumb.

      You’ve basically handed them a city-wide intelligence collection and emergency transport network.

      • You guys told me to request a female Taxi driver when I get to Germany. Well I emailed the hotel yesterday to ask Astrid to order a female taxi driver to pick me up. Well instead of getting a helpful response frim Astrid, the next email came from Farrah Shama. She said: ” There is no difference between male and female taxi drivers.”
        My message back to her was concrete. Then I got a polite, helpful response from someone else at the hotel apologizing and giving me the number to pre-order a female taxi driver.

        Each time I do this, I’ll probably have some problems and be waiting a lot longer.But, I refuse to be trapped alone in a taxi decorated interiorly as a mosque with a bearded man speaking Arabic, on his cell while speeding again, if I can help it!

        If I wanted an Arabic-style welcome on my travels, I would travel to Saudi Arabia, not Germany.

        • Good for you! May other women who are traveling do the same thing. You could start a trend!

          Oh, and when the Penis Texter, Weiner, gets out of jail (he went in this week) and is driving a cab in NYC, women can make a similar request.

          • Thanks but as you can see, before I even get there, I am apparently being confronted by the multi-culti police!
            PS. This is a homeschooler site, watch your language!!!😇

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