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      • And significantly more ruthless and aggressive. The weak and the dumb will be weeded out before this is all over.

      • Don’t worry about that. When the whole world is starving or at war, there will be nowhere for such scum to hide. I expect their own bodyguards to do them in to take their gold, food, and women.

    • Will things eventually right themselves? Maybe. However, more to the point for me, is how much pain, suffering, and death will be experienced before they do. Inasmuch as the nations of Europe have not enacted any legislation that defines fundamental rights which all citizens must observe, regardless of culture, I think it will be a long time before there is a positive outlook on the horizon.

      • “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

  1. We can’t understand why the people of Germany,France,are putting up with the constant rapes,murders,no go areas,committed by primitive sadistic MOSLEM savages,that are still living in the 7th century.
    Looks like Europe will son be under sharia law,unless the people will do something about it.

    • It’s the constant drumbeat of the accusations of bigotry and racism if they have any real thoughts about the situation–backed up with draconian laws which recently saw the arrest in the UK of a teenager. She had been raped by Muslim and, afterwards, was arrested for her so-called hate speech–she made the mistake of saying something that was considered a “racial slur.”

  2. People are going to wake up to the fact that “PC” solves nothing. Seeing the world as it is and doing something might solve something. All out war will also solve something.

    Remember “The Gates of Vienna” — it’s not just a website (although a great one), it happened in history and the good guys won. Given enough manly equipment, the good guys could and should win again. (I hope I’m not dreaming).

    In addition there are WWI and WWII, in which the good guys won. So yes, sooner or later it will happen — there will be a war, the bad guys will be either killed or driven back to their own hell-holes, and there will be peace in the civilized parts of the West — it has happened before so it can happen again.

    May God grant it.

    • The good guys always win because the winners write History.

      If the invading hordes win History will remember them as the good guys.

    • That’s a good one!

      I am a West German and never thought about it from that angle.
      That we would have to flee to East Germany and hide behind their border..

      Also, Angela Merkel would not have become Chancellor (probably she would still sit in the Sauna today).
      Maybe it wouldn’t look that bad then…?

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