Those Insolent Berlin Cops

This follow-up by Egri Nök on the notorious Berlin police was posted earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Berlin’s Future Cops: Burglars, and “Insolent as S**t” at Times

by Egri Nök

Berlin — Finally, there is reassurance in the Berlin Police Academy scandal, where a leaked voice message lamenting intolerable conditions due to a migrant student rate of 36% surfaced.

Excerpt from Bild Zeitung:

All of the allegations were unfounded, Detective Chief Superintendent Thomas Neuendorf points out […] “ Just because a police trainee is from a city-wide notorious clan doesn’t mean we will discriminate against him. We evaluate the individual case.” Small criminal offenses in the past, such as theft or damage of property, were no reason not to be accepted. According to Academy Chief Jochen Sindberg, we shouldn’t forget that these are young people. “It is all too normal that some pupils will be insolent as s**t at times”

Now, that is reassuring!

11 thoughts on “Those Insolent Berlin Cops

  1. Really? Do they really expect a policeman to do his job right if he has records of stealing or damaging property? No wonder Germany is going downhill – used to be the man in charge of the academy would’ve put his position down and protest if the order of taking such people was given to him, but without morals, a country can hardly prosper.

  2. Is this a sequel of ” Police Academy” part 4?
    I suggest a title : Police Academy, part capital I, like in Islam. Cops going nuts, but according to the BOOK.

    • Yeah. This sounds like a bad parody of someone trying to show a gross exaggeration of the consequences of lowering standards. The problem for comedy nowadays is that comedy is now simply a transcription of the news.

  3. After reading Academy Chief Jochen Sindberg’s comments on the recruiting of criminals into the Berlin Police, I understand why he was appointed to that position. The transformation of Germany into an Islamic hell-hole continues on. Eventually the criminal immigrant crime clans will be running the Berlin Police Department.I wonder if the Chief or a member of his family will be hoisted on Chief’s petard of inclusiveness?

  4. It’s NOT the “candidate(s)” Berlin has for their police department that is the problem here.
    The problem is much, much deeper than that–though anyone with experience with ‘young people’ knows that such criminal behavior at a young age is a foreshadowing of future crimes.
    Instead, how do you possibly pick a PC fool like Chief Jochen IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Imagine what else must be going on under his watch?
    And what forms of organizational idiocy tolerates leadership like that?

  5. Bismarck is spinning so quickly they could hook him up to a dynamo and power the whole country.

  6. Are the training classes being held in the local mosques? If not, then they are obviously islamophobic. How can you ever understand your new recruits without embracing their culture as the future of Germany? Silly police – ha.

  7. In a post in response a day or two ago to a GoV vid of Berlin’s female Vice-President of Police, Ms Koppers, I described how the NSW Police Force in the 90’s deliberately lowered its admissions standards to achieve ‘diversity’ goals: parity in the police force with the proportion of any minority in the community. I wrote, in a satirical vein, of the police placing advertisements in ethnic language newspapers seeking applicants, stating “ALMOST”, inter alia “…been convicted of minor offences [not a problem]”

    And now I see life imitating my satire in the Berlin police in the above post:

    “Small criminal offenses in the past, such as theft or damage of property, were no reason not to be accepted”

    Convicted thieves being admitted into the Police Force!!! And it gets worse:

    “Detective Chief Superintendent Thomas Neuendorf points out […] “ Just because a police trainee is from a city-wide notorious clan doesn’t mean we will discriminate against him.” Of course not! Who can forget the day when Ronnie and Reggie Kray proudly attended the passing out parade of their first cousin (and Kray gang member), Robbie Kray, when he graduated from the Police Academy and joined the London Metropolitan Police Force? Or when Cicero police chief Alvaro Capone (son of Al) was promoted to Deputy Chief Superintendent (Organized Crime Division) of the Chicago Police Force?

    Seriously, the film “The Departed” is based on a real-life Boston Irish crimelord, Francis Mulcahy [or similar surname – Google the Wiki entry], played by Jack Nicholson, grooming a boy from 8 years old onwards to surreptitiously penetrate the Massachusetts State Troopers (state police force) so he could protect and expand his criminal empire.

    BTW Baron and Dymphna, I noted when I Googled GoV this morning that in 2011 “Loonwatch” (the anti-“Islamophobia” website that paints Robert Spencer as a person clamoring for a “Holocaust” of Muslims worldwide, seriously, the very name of the website is a pathetic rip off of Spencer’s “Jihadwatch”) had upgraded GoV to “The notorious white supremacist blog that published Fjordman, who inspired Anders Brevik, …”. I almost wrote to them to advise: “PUBLISHES” not “PUBLISHED”, but I would have been addressing a six-year-old error. Congratulations! It is a kind of compliment when one is so tendentiously mischaracterized by “Loonwatch”

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