Taking it to the Streets — But Not Yet

Why don’t native citizens of Western nations take to the streets by the tens of thousands to protest what is being done to them, and demand change?

The above question is a recurring topic in comment threads here at Gates of Vienna. You might call it the “Pitchforks and Torches” question. Previous generations in the various nations of the European diaspora took to the streets with far less cause — or so it seems — than the current cohort has. So what has changed?

The reasons are complex, but the short answer is: Citizens of the West are not yet at the point where they have nothing left to lose.

Consider the streets of Berlin and Munich in 1919 and 1920. During the chaos that reigned in the early Weimar Republic, the Freikorps took to the streets almost daily to do battle with the Communists. This was before Fascism and National Socialism — the Freikorps were largely comprised of demobilized members of the Imperial German military, who came together to resist their arch-enemy, international Bolshevism. It was out of that milieu that the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, National Socialist German Workers’ Party) arose later in the 1920s. After the Nazis came to power, order returned to German cities, much to the relief of the average citizen. But the early years were the heyday of the street-fightin’ man.

So why isn’t something similar happening now?

The cultural deracination and population replacement that is currently being inflicted on Germans, Britons, Swedes, Austrians, and Frenchmen is arguably much worse than what happened in the aftermath of the Great War in Europe. Yet there is no indication of any uprising by the indigenous population. Nobody is taking it to the streets. Not yet.

One of the main reasons is that the average indigenous Westerner is far better off, in material terms, than were his counterparts in 1919. The average Berliner in those days had almost nothing, and the inflation of 1923 wiped out what little he had. Why not take to the streets and do battle with the Bolsheviks or the Nazis? He had nothing left to lose.

But Joe Europe has a lot to lose in 2017. Regardless of the fate of the Bolsheviks, Socialism won in the end. The megastate that is the modern EU (or the modern federal behemoth in the USA) caters to the citizen’s every need. If he decides to do something that meets with the disapproval of his masters, he may lose his job, his car, his house, his pension, and all the fripperies and gewgaws that keep his wife and kids happy. He may not like the fact that the streets are full of feral Third World immigrants, that his wife and daughters (or even sons) are increasingly likely to be raped by “refugees”, and that he himself may be car-jacked, mugged, or knifed as he goes about his business in his once-safe city. But a public protest has its price.

Demonstrating against current conditions has to be weighed against the penury and shame of what would happen if he spoke out against mass immigration and Islamization. He’s seen what happens to people who do such things — why should he take to the streets in protest over a lost cause?

“But Baron,” you say, “the antifas take to the streets all the time and do battle with clubs and rocks. Why can’t the ‘Islamophobes’ do the same?”

Ah, but the antifas have the tacit support of the State, not just in Western Europe, but in Canada, Australia, and the USA. As long as no one gets killed or seriously wounded — and as long as the monetary cost to commerce is relatively low — antifas can generally act with impunity. They can burn cars, break windows, and beat up “fascists” without worrying about doing ten years in the Big House.

The ones that were busted and charged for the mayhem after the inauguration of Donald Trump must have been totally amazed — that’s not what was supposed to happen! And generally speaking, it doesn’t. Most of the time the anti-fascists can do what they like without sweating any serious consequences.

The same is not true for the “neo-fascist” who protests against mass immigration. He may well face criminal charges for his actions even if he remains non-violent. God help him if he lays a hand on one of the Social Justice Warriors throwing paving stones at him.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The international order that eventually emerged in the West after World War Two is a form of what the science fiction writer Larry Niven called a “water empire”. It’s analogous to the ancient political systems of the Near and Far East, where control of the water supply for irrigation conferred absolute political power. As long as nothing threatened a water empire from the outside, its political stranglehold remained stable. However, after decades and centuries it would become increasingly brittle, so that even a small incursion from barbarians outside the empire could cause its rapid collapse.

The trans-national “New World Order” is a type of water empire, with fiat money and credit from the central banks replacing actual water. As long as the system is unthreatened from the outside, it will be able to maintain its hegemony, growing increasingly brittle and vulnerable as decades pass.

Unfortunately, until the aliens land, there is nothing outside the current Empire that could threaten it. So it may well continue on its current totalitarian course until it collapses from its own weight — and that may take a long time.

That’s the reason I’m not expecting the Western street-fighting man to appear anytime soon.

71 thoughts on “Taking it to the Streets — But Not Yet

  1. A cogent summation of issues you’ve talked about to me many times. Above all, the welfare state – whatever one calls it – has emasculated the West for the foreseeable future. Until the money dries up (something TPTB will not allow to happen), nothing changes.

    The only irruption that comes to mind is something devastating from the outside, say Iran or NoKo. I wonder what odds the bookies are giving on that.

    Natural disasters are too limited in scope to cause any lasting damage – as several hurricanes have shown. Lots of little people hurt, but the behemoth grinds on.

    Despite what the Left claims, men have to be utterly driven by events that threaten large swaths of all they hold dear for any of them to come out past the protective wall of welfare bling…

    • I do not believe Iran is a threat. Saudis have sluiced money, men, and muskets to ISIS, the true scum of the earth. Plus they have done enormous damage with their funding of the wahhabi disease. Yet, the turncoat class, far from wringing their hankies over them, embrace them. W even liked to smooch them and walk hand in hand. Literally. And the less said about the obsequious cabana boy president of recent renown the better. Forget I even mentioned the Hawaiian Horror.

      So, let us take the version of Iran the sponsor of world terror and threat to our democratic fascist way of life with a grain of salt.

      Now, that said, there are looming short-term threats that the grifter class just can’t game any more. Pension costs come to mind as a direct threat to the status quo. Illinois is without wiggle room here as is the case with other state and local bandidos. Higher taxes are driving productive people away and impoverishing those who can’t move. They, at a minimum, are expecting basic municipal services, including simple security, and are unlikely to toast the favored people who get to stand at the front of the line – active and retired liberal bureaucrats, immigrants, crony “capitalists,” and the, ahem, diversity.

      Moreover, public debt service costs are such that the all-wise Fed plays with fire if it, like the pawnbroker in the ’60s movie, even the thought of a serious rate hike enters their fevered brains. What to do? What to do? So saving for retirement is a sucker’s option and productive enterprise must contend with crushing low wage rates of foreign populations abroad and in places like al-Frankenstan.

      And what’s not to love about the $250,000,000 a day we spend on military adventure around the world chasing the will-o’-the-wisps of “democracy” and Goldilocksian foreign regimes that are “just right”? There’s a number that sticks in the old brain of yer average citizen spending five big ones for a box of granola.

      Someone in an article somewhere (IAAS) made reference to our having attained “peak stupidity.” Two minutes listening to a feminist on any topic from patriarchy to gender-appropriate headgear are equivalent to ten minutes of electroconvulsive therapy. Hey! Who put me in the reptile house?

      So, the end is nigh. Really nigh. Peak brittleness, to borrow from the Baron.

      • I do not believe Iran is a threat.

        I wish I could agree with you. But it is headed by a group who believe in a violent end to things via the 12th Imam. As such, they are not rational actors. Same goes for North Korea. Even all China’s threats and sanctions may not be enough to stop someone who sees outlawing singing and laughing among the populace as a smart move.

        Ask the countries in MENA if they think Iran isn’t a threat.

      • Colonel, Iran supplies weaponry, financial assistance, training and materiel support to Hezbollah, Fatah, Hamas and other Islamic terror groups in Syria, Lebanon, and throughout the Middle East. Since taking over Persia, the Mad Mullahs of Iran have been broadcasting to all who choose to listen of their plan to annihilate Israel, the United States and the West if given the opportunity and that Iran has been planning and organizing for since 1979.

        Obama has been a key player in getting Iran to the point where it can now threaten Israel and those Arab states who are considered to be apostate by the Mad Mullahs.

        Look up what Dympthna has given you concerning the 12th Iman to understand the suicidal mindset that now grips Iran.

        • I’ve read of the 12th imam thinking among the Shia but it’s been 38 years since the Ayatollah took over and I can’t say as I’ve seen this actually play out on the ground anywhere. The idea that Iran is responsible for the disaster in Yemen seems silly to me and Sunni thinking about the perfidy of Shiites seems every bit as absurd as the 12th imam stuff. For loopy thinking there is, of course, nothing that surpasses Islam in all its flavors. All the more reason not to focus on just Shia doctrine. Recall that attack and subdue Dar al-Harb poison? There’s plenty of hard evidence for that right now.

          Given the unconstitutional, aggressive war the U.S. has fought against Syria and our dishonest characterization of Assad as Assad the butcher (not to mention the lies swirling around our initial invasion of Iraq) I am not at all willing to accept what the U.S. says about Iran’s supposedly deranged leadership. In fact, I think Iranians are entitled to think of W and Obama as cretins if not nut cases. Forget the 12th imam. Who are we to go around mewling and smirking about spreading democracy and calling for regime change? Let us not forget Hillary’s disgusting, “We came. We saw. He died.” That was some sick stuff as fresh as the morning dew and not 1,400 years old.

          Once you see globalism, climate change, and multiculturalism as the keystone of the entire Western world who are we to think that Iranians are dangerously irrational and we are sane? Who killed over 400,000 civilians in Syrian and thousands more in Libya in our putrid exercise there? It certainly wasn’t Iran.

          The issue of material aid to terrorists is similarly less black and white. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have provided men and money, if not arms and ammo, to the scum of the earth in Syria. The Saudis wage war against the Houtis and appear to be mounting a campaign of starvation against them as well. Israel provides medical, artillery, and tactical air support to al-Qaida and ISIS swine in Syria. We provide arms, training, supplies, and tactical air support to ISIS (Deir ez-Zor) and al-Qaida, arranged for or ignored movement of ISIS troops, have airlifted ISIS leaders to safety, and allowed ISIS oil tankers to operate freely generating millions of dollars.

          Who aids terrorists?

          I respect your opinion and experience so kindly do not take what I say personally. As is true of Dymphna as well.

  2. My wife and I were at a Barbeque/Dinner party Saturday night with friends when this topic came up. The general consensus arrived at after much discussion was that we are not yet hurting enough to get out the pitchforks and torches. We all know what is coming, but like our elite political class, we do not wish at this time in our lives to lose everything that we have had to work decades to obtain.

    And one thing we can all be certain of, whoever has put the agenda for our our demise together, certainly has a firm grasp on the psychological aspects of Humanity.

    We are like that frog in the tub of water over a slow fire, being gradually boiled alive, do we jump out of the tub and save ourselves or remain in the water, and accept our fate?

    • Where is Fulgencio Batista when we need him? He is our best short-term option. There just isn’t a revolutionary consciousness in the masses as the Chicoms concluded after a failed uprising in Shanghai, I believe it was.

      Cadres! Raise high the keyboard daggers aimed at the hearts of the comprador class! Strike down the running dogs!

      I think I have a future in agitprop. Maybe Angela can give me some pointers.

      • Well, considering my age, at this time in my life all I can do is to warn other younger people of what lies ahead -[…]

        I refuse to go quietly!

  3. When I read your conclusion, Baron, I thought about Matt Bracken’s predictions for Europe–the causes of which would be due to Muslim incursions. I’m trying to reconcile his views with what you have written. Thoughts?

    • It’s not just Europe; it’s here, too. The State has the average citizen by the cojones. The big difference is that the average citizen in the USA has firearms, which means a different outcome here is possible.

      But this water empire has to collapse first, and I don’t know when that will happen. A lot of people have been predicting an imminent collapse since the fall of 2008 — more than nine years ago — and it hasn’t happened yet.

      • And I think that eight years of President Trump would probably postpone any collapse (although I must admit to uneasiness about the run-up in the stock market).

      • Things haven’t been fixed, either. The problem of too much debt has been solved by creating a lot more debt. Post 1929, there were ups and downs and false starts, but throughout all that, the government ran a balanced budget.
        Let me not start about the loss of credibility of the whole system.

      • As much as your whole analysis of the current state of affairs is undoubtedly correct, predicting future is … simply impossible. I recall the fall of the Iron Curtain in my homeland in 1989. We all knew that the real socialism was at the end of its rope – yet, nobody saw the real end of it coming.

        Similarly now – we who try to make sense of the slow decay of the West have no idea what could be the triggering event – and perhaps that’s how the Fate makes it sort of fair for everybody.

        No Cassandra, no crystal ball, no Delphi. A stream of events flowing over us, one of them will pull the trigger ….

    • I thought about that, too: how does the situation in EUrope differ from that of the U.S.? How are they the same?

      That’s meaty enough for a whole essay, but the crucial difference between the two is that Americans have pressure valves that have long been turned off in Europe. We have personal big guns and equally big mouths. In the EU, possession of either means jail time and economic/family loss. Not that our immigration problem isn’t causing major shifts in population, or that the numbers of homeless aren’t rising, or that there aren’t parallel, unitegrated
      “communities” increasing here. Minnesota has more than 40,000 Somalis alone…and the costs are enormous. But Minnesota is largely Scandinavian DNA, so we’ll have a smaller version of Sweden’s suicidal swoon limited to places like Minnesota.

      And Mexifornia is a whole ‘nother story. Huge levels of poverty next to the wealthiest places on earth. It’s like a bad movie.

      • Actually possession of firearms in Europe (one doesn’t have to reside in 2 different countries as I do) is not a big problem if you have no criminal record, if you want to take the trouble to join a gun club, be a member of the gun club for 18 months and active on the firing range most of the time. After that, you can purchase weapons and ammo. Gun clubs are not inexpensive but it is I believe worth the trouble. The troublemakers among the asylum seekers and such to have no problem acquiring an AK-47 or a military grade weapon of course.

        • It’s delusional and dangerous to imagine using guns on the military and police security forces. They are professional, organized, and with an extensive structural support. They have drones, infrared sights, and aerial surveillance.

          A revolutionary movement gains power through 1) political means; 2) military coup 3) street gangs causing disorder. The use of street gangs is meant to generate the perceived need for more government power and more oppressive laws. To be effective, the government must deny formal alliance with the street gangs and cannot overtly support them.

          Owning guns allows citizens to protect themselves from crime and to limit the damage by street gangs. This is an important factor in maintaining a limited government, but it is specifically not violence against the police or military. The government cannot consider self-defensive violence against street gangs as an attack on itself, or it shows its hand. The government in Charlottesville came pretty close, arresting and jailing those who acted to protect peaceful demonstrators against Antifa and black thugs.

          Consider this: the second amendment rights are considered essential, which they are, but the very argument assumes a government tolerance in allowing people to possess guns. In other words, if people began using guns against the police, the right to bear arms would evaporate, and the ban could be enforced.

          Hence, ergo, it is horrible strategy to think of guns as a direct protection against government. The direct action against an oppressive government has got to be in a political action, and in co-opting or simply eliminating, and oppressive bureaucracy.

      • One thing we can do is vote with our dollars.

        This is why I encourage everyone to avoid buying Chobani yogurt. The CEO is a confirmed America hater that strives to import as many invaders as possible.

        Chobani’s efforts have already had horrific impact on the town of Twin Falls, ID.

        • Good idea – I avoid the Chobani brand like the plague as I know that the owner is a Turk who will funnel his profits to the “religion of peace.”

          • He funnels his profits into getting more Islamic refugees into America. Since he’s a Turkish Kurd, I wonder if he differentiates between Sunni (himself) and Shi’ite immigrants? It’s about cheap labor; as Ann Corcoran has noted repeatedly, many American meatpackers use the same tactics. She terms these tactics as a method of “changing the American people”. Who in that Davos world cares about the food factory worker bees?

        • Hi. Chobani is my current favorite brand, so I’d like to hear more about this. Do you have a specific starting point to recommend?

      • Dymphna –

        I think it looks like this.

        In the early part of the last century the population was mostly homogenous. Germany was ethnic Germans with a smattering of this and the other. Britain was for the British, Belgium for Belgians, France for the French, etc.

        The Globalists looked around after WWII and wanted to know how to keep the proles off of the streets. They saw the places that were not as cohesive population wise were much less likely to have taken to the streets (The Netherlands, Eastern Europe, etc).

        So, how to keep the ethnic pressures from boiling over? Make the populations less cohesive. Move the pieces (people) around so that no single place has a majority of one people or another. Hence the forced influx of Muslims to the EU, Mexicans, Asians and everything else to the US, and on and on……

        The changes to North Texas in the 7 to 8 years since I moved here have been staggering. Bunches more Muslims (and mosques), Asians of all types, Africans and Mexican mestizos from Central and South America.

        The globalists are forcibly diluting the make up of the various locals. I think this happened before, maybe?

        Yeah, I have it ….. at Babel.

        As this dilution continues who is going to take to the streets and why? For what? This is the core problem.

        The Magic Dirt Theory does not holds in any way. The Cloud people are going to enslave whoever they can however they can.

        I think all The Dirt People can do is as St. Columba (Colm Cille) did and find our Iona’s. Then hope sanity and reason will be restored at some future date.

  4. The picture says a thousand worlds. If you look at the pictures with the article, you see fit, slim men. How many men of the same age group could you fit across the street, today? I said men, but should have pointed out that women have become a stronger, academically smarter gender. Men have been emasculated.
    Also note, none of them has his eyes glued to a smartphone. Marx bemoaned the opium of the masses which has morphed from religion (and drink) to gadgets (and drugs).
    Marxists also did not think the masses are up to much, and needed a strong leadership of communists, which does not exist today.
    If the conditions turned chaotic, be it pre-revolutionary France or the Weimar republic, things will turn on a dime, but without a leading group and loss of national cohesion, may just turn into a total chaos.
    If anything, this is the main rational against the multicultural BS.

  5. A massive Islamist act of terror perhaps? A truck bomb left in a huge mall could kill and maim hundreds. Egypt had an example this week- in a Mosque. 305 dead and counting. Merkel appears to be “on the rocks ” at last and long overdue. She is simply a placeman of the Banking thugs. In the latter is where the corruption lies and the Left just love to waste other people’s money. Printing money is not a good idea. Relatives of mine in Koln, tell me that it is now unsafe for women to go out alone and the recent cultural enrichers are acting increasingly blase and that is starting to grate on people’s minds. These enrichers are unable or unwilling to assimilate and mostly rely upon welfare they regard as jyzia. a form of bribe they regard as their right of conquest.

    Britain’s welfare is almost gone thanks to the huge amounts of money needed to maintain the clients of choice. Britain’s Defence forces are suffering. We cannot pay billions in support of Calais “children” and their incoming dependents. People are really struggling to pay bills too for simple heating and even food. People are being made homeless to house migrants- a deliberate policy according to a council employee I know. He is disgusted.

    So I see a combination of causal factors coming together in a perfect storm. If Corbyn becomes PM and that is likely, then things may become so bad as he opens up the gates to his Moslem pals that it might spark a rebellion.

    I know that the remains of the armed forces are seriously worried. The RN is a shambles and the PM seeks to assuage anger by placing RN guards at Buckingham Palace to salve the anger growing within the ranks. This is but a token and will not change the fact that the RN is a shadow of what it once was. “Brexit” is a farce. Something big is in the wind! I can feel it. I have learned to trust this sense since my youth in the Army.

    I am not so cynical about the bod in the street. The British are a funny specimen and things and acts that militate against his sense of fairplay could blow up in the elite’s face. Safety is an important factor and the sight of arrogant pushy incomers may well be too much even for the so far quiet public. As I said the British are a rather peculiar breed and quite unpredictable. Don’t be fooled by the Metropansies having emotive gushes on Facebook and Twitter. They are just noise and are too weak of moral constitution to really be a threat to anyone. They will fade away at the first sign of violence.

    Many thousands of discharged veterans are a different matter. There is a steadily growing sense of betrayal with thousands of ex soldiers from Blair’s illegal wars forced onto the streets. Now that is a very dangerous cocktail indeed. Many of these have nothing to lose. I talk to them often when I do my Parish rounds. Many are bitter-very bitter. I do what I can, even if it is not much. I met an ex soldier min Staines that had lost all hope. He is far from alone. He does not understand why the migrants get everything while he and his ilk are left destitute. I stopped my own son from joining the Army.

    Soldiers left idle and penniless was the downfall of the Roman respublica. The Left don’t lie historical lessons unless it supports their irrational ideas and aims.
    commenter above complimented the elite on their understanding of human psychology. I think there is nothing to commmend actually. The Left have risked their own demise and ours by their dangerous surreal schemes. What is “clever” about that? Too flood Europe with potentially 1,000,000,000 Sub Saharan Africans and an aggressive conquering ideology stuck in the 7th Century> Oh very clever. Actually absolute madness.

    • Another excellent post, good sir. One of the pluses at GoV is the many excellent and informative comments.

    • Your Grace, you miss the point concerning the application of an agenda based in human psychological reactions to such an agenda imposed on the population. One cannot simply collectivize the Left into one big bundle. And like the Right, there are levels of comprehension within both sides as to what is actually occurring around them or what is not actually occurring around them.

      Both the Left and Right Collectives have been moulded through an agenda designed to set them apart and at odds with one another by those who are the Masters of Human manipulation, usually referred to in ‘modern terms’ as either the ‘Establishment’, the ‘Deep State’ or the ‘Globalists’ and who set the agenda based on their understanding of Human psychology.

      It has been a long time coming, but those who know what the game is all about have time up their sleeves – or so they believe. There was more to Henry the Eighth divorcing England from Rome than just a wife, ‘ol Henry’s radar was well and truly up in regards what Rome’s ambitions were.

      And when one can understand and then grasp that our history is replete with many examples of how the Human psyche has been manipulated to suit an agenda, then one soon begins to see the many signs that are in plain sight today that readily identifies such an agenda.

      The American One Dollar Bill is such an example.

      What is now occurring to the West is no accident brought to us by careless or corrupt politicians, but is a controlled deconstruction of Western Civilization designed to usher in what I would term a very Dark Force with which to control Humankind forever, unless we can stop it somehow.

      What is now occurring has been written of in The Book. We have been warned!

      • Ephesians 6:12. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high place!”

  6. I don’t think it is completely accurate.

    There are two basic tendencies in the West today:
    – promises, attractions, and the reality of grandiose civilization flourishing, and
    – the steady stream of acts (and establishments) of predation – sometimes casual, sometimes outstanding, sometimes even clownish or farcical, – devouring the fruits of that progress.

    The matter is, even a little straw from that immense flourishing, if wisely directed, can break all the spines of all that predator camels, bears, jackals and whoever else they are.
    Very different from Weimar poverty, and will lead to different outcomes.

  7. “Social Justice Warriors throwing paving stones”

    Hmmm. Isn’t “paving stones” an anachronism from a previous century? Where do you find paving stones today? They’re not just lying around on the street.

    Capitalism to the rescue. The well-heeled (or well-funded; hear that, Mr. Soros?) Social Justice Warrior can find suppliers of elegant high-end paving stones, such as

    • It’s not an anachronism in Western Europe; that’s what the antifas often throw. Many of the central public squares are paved with modern cobblestones. If construction is underway — which it often is — piles of stones are lying around at the edge of the work area. The antifas consider them a handy stockpile of their weapon of choice, left there just for them by a kindly Providence.

    • Ancient cities have paving stones in medieval areas.
      But Antifas take their ammunition with them.

    • Strauss/Howe have a great theory.

      The sad reality is that 95% of the Millennial generation are soft like the Snuggle bear.

      • Raspail, you are right but the softness of the Millenials (and the Western population at large) doesn’t contradict the theory. The crisis will produce victors and victims.

        The coming crisis will have a very clear outcome, just like the previous fourth turnings: US War of independence, Civil War, WW2.

        I’m not saying the coming fourth turning will see us on the winning side. The odds are against that.

        Please read the ZeroHedge article I linked to and its part two. It is really enlightening and summarizes the book nicely.

  8. And don’t underestimate the effect of brainwashing. It’s going on constantly, and has done so for a long time, and we can see how it affects the younger generation in particular.

  9. “Taking it to the Streets — But Not Yet

    Quite, but this unforced hiatus has an upside – time…not a lot, but some never the less, and hence there is nothing to preclude it being used as a time of quiet gathering, preparation, co-ordination and co-operation on a massive scale across the UK and Europe, ready for that inevitable time when we the people really don’t have anything left to lose.

    And, yes, those who do this will not be all, but they will with no small modicum of luck be many, perhaps a significantly large and determined minority with a pressing need to voluntarily form and function according to a transnational modus operandi and with a single common objective – survival of they and theirs.

    That will not be easily come by, but it is achievable.

  10. I think that people who oppose third world mass migration and islamization are politically conservative. Those people tend to trust the authorities (political and law enforcement). As long as we have something that looks like law enforcement, conservative people will step back and “let police do their job”.

    When police can’t pretend to do the job anymore there will be the USA scenario, citizens with firearms, and the rest of the Western world scenario, people without firearms.

    I just hope I can move to America before the problems start to become out of control in Europe. Don’t think I don’t want to fight the invaders, but I don’t think enough people will stand up and I don’t want to be in a battle of 10 Europeans against 100 barbarians if both sides have the same weapons.

    • |Zee, and I have to laugh at your pronoun.

      How about the yanks start surreptitiously sending us weapons?
      They did it for the IRA……

          • It’s not actually banned here–that’s a joke that will hopefully not become reality. I just watched it in Ontario. 🙂

          • That’s what flashed on for a moment at the beginning. So obviously it’s an insider joke for Canadians. Good for y’all – there ain’t much to laugh at in Canada these days.

            The thing is, how are average people going to be able to stop the reality from occurring? Oh well…when it does, YouTube will delete such messages.

      • The US shorted weapons and materiel for Britain so they could arm Russia at no cost to the latter.

        When we finally did start supporting the Commonwealth forces, Britain was expected to pay back every single dime. I believe the last loan payment was made just a few years ago.

        • We finished repaying the debt when Tony Blair was PM. To be fair, the US was supplying the UK with weapons even before the events of 1941.

  11. A correct analysis. Not much longer to wait . Biosphere implosion as a result of geo engineering activities worldwide ; coupled with the onset of a banking crisis will have what is left of the masculine remnant among us of back in the streets as well as in the homes and offices of the elites in good order. A much smaller population will then begin anew.

  12. Baron-

    One additional point about the Antifas – most of them are basement-dwelling losers with nothing to lose, thus they are far more free to rampage in the streets than Joe Six-pack.

    • Yes, and they are also PAID to take it to the streets, mostly by affiliates of the Open Society Foundations. Low-skill mercenary thugs, in other words.

    • Yep. What prospects exactly does one have after doing gender studies, apart from protesting, and/or a job at McDonald’s?

      Meanwhile an engineer sympathetic to the Counterjihad stands to lose a career, or maybe even a house, if his presence at an anti-immigration protest becomes public knowledge.

      • Or have your children taken away to be raised by parents willing to indoctrinate them. There have already been a few cases of Canadian Christian parents being told they are unfit for adoption and fostering because of their Christian beliefs. Right now the focus is on conforming to transgender/sexual identity politics but won’t be long before the “islamophobes” are also seen as perpetuating so-called child abuse. That is A LOT to lose. Not just having our children in our lives but their minds and even souls are on the line. I wouldn’t risk it.

        • Just to add: by ripping apart families we then lose the incentive to fight as well. It’s an awful Catch 22. Fight and lose our kids. Don’t fight and lose their future.

        • What you say is already happening in parts of Europe. Britain, Germany and Norway being three countries renowned for taking kids into “social care” at the slightest excuse – especially from Eastern European parents… and especially in Britain, in places like Rotherham, we know what “care” for fostered kids can look like. Part of me wonders if certain elements within Social Services don’t have some sort of an arrangement, regarding girls reaching puberty, with the grooming gangs?

          • Reports on the Rotherham events show unambiguously not only total police apathy at the activities of the grooming gangs, but acquaintance between the police and gang members. I don’t know if there were actually favors exchanged.

            If Eastern Europeans are especially susceptible at having their children taken away in Britain, Norway and Germany, it sounds like an excellent incentive to forgo the economic benefits of living in Western Europe and high-tail it back to their East European country of origin.

  13. I think a shock to the system will be the catalyst. One possibility is an economic downturn. Even a mild economic downturn has been enough to get a politician to lose an election.
    Another possibility is a pandemic, something like the Spanish Flu. And if such a disease were to arrive in Europe due to migrants, I can see Europeans lowering the hammer on the migrants.

    • You haven’t heard the rumors concerning the Marines takeover at the CIA and FBI headquarters to prevent the shredding of evidence and place both on lockdown?

      Has that ‘storm’ Trump warned us about some weeks back finally hit?

  14. In October 10s of thousands of English football supporters marched in London. “Conservative estimates” put the number at over 40,000. More like 60,000, and the BBC ignored it. The Football Lads Alliance March Against Extremism. Fans with traditions of huge rivalries, sometimes even personal!, coming together to say they’ve had enough of the creeping tolerance of sharia law, willfull ignorance of Muslim rape / grooming gangs by the authorities and not deporting failed asylum claims etc. Of course the establishment media and ngos label them racists. As a Brit living in Eastern Europe my heart was warmed that not all is lost back home.

    • I was on that march; I’d say closer to 70k of us.

      Wanna know WHY the MSM didn’t show it? We were peaceful and non-violent.

      • I remember reading Irvine Welsh years ago, doing an interview where he talked about how the “authorities” (aka those who know best) don’t want to acknowledge that working class people have an inner life, a sense of right and wrong, an intellect … they choose to deny – and they want everyone else to accept – that working class people are nothing.

  15. Just read two news over the weekend that might help connect the dots.
    In Athens, football fans going for a match clashed with a Paki march celebrating the birth of prophet Mohammed. I thought, WTF!?
    In Barcelona, Lionel Messi signed a new contract with FC Barcelona giving him a salary or roughly $900,000 a week. Fans, apparently celebrated the prospect they will have to cough up more for his salary.
    If you could figure out how to harness that energy, you could do anything.

  16. The soviet collapse in 1989 was not that violent and full of riots. Many countries were already out of it; it could have lasted even longer. But the economy was too bad to go on even one day more. People revolted much before in Czechoslovak rep. or some other states, but that did not bring the wall down alone.

    We in EU are already in the post Brexit. If EU reached its maximum greatness as area occupied, this does not mean that we already reached the point of no return in the monetary mass of euro, which could grow even more. I would rather predict a slowly slow decline, than some big economic structure, as in Venezuela or some other third world country.

    People should not get it to the street as happened in Venezuela just this year, because stability is more. I hope next for Italexit, but even then, EU made up by France, Germany, Spain, etc could last a very long time and change its DNA as this mass migration policy started long ago in France and the UK.

  17. Seems that there is one thing that does get Westerners out in droves. And it was evident last Friday… the prospect of heavily-discounted TVs and other electronics was enough to almost start riots. If only Westerners could be persuaded that being on a counterjihad protest means that they’ll get 50-inch widescreen TV with a 90% discount, or, conversely, that Islamisation will mean less reality shows, they would probably come out to protest against Islam in their masses.

    • It would have been wiser for those foolish enough to part with their ‘readies’ on such tokens to have spent the money on food and water.

    • Thanks for that link. Peterson has led me back to re-reading Jung. Sometime, for fun, I may feature his personality test as a post so people can see what categories fit them. I rated high on “order” – no surprises there.

  18. Claims to illusion.

    How does victory feel so silent.
    Calm as should have been
    That may never now for what is known.
    Empty of the cries, a fallow healing
    Set by mists and shadow.

    When conquest has consumed
    Has been forgotten to its fate
    And innocence treads lightly
    Through the dainty field
    As nothing ever were.

    Settling soft as gentle clouds
    Into the hidden turf
    The claim to future realm
    Ignites the memory of old
    To repeat as if untold.


  19. First a thought:

    In 1945 the victors of WWII divided the people up into their countries: all Germans in Germany, all Poles in Poland – pure states. And we had peace.
    And looking at Yugoslavia and Lebanon we saw that multiculturalism ended in war.

    But that all changed in the 1990s. There is a quote from General Wesley Clark where he says that the time of monocultural states is over.
    And we all know how that ends – Austro-Hungary at best, Lebanon, Rwanda at worst.
    But the true rulers seem to want this, why? divide et impera?
    But sooner or later someone will break out and I don’t think that you can buy off muslims with the amenities of the west. I rather think that the true rulers have overseen this and their plan will fail. But not before millions have perished.

    But back to topic:

    Why we don’t rise up:

    1) Our societies are atomized = there is no trust and we would abandon and betray each other in a heartbeat.

    2) No OP SEC (Operational Security = keep your mouth shut). If someone would do something, all his “friends/allies/supporters” would try to be the first to post it on Facebook/their own homepage.

    3) Our high tech betrays us. If you have a cell phone/smartphone the police will know your whereabouts with an accuracy of 50 meters. So if something happens the police just collect all people in the vicinity and even if someone did turn his cell phone off/didnt carry it, the other captured people would betray him.

    Just read:

    4) We erased violence from our lives. Read about Nicolai Sennels (Yes, here on Gates of Vienna). Muslims teach their sons to use and live violence. We instead teach our kids that violence is bad and those who use it must be teased till they no longer use it.

    Those who still have the old fire (violence) in them are shunned. That is uncivilized, bad, ba (baby speak for bad). And they are medicated with Ritalin etc.

    5) “If a man is not willing to die for his beliefs, then either the man or his beliefs are not worth anything” Ezra Pound (This is how it is quoted in Germany. The real sentence is: If a man isn’t willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he’s no good.)

    So, what are you willing to die for? Your country?

    Yes, we all know the speech from BRAVEHEART, but the truth is: Nobody is willing to die for our beliefs. We all want to see old age even though we know how it ends, with us replaced by the invaders.

    And that is why even if ONE person would move against the true rulers, the others=us, would move away from him as fast as we can.

    Yes, if we all would stand together the police would not be able to arrest us, because (and the beginnings you can see on our streets) if 100 cops try to arrest 100 Blacks, muslims who are willing to use violence, the cops may still win today. But if the Blacks, Muslims would truly stand together, how can the cops stand up to 1.000 or more of them if all of them are armed and willing to kill. The cops want to survive and back down. Yes they may return with SWAT etc but when the entire town blows up the cops will back down. And yes, one town may be put down, but think bigger: Think 20 or more towns blow up.

    6) We limit our thoughts. Long ago I was interested in the child-stealing of the child protection service (USA) / social services (UK) / Jugendamt (Germany). And I was appalled by the people who had their children taken away. The CPS knew everything about the families, but the parents knew (and that was the max of what they knew) the names of the workers of the CPS. Nothing more.

    And when the CPS used fear and terror against the families the families just crawled into a corner. I cannot understand why they did not take their fear and turned it into hate and anger

    Because something like that happened to someone I know I asked them. I never got a real answer.
    And when I told them about Black Ops – just read point 1) and 4).
    Yes, moving against those evil people except the allowed = ineffectual methods has been removed from our minds. And those who can think of it – just read 4)

    6) That is what I wrote some time ago:

    Long ago german Chancellor Adenauer asked one of his aides after the uprising of soldiers against Charles de Gaulle because of Algeria if this could happen also in Germany. His aide replied: The way we select our officers you need not to worry about something like this happening in Germany.

    And this applies to the judges, lawyers and cops as the cases of Gustl Mollath and Harry Woerz show. In those cases not one judge, lawyer or cop moved against the state opinion. They were all kadavergehorsam.
    Compare this to Stauffenberg and the other conspirators. Or General von Lettow-Vorbeck who told Hitler to … himself. And according to a relative of General Lettow-Vorbeck he did not phrase it that politely.

    What we need is a contradiction in itself. We have to be pushed into a corner, like the Thunderdome of Mad Max III, and told that its either fight to live or die. And we need to be beaten up a few times before the real fight begins so that by pain it is hammered into us that it is REALLY a fight on life and death.
    But any such fight would be a one shot affair because our enemy would give us only one fight. And that would be our death. But to wake up we need more than one fight.

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