Street Prayers in Clichy: Now it’s Leftists vs. Fachos

We’ve posted several reports about the controversy over Muslim street prayers in Clichy-la-Garenne, a suburb of Paris. The story was unusual, because elected leaders, in full mayoral regalia, were among the demonstrators who gathered during prayer time to protest the blatant violation of the laws on laïcité.

Many people have been asking: “If street prayers are illegal, why don’t the police shut them down?” Oz-Rita has translated a piece about Clichy by Christine Tasin, the director of Résistance Républicaine (the embedded video was also translated and subtitled by Rita), that sheds some light on why the prayers continue unmolested.

Note: “facho” is a slangy abbreviation for “fascist” in French:

The street prayers in Clichy are a scandal. A scandal that lasts. A scandal of the State. Why does Macron’s State not end it? Easy, water cannons exist, right?

I remember the Prefect of Côtes d’Armor who had banned one of our demonstrations taking out the water cannons in case our people would not disperse.

Easy, when facing French citizens who respect the law. Unthinkable when facing Muslims who have trampled the law every week for 8 months. Unthinkable or rather… Macron does not want to. Why ?

Just look at the pictures of what happened yesterday in Clichy to see the second scandal, the worst without a doubt. Certainly it’s good to see these elected sing the Marseillaise against Muslims, but what we are witnessing is a frightful spectacle [translation and subtitling by Oz-Rita]:

Muslims, foreigners probably for a large part — and mainly foreigners in Clichy, according to the mosque and the Mayor — perform, in an obscene and provocative way, their prayer under the eyes of all, in the public space, imperturbable, while a few meters away, French citizens are tearing themselves apart…

…And it is they who are the spectacle, they are the ones who interest the journalists. The Muslim problem no longer exists in Clichy, thanks to Macron, it has become a Franco-French problem, the leftists against the Fachos. Not the leftists against the patriots, no, against the fachos. Because what will remain of this video, it is the cry of the little useful idiot: fachos!

Macron lets the leftists and other antifas defend them (the muslims).

They do not even need to get their hands dirty.

Mélenchon’s (Leader of the extreme Left faction in the French Parliament) militia do the job for them, attack the patriots, threaten them, insult them.

Why does Macron deliberately let the situation degenerate for months, if not for that? To generate popular reactions and play with them?

Elected officials came to support the Mayor of Clichy? Fachos! And there must be, among them, members of the FN, re-fachos! Doubly fachos!

One might think that Macron, not daring to send the troops to Clichy, lets the mayonnaise rise, is letting the French take on the problem and solve it, replacing the police and the army.

Ready to send in, at dawn, his militia equipped with bullet-proof vests break down the door of anti-prayers-in-the-street but otherwise peaceful pensioners at 6 am to search their home.

It is clear that Macron, sitting on a pressure cooker that threatens to explode every day now, seeks to let explode… patriots, the resistance in order to have reasons to record, ban, imprison, convict them…

In short, we get it: Muslims will be used more and more by Macron to justify an intense crackdown against opponents of Islam and immigration.

The guy wants to scare, wants to quash, wants to divert the river flowing between Muslims and non-Muslims, so that this river separates the leftists from patriots, so that, if there were to be a war, it would take place between French and French, a real good civil war because of the Muslims and which would benefit them, but for which they would not be considered responsible.

Clever. Nothing surprising for Monsieur Manipulations who is at the Elysée.

Will the French fall into the trap or will they rebound?

16 thoughts on “Street Prayers in Clichy: Now it’s Leftists vs. Fachos

  1. Absolutely disgusting, France became I slamic toilet , and they demanding , demanding and demanding, it’s no end of this filth ..

  2. You have people what You voted for , Macron and FREDOM OF RELIGION !!, same like with this Merkel, ..

    • No, Macrotte was and is an outsider, he entered with minimal support, minimal participation…the most dubious electoral reformatting I have seen. People were not confident in Le Pen to manage the country or preserve their own quo, so not viable to many French. If you read up there are studies that show how the foreign vote tipped the scale also. French elections are establishment, managed, by turnout rejected.

      • No, Macron is an insider, even though he entered out of nowhere. A member of the banking cartel, a perfect little boy who could be manipulated and trained to gawk at the feet of Angela Merkel. Groomed and vetted for the job as marionette.

  3. I have no problem with the discussion shifting from mohammedan prayer to the enablers and the pushers of the invasion, since that’s where the problem really originates and that is what the Westerners have to wrap their minds around. The real enemy is not who you think it is.
    Counter-Jihad is not enough. The mu[slim]s are only the (ugly) pawns in this game.

    • I agree completely. The muslims and nafris are a symptom of the problem, which is the perversion of rule of law by leftists and socialist elites. Even they are symptoms of deeper problems in society, namely the concentration of power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands. The dynasties and financial empires need to be broken up and scattered, power and decision making authority moved closer to the local level. And I would daresay a jubilee is in order, to break the stranglehold that financiers and other rent-seekers have on the vast majority of wage slaves.

    • I see, as of when I last checked a few minutes ago, that the French government owns about 19% of Renault. Volvo owns most of Renault trucks. The Frence and German governments own 13% each of one of the aircraft industries in France.

      This probably makes it incumbant upon the governments to ensure that the private side of these industries profit handsomely. A different way of saying this is, a leftist government must ensure that its richest people remain so. Leftism and what Americans call crony capitalism are highly similar. They may be identical in impact.

      I mention this as an effort to understand why most of our immensely wealthy are such supporters of the Left.

      At some point we are looking at the useful idiots of other useful idiots of …of more useful idiots.
      All the most modern nations have swamps to drain.

      • Ah yes, but the ECB owns over 10 % of Eurozone’s corporate bonds, and more besides.

        France and Germany are dancing to the same tune, and those openly in debt to them happily follow – make northern credit whole.

        If you understand how double entry book keeping and rate manipulation work, zirp/nirp looks like socialism for capitalists…or capitalism for socialists.

        Time to return national currencies… if the profiteers of any country can be overcome…but no-one wants the associated hassle themselves now… and so down stream it all goes.

        • ECB has painted itself, along with the Elite, into a corner. The ratings of the majority of the bonds that were purchased was BBB and BBB+ which are not Blue-Chip grade. The sector in which the majority of the purchases was made was the Utilities sector. In short (pun intended) the ECB is working feverishly to keep the lights on. Europe has been handed a mandate from God knows whom to feed, clothe and house a population that is restive and non-productive, at least to European standards. The free food and free energy that is being supplied to the immigrants that is not being covered by an adequate and supportable surplus within the economy has placed the utilities and their slightly less than investment worthy debt at risk. The ECB has no choice but to backstop the utilities. The rate of increase of the bond purchases demonstrates the ECB’s desperation as there is no way out and no Plan B as long as the welcome of the immigrants is mandatory.
          The only solution is Jubilee, in the Biblical sense, in which there is a complete reset of all debt and investment. Those who are living comfortably on the labor of others that makes the payments that allows the Elites to clip coupons are the most at risk. There won’t be an army marching in the street, there will simply be a mob who will refuse to make their monthly payments and will throw off the shackles of the debt that has enslaved them. The police and security forces will be greatly outnumbered and their sympathies will probably lie with their fellow slaves. From what I learned in Bus Admin school the inflection point is just around the corner. I would welcome feedback from a fellow BBA or MBA as this is rather serious and is about money and economics.
          Politics be damned, we need to keep the lights on and food on the table. Maybe it’s time to put the Elites to work shouldering the load that we have been carrying all these years.

          • Real panic indeed. I was never happy with the petrodollar, our band aid to replace the old Bretton Woods agreement. This band aid has gotten us unlimited credit…and it is now a very old bandage. I do not know if our voters would have tolerated austerity at that time, or if they would now, or if they ever will.

            I do believe that our enormous debt helps to create the kind of elites and swamps that we have got now.

  4. It was a miracle Macron was elected in the first place – thing is, I don’t believe in miracles…

    • Macron was chosen and created by the globalists because he is an easily controlled, empty vessel that will carry out their instructions.

  5. Have the french not heard of Molotov cocktails? Quite awesome results for a few dollars.
    Target rich environment indeed……

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