Run, Virginia, Those Racist Republicans Are Coming!

The Commonwealth of Virginia is having state-wide elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General next week. Generally, we ignore the noise and foofaraw. This one is no exception.


This infamous ad has been making the rounds. It may have been taken down by now, but it shows the deep stupidity of the hard left. As Scott Adams might say, they don’t grok the basics of persuasion:

Is this the ugliest political TV ad ever? Probably. For sure, it surpasses the one the Dems ran about Goldwater, back in the day. If you weren’t around then, just do a search for Goldwater and Daisy…

18 thoughts on “Run, Virginia, Those Racist Republicans Are Coming!

  1. I forgot to mention: the filmers of this piece of vile bile removed a legal license plate on the back of the truck to substitute a Gadsden flag plate. Not allowed here: a vehicle must display its license plate on both the front and back. But then they couldn’t have a real plate since observant viewers would be looking for the real plate…which obviously belongs to a Leftist lunatic.

    • I did note that give away. Typical of those who put these things together, they think we are as stupid as what they are!

      And, the driver of that truck while not displaying license plates has committed a minor traffic infringement, but to those who think they hold the moral high ground, that is just a technicality and really not worth bothering about!

    • It’s like when CBS news ran a story intended to show how easy it was to purchase an AR-15. The reporter made the purchase, affirming that the firearm was for her own use, and just hours after the purchase transferred the firearm to a firearms dealer. That is a straw purchase and is illegal.

      There was another instance I vaguely recall where a TV news show demonstrated how easy it was to perform and illegal modification to either a firearm or a magazine in their segment, thus violating the law that made such a modification illegal in the process.

  2. I wait expectantly for the ad about polar bear hunting where blacks have actually sought out whites to sucker punch. The hunters could wear knit caps with the colors of idiotic Afro-American separatism and superiority. That wouldn’t offend anyone, would it?

    Or there could be an ad of an AntiFa thug stalking a citizen prior to a surprise attack with a bicycle lock at the end of a chain.

    The polar bear hunting and AntiFa attacks actually happen but older whites do not look for Spanish-looking children to scare or hurt. When you think you’ve seen the depths of leftist loathsomeness along comes something like this.

    • I say, keep ’em coming!!! The uglier the better! They are redpilling people all over the place.

  3. Imagine if the ethnicities were reversed in this clip – heroic browns hunting down the white cockroaches.

    If the video showed that scenario is there any doubt the libs would cheer it from sea-to-shining sea?

  4. I hope the Republican and Trump “base” can become inspired by this ad, to go out and vote – just as its makers were no doubt hoping the far-left and minority base would be…

  5. We have a saying in Hungary “Mindenki magából indul ki” – Everybody starts from himself/herself. The Left creating this, because they live out their own fantasy. A vibrant multicultural hunting party going after the deplorable Trump supporters. That’s what this is all about, that is what the left always do: reflecting their own ideas, sins on the other side. The very same way, they successfully made the the very Leftist national socialism “right wing”.

  6. Earlier this year in Virginia, a young Moslem girl was chased by a man in a car, who drove off the roadway in pursuit of her and her friends. When the girl tripped and fell, the driver exited the car with a baseball bat, struck her and subsequently raped and murdered the girl. The driver of the vehicle was arrested. He was not a White, conservative Southern male Christian, the killer was an hispanic illegal alien. The Demoncrats twisted the incident into a racist anti-white conservative perpetrator because the American Left views us as their mortal enemy. They were trying to rally the minority vote in Virginia in support of the Demoncrat candidate for Governor.

    • Ah yes, now MS-13 illegals from Venezuela are ‘white’ like George Zimmerman because it supports the controlled media ‘narrative’.

  7. Sorry, Please edit this sentence in my earlier post “The Demoncrats twisted the incident into a racist anti-white conservative perpetrator because the American Left views us as their mortal enemy.” to: The Demoncrats twisted the perpetrator of the incident into a racist white Southern conservative because the American Left views us as their mortal enemy.

  8. Wow, I just don’t know what to say… To answer the question in the video: “obviously not, by stopping criminals from flooding in, he is actually protecting even those hispanic children, who are more likely to get into gangs (together with black children) than white or asian children. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone with a brain chases this into the court.

  9. I remember decades ago, when Barry Goldwater ran for President, reading that he had no truck with racism. Unlike many people on the Left, including our own Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties in the UK, whose record on opposing antisemitism is abysmal; but then even the great George Orwell had the same blind spot.

  10. We in the real world know who is running down murdering and maiming men,women and children with pick up trucks.

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