Red-Pill Poland

The video below discusses the emphatically non-PC approach of the Poles to the topics of mass immigration and Islamization. Many thanks to Green Infidel for the tip.

[NOTE: The translation and subtitling were not done by the Counterjihad Collective, so please don’t reproach me with any infelicities in the subtitled parts.]

10 thoughts on “Red-Pill Poland

  1. 4:30: “Anjem Choudary who became famous for demanding to introduce Sharia law in Great Britain said: ‘One day sharia law will also be introduced also in Poland, because we believe that it is necessary to remove all oppressive regimes. If the people are governed by someone other than Allah it is a form of oppression. Thanks to our politics, your regime will be overthrown, and people will be happy… with no heads.’

    You Islamic Imam: on our land you will not introduce ANY of your Islamic rules. This is Poland. This is OUR land. OUR country. OUR rules and values. Here, Jesus Christ is our KING. We are not interested in any European directives, nor immigration quotas. I repeat: these are not our wars. This is not our culture. It is not our faith. And not our immigrants.”

  2. It’s a good video, but the map is inacurate. I am not aware of any successful attacks here in Czechia and after checking both Czech and foreign sources, I didn’t get any confirmation either. Without sources, it makes it look like what the leftists are doing: baseless propaganda.

    • I also have issues with the map: there haven’t been any muslim attacks in Belarus (and Ukraine for that matter) and the whole idea of them taking place on its territory is absolutely impossible. A least with the current state of affairs in that country.

  3. Poles have done one thing that struck me.
    I’ve read about a collective «Rosary prayer».Just a few days I saw a vídeo: they were praying, but more importante, Crosses up -they were doing na immense exorcism.
    They protected their land from demmons, not only from people.
    One should think of this, carefully.

    • Yes Poland became a country dedicated to Jesus , under His protection,
      They state clearly that NO MUSLIM SCUM will live peacefully in Poland and no invader will be accepted.
      Very intelligent.It is after all a religious war.

      • Yes – it is a religious war, as unbelievably as it is in the century of Artificial Intelligence.

        Reading Hitchen’s “God is not great” is not helping but some of his angles are very interesting.

  4. The young lady at the end is an excellent example of a truly strong, independent, modern woman.

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