PESCO and a Brief Look at the Machinations of the EU Neo-Fascist State

We’ve posted in the past about a Europe-wide militarized police force called EUGENDFOR (see here and here). The following investigation by Seneca III concerns a new military concordance in Europe in which the armed forces of member states will be subordinate to a centralized command structure.

PESCO and a Brief Look at the Machinations of the EU Neo-Fascist State

by Seneca III

Caveat: Whilst the main thrusts of this article and are intended primarily for UK consumption, particularly with reference to Brexit, it should also be of deep concern to all Europeans, especially European nationalists with an eye on independence and, because of the implications for the future of NATO, it may be of significant interest to Americans and Canadians as well.

Introduction: What is PESCO?

From their own lips:

A broad consensus by all EU Member States on the modalities for launching Permanent Structured Cooperation in the field of defence could lead to a legal decision as early as December, with some 30 projects for concrete cooperation between countries already on the table…

…European Union ministers of defence, meeting informally in Tallinn on 7 September under the aegis of the Estonian Presidency, were in broad agreement on how to move ahead with Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) on defence, paving the way for a legal decision launching PESCO possibly by the end of the year…

…The High Representative pointed out that PESCO was as much if not more about cooperating more as about investing more. What we are offering is a platform for joining investments, joining projects and in this manner, overcoming the fragmentation that is characterising currently especially the environment of defence industry in Europe. In this way, the European industrial framework in the sector of defence will be enormously enabled to play a major role globally, and the European Union would then be, I think, really a credible security provider globally…[1] (My italics, S III)

Yes, quite, and remember…


It is understood that if the UK Government hands over confirmation of their approval of PESCO military integration by the end of November 2017 British military forces will fall into ‘foreign hands’. The matter can then not be overturned until we revert to our Common Law which is precisely what May and the other ‘Remainers’ in Westminster appear to be trying to prevent happening by their delaying tactics, obfuscation and downright sabotage of Brexit, and Brexit is all about one basic question: Who controls Britain?

After 350 years of peaceful constitutional evolution and changes of government, the British people are almost entirely concerned about voting, trade and money, and we risk forgetting the fundamental reality that Parliament’s control over our own armed forces is now at serious risk.

The Hungarians learnt this truth the hard way in 1956, and the Catalonians may well be getting the same lesson rather soon.

What it means for the UK

Already, an Italian General with a remarkable collection of decorations and adornments, Claudio Graziano, has been chosen to lead the European Military Committee.

Well, that inspires confidence, of course (Hmm…), but really it should be of no concern because there is no doubt who will be the real Commander-in-Chief, and that is something that Macron already acknowledges.

How very Vichy, and in its own way quite disturbing — France, with its now Sarkozy-depleted (290-warhead) nuclear arsenal, is the only other nuclear armed state in the EU apart from the UK, and I do wonder who will end up controlling our nuclear arsenal if we sign up to this pernicious PESCO project?

The early effects of this are even now being felt within our defence industry, and yet we’re still debating whether or not to join! A decision to be made by the UK Government on Monday next [i.e. tomorrow, the 13th] as I understand.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

…Brexit-supporting veterans have criticised EU rules on competition and tendering for the Government’s decision to open naval contracts to foreign shipbuilders.

Contracts to build three 40,000 tonne Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels will be subject to “open competition” because they are non-warships, according to Minister for Defence Procurement Harriet Baldwin.

The announcement has caused dismay among Britain’s shipbuilders, with the GMB trade union complaining that it “undermines the national interest”.

Major-General Julian Thompson, who led Britain’s land forces during the Falklands War (erratum at source, see below) and now chairs Veterans for Britain, has previously told Breitbart London that “EU defence procurement law means member-states are increasingly prevented from allocating defence contracts to their own manufacturers,” and that “the key exemptions that existed in that area are being eliminated under changes to the EU Procurement Directive.”

Maj-Gen Thompson has also highlighted the negative role of the EU’s schemes to integrate European defence, and the danger of Britain remaining entangled in these schemes even after Brexit.

“Recent EU policy changes … also mean that member-states will not even be able to plan defence industrial strategy and procurement independently without major input across the planning process from the EU Commission and the European Defence Agency,” he noted. [3]

And so it begins.

Historic precedent

Roman Legions, much like British Army County Regiments used to be, were often raised exclusively from specific geographical areas within the Senatorial and Imperial Provinces, but that was rarely where they served. A Legion raised in, say, Hispana (Legio IX) would serve elsewhere, perhaps Cilicia or Syria, for the obvious reason that suppression of any rebellion against the yoke of Empire required a brutal and definitive response that could not be relied upon to come from a Legion being used to suppress its own people.

For example, Legio V, the ‘Lark-crested Fifth Legion’, sometimes also known as Gallica, was a Legion of the Imperial Roman army founded in 52 BC by Gaius Julius Caesar. It was levied in transalpine Gaul to fight the armies of Vercingetorix, and was the first Roman legion to comprise non-citizens. The legion was destroyed in AD 86 at the battle of Tapae in Dacia, quite a distance from Gaul.

Now, just for a minute, imagine an EU Army comprised of different national elements under central command of the desperate, power-mad apparatchiks in Brussels. Would the Dutch Armed Forces be used to suppress an independence movement in Holland? Unlikely; perhaps German or French whilst the Dutch were deployed elsewhere where they couldn’t interfere in defense of their own, say to suppress similar movements in Catalonia or Slovakia. Such a scenario is not out of the question, and such a response would not be difficult to implement under the proposed structure of an EU Army such as appears to be evolving out of the rather deceptively anodyne, predominantly trade based PESCO project. And, again, there is a much more recent precedent than that of Rome.

The Wehrmacht, the Waffen SS and Islam

The Wehrmacht was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1946. It consisted of the ‘Heer’ (Army), the ‘Kriegsmarine’ (Navy) and the Luftwaffe (Air Force). After the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 Hitler formed the Wehrmacht for offensive rather than defensive use in order to pursue the Nazi regime’s long-term goals of regaining lost territory and dominating its neighbours. This formation required the reinstatement of conscription and massive investment and spending on the armaments industry (see PESCO). In December 1941, Hitler designated himself as commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht.

Closely cooperating with the SS, the German armed forces committed numerous war crimes and atrocities, despite later denials. Only a few of the Wehrmacht’s upper leadership were tried for war crimes, despite evidence suggesting that more were involved in illegal actions.

The SS (Schutzstaffel. “Protection Squadron”) was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in Nazi Germany, and later throughout German-occupied Europe. The two main constituent groups were the Allgemeine SS (General SS) and Waffen-SS (Armed SS). The Allgemeine SS was responsible for enforcing the racial policy of Nazi Germany and general policing, whereas the Waffen-SS consisted of combat units of troops within Nazi Germany’s military.

Two of the Waffen SS Divisions, the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) and the 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian) and were composed of Muslim troops officered by ethnic Germans:

The 13th was the first non-Germanic Waffen SS division, and its formation marked the expansion of the Waffen SS into a multi-ethnic military force. Composed of Bosnian Muslims (ethnic Bosniaks) with some Catholic Croat soldiers and mostly German and Yugoslav Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) officers and non-commissioned officers, it took an oath of allegiance to both Adolf Hitler and the Croatian leader Ante Pavelić.

Amin al-Husseini greeting Bosnian Waffen-SS volunteers with a Nazi salute. At right is SS General Karl-Gustav Sauberzweig. November 1943

The 21st was developed around the nucleus of an ethnic Albanian battalion which had briefly seen combat against the Yugoslav Partisans in eastern Bosnia as part of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian). Composed of Muslim Albanians with again mostly German and Yugoslav Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) officers and non-commissioned officers, it was given the title Skanderbeg after medieval Albanian lord George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, who defended the region of Albania against the Ottoman Empire for more than two decades in the 15th century.

Skanderbeg never reached divisional strength, being at most a brigade-sized formation of between 6,000 and 6,500 troops. In May 1944, members of the division arrested 281 Jews in Pristina and handed them over to the Germans, who transported them to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where many were killed. The division itself was better known for this action and for murdering, raping, and looting in predominantly Serb areas (nothing in the Religion of Peace changes) than for participating in combat operations on behalf of the German war effort. Its only significant military actions took place during a German anti-Partisan offensive in the German occupied territory of Montenegro in June and July 1944.

And where have we seen this sight more recently?

Members of the Handschar division at prayer during their training at Neuhammer in November 1943


France again?


It would appear that there is no shortage of potential recruits for the new EU Army anywhere in Europe thanks to you know who.

Early warning signs or last chance saloon?

The two big lessons I carried away [from a graduate class on proto-Marxism] were that ideologues always believe their thing transcends time and space. They cannot imagine that there will be a time when their tool set of ideas is no longer relevant. The other thing that seemed obvious is that observable reality is not enough to shake someone from their ideology.[2]

A leaked audio recording has revealed a Berlin police academy instructor talking about problems dealing with migrant recruits, saying that many have stolen items and threatened other officers with violence with the instructor calling them an “enemy in our ranks”. The unidentified police instructor complained that many officers who come from migrant backgrounds, specifically from Turkish and Arabic origins, refuse to learn in the academy classrooms and some have trouble simply articulating or writing in German, Die Welt reports.

In the recording, which was confirmed to be authentic by the Berlin police on Wednesday, the instructor said: “I’ve never experienced anything like this, the classroom looked like hell, half Arabs and Turks, cheeky as hell. Stupid. Could not articulate. Two or three I had been close to knocking out because they only disturbed and literally slept. German colleagues have said that they were threatened with violence.”

The instructor added that he was “so shocked, and I’m really scared of them, and I think the trainers too because if they throw them out, they’ll be there and break everything”. [4]

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Authorities in Bavaria have launched a new recruitment campaign to encourage more immigrants to serve as police officers.

Even those who are not German citizens will be eligible to join the police, provided they speak fluent German and have lived in the country for five years.

Germany is looking for ways to deal with the influx of more than 1.1 million asylum-seekers last year, and to avoid any repeat of the New Year attacks in Cologne, in which hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by a crowd of mostly migrant men. [5]

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The German army has war-gamed the breakup of the European Union in study of security crises that could face the country by 2040. Military planners in Berlin played out a scenario in which a growing number of countries follow Britain in leaving the EU, resulting in an “increasingly disorderly” world, Der Spiegel reported.

The EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, more states have left the bloc,” strategists wrote in a study cited by the magazine. “The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflictual world has dramatically changed the security policy environment for Germany and Europe.”

Der Spiegel said the study could inform German armaments programs in the next several years. The scenario was one of six examined in a study of security challenges German generals believe could unfold over the next 23 years.[6]


All in all, dear reader, much food for thought in these dangerous times. I am of a mind that “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind” (Hebrew Bible Hosea 8:7).

Watch your backs.

— Seneca III, Middle England, this 10th day of November 2017, with thanks to Caroline S for the heads-up.


3. [source erratum: Land Forces were commanded by Major General Jeremy Moore, RM, and Naval Forces by Admiral Sandy Woodward. The two main land formations, 3 Commando Brigade and 5th Infantry Brigade were commanded, respectively, by the then Brigadier Julian Thompson, RM, and Brigadier Tony Wilson (Guards). — S III]

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33 thoughts on “PESCO and a Brief Look at the Machinations of the EU Neo-Fascist State

  1. Where does that highly symbolic Merkel-Macron photograph come from? What was the occasion, and why is Macron sitting on the floor, staring up at Merkel?

  2. A good timely article, but none of it surprises me. What surprises me though, is the still general lack of awareness to the danger we are all facing if the current ‘progression’ toward what should be obvious, and is to the wide awake, is allowed to continue on without any interruption.

  3. What an utterly bizarre photo of Mutti and the Toy Boy Macron.

    Totally inappropriate and undignified for a French leader.

  4. That anyone can still believe the EU’s lies that it is just a friendly association of trading nations, and is not constructing a gigantic unified totalitarian state, seems quite incredible. I would have thought that ambition was obvious at least twenty years ago, and far longer for those who have researched the EU and the Nazis in the same sentence.

  5. I think this is adding two and two and making half a dozen, at least.

    I voted for brexit, but have no doubt that I share a common culture with other Europeans, and even our sometimes unruly offshoots in the US, Canada, Australia etc. I doubt whether the Roman legionaries, let alone the Nazis’ Muslim troops, felt the same about the inhabitants of other parts of the empires they served.

    In short, I can’t see Germans firing on Italians, or French on Czechs; even if some were willing to do so, the regular non-PESCO troops of the nations under attack would be unlikely to stand by and let it happen.

    • “In short, I can’t see Germans firing on Italians, or French on Czechs…”

      Really? The Fatherland has serious form here, and not just once.

      “…:even if some were willing to do so, the regular non-PESCO troops of the nations under attack would be unlikely to stand by and let it happen.”

      Really? Under the long-term plan and after the economic thrust of PESCO has achieved its aim there will be no such thing as ‘regular non-PESCO troops’. All will have been subsumed into the European successor to the new Wehrmacht, the Grand European Army.

      Furthermore, there can be no such thing as ‘EU Military Integration’ and independent national forces existing in a same co-prosperity environment armed, controlled and deployed by a clique in Brussels or Berlin unanswerable to anyone else but themselves.

    • Surely you’ve been paying closer attention than this, Mark H. In your own country, the police are willing to turn on victims and take them into custody. Their attention is focused on their jobs, their pensions, and trying to make it in an increasingly divided world.

      For consistent integrity, the smaller the polity the more chance one has. If you’re a member of the police force and the person you’re required to fire on or arrest is part of your extended family…maybe. But don’t bank on it.

      • May I suggest, without any personal experience on the matter, that it is the army that is unreliable for actually firing on their own population. It happens, of course, but the government is in a very weak position when it commands troops to fire on their own people. For one thing, any general officer or colonel has a good chance of asserting personal control of the military and toppling the government. It doesn’t always happen, but it is a tangible risk.

        The police are under tight bureaucratic control, and are unlikely to explicitly disobey commands. And of course, the bureaucratic command structure is fully on board with suppressing any independent citizens. But, the police department filled with locals is likely to leak like a sieve concerning intelligence, tactics, and plans.

        In short, a government using its own nationals to suppress citizens on a massive scale is at risk, especially when it’s acting on behalf of a foreign government. Recall that the Hungarian troops in 1956 joined the citizens and Russia had to literally invade Hungary with Russian troops to suppress the rebellion.

        It seems to me the bloodless seat-warmer bureaucrats of the EU would far prefer to not worry about a military identified with a distinct nation. An integrated military without local roots is good; a mercenary, though ineffective, military corps simply in it for the money or benefits, is better.

    • BTW, now would be a good time to read, or re-read, Tommy Robinson’s book:

      It has over 1500 reviews, many of them recent, though the book was published in 2015.

      A reviewer from last month said:

      This is genuinely one of the most depressing books I have ever read. Mainly because it rings so true, and I can see so many parallels between Luton, Birmingham, and London.

      Its a great story, a real page turner, and surprisingly well organised and written. It starts out as a coming of age tale of a working class lad growing up in Luton, and descends into a frightening tale of woe, getting his teeth kicked out in prison, abuse from corrupt police, corrupt politicians, corrupt prison staff, home secretaries etc….you literally could not make this stuff up. It’s truly heartbreaking to witness someone being fed through the mill for little more than having a big mouth and using it to point out the inequalities of society.

      I would recommend anyone to read this book, regardless of what your opinions of the man are, or where on the political spectrum you lie. If this man truly is speaking out of his bottom as the media, politicians and political activists would have us believe, then surely someone with a better education would be able to fashion convincing counter arguments from doing do? The fact remains that no one has managed this yet, and the most constructive thing his detractors can do is either yell at him, or leave a 1 star review for a book they have clearly not read with the magic one-size-fits-all criticism: ‘racist’ speaks volumes in itself. This is the level of discourse we have come to expect now for anyone who dares to speak facts in the public domain so is not surprising really.

      Reading this book changed my opinion of Tommy Robinson. Yes he is a football hooligan, a geezer, a thug, an ex convict, a professional provocateur, and clearly enjoys a good publicity stunt or two. But he is also a lone voice of reason in a in a society where religious superstition is legally protected by law from colliding with facts. Politicians we pay to speak out on certain issues are too afraid to do so because of laws they created themselves. This vicious circle of idiocy leaves not only an opportunity for someone that will, but also a sizeable audience waiting patiently to hear that person.

      Love it or loathe it, I think this will go down in history as being one of the most important political memoirs ever written, from one of the most unlikely authors. Can’t wait to read his next book.

      • In short, what that excellent review sums up is that there is no answer to the plain hard in your face TRUTH, only denigration and the shooting of the messenger who brings it by those the TRUTH tends to expose.

    • It is simpler still. You either have an independent national force with clear and compact line of command, or you don’t. Once you start integrating into a combined command, once weapons systems are shared, the economy of which justifies watering down the national integrity of independence, the choices available become steadily channelled towards a centralised end, with less and less opportunity for redress.

      You see that with EU legislation, with Euro, with political alignment in European countries. You see that with Schengen, Frontex and a common border policy.

      With military it will be no different, and while it all goes smilingly, no-one will complain much. By the time physical control is actually needed (or wanted) the outcome will already have been planned. In the meantime slack leaders will feel “enlightened” transferring the weight of their own responsibility to others, all out of a “common concern”.

      Of course you feel a common heritage to Europeans, but I remind you that this is also a veneer, especially where it comes to ( combined) state authority and its use. EU has no overt hand in the goings on, the national authorities are its, part voluntary, proxies. They are not behaving as locals would like ( I have never seen national politics so stalled and dud across Europe before) , let alone foreigners (i.e. you, not migrants), and they are taking their cue from? From EU. They are enacting EU policy, and oppression, towing the unitary line with common themes designed to adapt the local population into a unified structure.

      So when it comes down to it, you are going to be on the side of unarmed everyday people, including in other countries – but you won’t be calling the shots, and your own country will be compromised out of most of its choices also, including diplomatic ones. How are you going to complain then, with most all the British establishment cosy and you a nuisance ?

      What I have learned Mark, is that once you get to a certain level of society, you basically don’t count. The closest control we have of “the elite” or “deep state” is by media and the parliamentary system. If we cede military control of the UK, of what full control of the military means, to outside influence, to the degree that anyone elected automatically has to follow suite to the greater structure, we as citizens, lose our last control of our leaders, and national authorities, over us.

  6. I have extreme reservations in regard of the effectiveness of such force, considering that is not just another political fart. If it will be done then it will be a joke, from the “let’s make an regular army” point of view. It cannot stand a chance in a symmetric conflict. However it can be nicely used in asymmetric situations and here we go, sky is the limit. A state needs a government -EU Bruxelles, a border- whatever that is nowadays, a coin-EURO, and an army-this whatever will breed from this initiative. Life is short, people are insignificant, now is tomorrow, “let’s make it good so it will not be bad” type of thing. I don’t like brits ( :))however this project is doomed without their participation and expertise.

    • Have you thought about all those young Muslim males now in Europe just hanging around waiting for something to do? You don’t think that being given a uniform, a gun and a salary to shoot down white European rebels when the time comes, would suit them?

      • Of course, sounds like a great plan, let’s do it! Ooops, it’s already in the plan. Just great!

    • What you’re describing is an internal police force/military designed to suppress any organized or individual dissent, but ineffective against a real army. In fact, as I see it, the unified EU will be extremely threatening to Russia. They’ll be building bases and missile emplacements close to Russia and undoubtedly giving overt and covert aid to anti-Russian forces such as the Ukraine.

      It’s an extremely dangerous situation. Military planners always have to assume the worst about the military forces opposing them. Russia will be surrounded with anti-missile sites, armored cavalry bases, and mercenary armies unconcerned with the fate of the country within which they’re based. All of this will put Russian forces on a hair trigger.

      A centralized EU military would be quite good at diffusing responsibility for, and consequences of, harebrained decisions like the intervention in Syria, but very ineffective in an actual conflict, as comeswiththefall points out.

  7. This is just one way in which The Powers That Be are trying to “rescue” British EU membership from the “failure” of the British people to vote “correctly”. Stefan Molyneux picks up on another “Why I was Wrong about Brexit” at .

    The British people have been shafted in more ways than we currently know.

  8. The uniform color will be black with red armband and silver insignia
    Save Socialism !
    Short form SS

  9. The muslim immigrants have their own one finger salute.
    The Europeans need their own for the central army
    Like make a fist ,and slowly extend the middle finger……….

  10. This is the final solution against the Visegrad 4 countries
    Once the army centralized they would be forbidden to patrol and defend their border.

    • It appears to me that kind of scenario has already been digested and is now being dealt with to protect Hungarian borders and to make new and like minded alliances. Your job, is to ensure that the remaining Communists within your political structure are rooted out and destabilized through legal means at first.

      Otherwise, the means to root out your Communist traitors, shall we say, will become far more urgent, necessary and akin to summary justice.

  11. Who is like onto the beast? Who can make war with him?

    After all, that is what the EU army will be like: Like a god – like an all knowing google with sensors that can see through walls and lasers that can kill you instantly without you knowing where it came from…

    The new Wehrmacht will have a lot of machine guns against the obsolete cavalries, and the new Luftwaffe a lot of Me109’s against the obsolete biplanes, and the beast’s information superiority will be surpassed by only that of heavenly players – for it is they that can make war with him, as the beast is primarily concerned by its battle against God.

  12. It looks like the British Ministry of Defense got smart and did not sign onto any of these agreements, thank God.

    • The next Post may relieve you of that mishaprehension, Erl. A decision was made on Monday – and I/we do not know what that decision was – but it will be relayed to Brussels at the end of the month. We shall just have to wait and see. Rgds, S III.

  13. I’m a little confused by the article.

    The implication is that Britain is about to submerge its independent military into a unified command and supply structure based on European integrations:

    “It is understood that if the UK Government hands over confirmation of their approval of PESCO military integration by the end of November 2017 British military forces will fall into ‘foreign hands’”

    On the other hand, it seems the concept of the unified European military is falling apart.

    “The EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, more states have left the bloc,” strategists wrote in a study cited by the magazine. “The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflictual world has dramatically changed the security policy environment for Germany and Europe.””

    So, what’s the reconciliation of the two assertions.

    • If history serves as lesson giver, it is always a bad thing when Germans start talking about chaos, security and disorder.
      As an American I’m not looking forward to what the future appears to hold, but at least that vile woman did not become our president (or I believe it would be much, much worse).
      Hopefully the Brits stay out of this…but I’m not holding my breathe.

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