Mauritanians Call for Stricter Punishments for Blasphemy

Mauritania is notorious as a country where slavery is still widely and openly practiced. It’s a quintessentially Muslim country.

The following video report describes mass demonstrations in Mauritania demanding stricter punishments for blasphemy — that is, they want their legal system to impose an exact application of the Shariah, based on the Koran and the sunna.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Thousands of Mauritanians descended on the streets
00:08   of Nouakchott on Friday following the call of the local imams.
00:12   Internet posts by a young Mauritanian considered blasphemous caused the explosion of protests.
00:16   The text, removed a couple of hours after its posting, allegedly commented critically
00:20   on the decisions made by the Prophet and his companions.
00:24   He also accuses Mauritanian society of perpetuating the un-egalitarian social order
00:28   inherited from that time. The author defends the low castes
00:32   such as the smiths, which he describes as marginalized and disadvantaged
00:36   from birth. On Friday thousands of youths surged towards the presidential palace
00:40   in order to demand the death penalty. The head of the Mauritanian state
00:44   promised to defend the sacred quality of Islam.
00:49   “Mauritania isn’t secular. Everybody has to understand that this country
00:53   is an Islamic state and that democracy doesn’t mean
00:57   threatening the sacred values and symbols of the religion.”
01:01   The local imams
01:05   asked the Mauritanian president to reunite the entirety of ulema [Muslim scholars]
01:09   to use Islamic law against this man. The author of the text
01:13   was brought to justice and incarcerated in the central prison
01:17   of Nouadhibou, his place of origin.

7 thoughts on “Mauritanians Call for Stricter Punishments for Blasphemy

  1. Islam is a sick joke- a very dangerous one too. I have my doubts that MHMD even existed. It is also pagan. I refer to the black venereal stone stuck into the side of the “Kabbah”. Its silver surround copies a woman’s vulva and I think this is why the Antifa in USA wore vaginal “lips” around their necks. The Pilgrim kisses these lips and the Venus connection is confirmed by other scholars I know, who are more expert than me. In Arabia “Venus” the goddess was known as Al Uzzah among others like Tanat…..

    The Name MHMD is an acronym for the praiser of god or gods. I believe the early “Caliphs” were Christian in fact but followed the Marcian of Aryan heresy that denied the divinity of Christ. As a workaday priest I think I face a hard future and death if this idiocy continues. I spent two years studying logic and objective and Immanuel Kant.

    For me Jesus Christ is a self evident Truth. A tautology, while the Mohammedan stuff is vulgar and obvious the invention of a group with an agenda for plunder and murder. How can I deny truth and reality? The world has turned upside down and to give this errant koranic idiocy credence, militates against everything I know.

    This may get me killed or even my collar felt by the Thought Police but I will never deny the Truth simply to save my temporary sojourn on this sad planet. I would rather die than submit to this garbage.

  2. The Western viewer can too easily mistake this as a “protest”. Not so. The young men are gathering and shouting AS INSTRUCTED. The voice over accurately says “following the call of the local imams”. Here “call” means obligatory order.

    “The Muslim Community possesses no power except to acknowledge and obey.”
    Ruling, “fatwa”, by AMJA
    Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

    A translation is helpful:
    “threatening the sacred values and symbols of the religion” – criticising Islam.

  3. America has a kinder , gentler version of Muslim ; they are Mormons who have as nutty and charismatic a leader in the likes of Joseph Smith who claims that the brother of Jesus christ is Satan…and if you baptize yourself for long dead souls…you can tell the Creator who to let into Heaven { irrespective of the actions of the soul when it was embodied in a human. On a positive note ; Mormons shun Apostates…they don’t kill them.

    • I know plenty of Mormons, and I have never heard one of them call for a holy war to spread the faith.

    • After visiting Utah I have a hard time bagging on Mormons. Beautiful state with terrific skiing. Park City is a lovely resort town that isn’t ridiculously overpriced like Aspen or Vail. Smooth, well-maintained highways that aren’t choked with traffic.

      Yes, Utah has some funny dry laws, but those only bother the truly hardcore alcoholics.

      The quality of life in Utah is orders of magnitude better than any Muslim nation, even a moderate one like Morocco, or places like Dubai and Qatar, where there are so many expats they are basically Anglo-Indian-Filipino colonies.

  4. Methinks we’ve been infected already. When people tell me that Islam is the ‘religion of peace’ I have to wonder if they have all of their marbles and or cards in the deck. Unless I’m misunderstanding and should be hearing “religion of pieces”!

    • I find having a koran handy with little book marks and stickies so you can get to the main bits faster changes people’s minds on that really really fast. Even people overdosing on sanctimony tend to fold when they actually read what is in that damned book.

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