Massacre at a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas

As you all know by now, a masked gunman dressed in black shot up the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas this morning during Sunday services. He killed 26 people, and wounded 15, 20, or 30 more, depending on which report you read. Sutherland Springs is a tiny town, with a population of about 370, so roughly 7% of its residents were killed in this atrocity.

The shooter was chased down and is dead. He was either shot by police, or killed by a local resident, or committed suicide, depending on which article you read. His name was Devin Patrick Kelley. He came from a neighboring county, and had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force at some point.

That’s a rough outline of what happened. This ghastly incident lies outside our bailiwick, so we probably won’t be reporting much further on it. Rumors that the shooter was a convert to Islam or a militant atheist antifa activist are NOT backed up by any hard data that I can find, so they must be filed under a “fever swamp” label for the time being.

I’ve been preoccupied with the news reports from Sutherland Springs since not long after I came home from church (which, thank you Lord, was not shot up). That’s why I haven’t posted much this afternoon and evening.

Here are three links out of the dozens I’ve looked at:

And these two reports from KSAT have video, but our bandwidth is too feeble for us to actually watch them:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and Egri Nök for their help with gathering information on the massacre.

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  1. So the guy is showing his AR-15 on Facebook. It would be interesting to know and when he got it: BATF Form 4473 is asking in its 11.g rubric this question: “Have you ever been discharged from the Armed Forces under *dishonorable* conditions?” – The subsequent approval of the firearm purchase may be dependent on answers to these questions.

    Hmm … maybe he had the AR-15 before the discharge. Or bought it in a gun show …

    Anyway – just thinking out loud.

    • Vlad says that’s not actually an AR-15. I’m no gun expert, so I don’t know if he’s right.

      • It’s a Ruger AR an AR clone. The Perp was also a member of Antifa, had a voter’s card despite being barred from voting, at least four atheist sites and a physic mentor among his Favorites on FB. I believe they’ll find kiddy porn on his ‘Puter as well

        • Please leave URLs for these revelations. Everything I’ve seen on forums etc. is totally unsourced.

        • “atheist sites”? Shock horror! I get regular updates from the (UK) National Secular Society, so the Baron and Dymphna should exclude me from commenting here- oh, hang on, I seem to recall the NSS being quoted on this blog. Mind you, I don’t have a psychic mentor, and certainly no interest in kiddy porn or antifa (other than academic), so maybe they’ll let me stay.

          (In case you don’t recognise it, ensitue, this is called irony).

  2. A lot more information is going to come out about this killer-dude in the next few days. He obviously wanted his name to be known, to be famous for something. This kind of reminds me of the white Lufthansa co-pilot who murdered his own in an outrageous manner and who told his former girlfriend, he was going to become known before he died.

    Has it ever been a worse time in the history of the United States to be a young person?
    All Children are now taught and informed that they can be raped, kidnapped, shot up in school, church or anywhere, molested by a relative, clergy, teacher, stalked by a weirdo on the internet, etc, etc And some like the poor, poor children today who experienced this
    horror before they died or were sent to hospital or lost a parent, relative or neighbor- know American life to be an evil experience that adults create for them.

    How did it come to this??

    • God is slowly being removed from everything! It will continue to get worse until that changes!!!

      • We will be changed (in a twinkling of an eye) but the rest will get much worse. When that has run its course things will become much more better (the return of The King)

          • When Yah shows himself, cf. Ez. Ch. 37,38,39; Is. Ch. 53 onwards, Rev. Ch. 6-19, Joel to name a few prophecies that are in the process of fulfillment or will be fulfilled very shortly.
            An inflection point has been reached. We have the Who, the What, and the Where. What we lack is the When, which renders business planning well-nigh impossible. The sounding began in early August around the 9th of Av and continued on through the first of October shortly after Yom Kippur. A paradigm shift has since taken place away from studied opposition to outright confrontation. This trend can only end in an armed conflict, which given the interlocking relationships of nations can only escalate along the lines of what occurred prior to World War I. Yah will then intervene to prevent His creation from being destroyed.

  3. Our Church has an armed, and I believe deputized, security cohort present during all services. It is a sad necessity, but when you have been targeted and the senior pastor has, or had, a price on his head, you do what you must.

    • What kind if church and where? I have never seen a guard at a Catholic parish in any of the states I’ve lived in

          • Yes, it’s Orange County for those who can’t afford the real thing or Diamond Bar. Then there is the S.R. 57 Freeway that rivals the I-405 Freeway during rush hour.

  4. It appears that there will be many good citizens who will be packing everywhere, even in No Gun Zones, which includes hospitals, churches, nursing homes, schools and private businesses. Innocent citizens who obey the law are becoming innocent victims of those who choose to disobey the law. One can no longer go by the books in being compliant when there are too many insane people out there who choose to take down the innocent.

    • “No gun zone” – entering with a firearm+license holder: Misdemeanor C (fine up to $200, no jail time); if requested to leave and refuses, Misdemeanor A ($4000 or so fine, jail sentence possible).

      In plain terms: if you are “packing” despite the 30.06/07 (Texas) notice, first offense is probably just a fine … on your permanent record, though.

      So every license holder in Texas should ponder the transgression, unlawful conduct etc. versus perhaps being able to save his/her life under extraordinary circumstances …

      Personally – I have the same feeling that the “good citizens” will be up in arms (both literally and figuratively) now more than ever before.

  5. Regarding who’s is doing the mass shootings. If you leave out any political, religious or crime element, then it’s white, American, native born, males.

    This has been going on since the 80’s-more or less. But it was very rare before the 70’s. What’s happened to this demographic group in that time period, is that their once “privileged position” in American society is going away.

    But I understand correlation doesn’t prove causation.

    • Interesting observation and hard to dispute. Still – these horrendous murders are rare e.g. in Europe – case in point: there are many assault rifles among Czech citizens – yet, a crime of the magnitude of this Texas shooting never happened !

      So it is not the guns, it is us who are deranged, out of control and just deadly dangerous in America.

      • Europeans are probably not drugged to the gills on antidepressents like a sizeable percentage of Americans are. That’s one common thread to these kinds of shootings that is quietly suppressed by TPTB.

      • There’s also a lot of guns in Canada, but very few of the mass murders described above. They don’t have the violent settlement of the west, like Americans do.

        We also have a cowboy/frontier mentality here. Men are in love with cars and guns and football. These are violent activities, not seen in Europe or most of the world.

      • Yep, ‘the lack of correlation with causation was particularly apt.

        Some due diligence is required: while it is generally accepted that men (white men in this case) score higher on IQ tests than white women, they also are far more represented among the perverted, heinous crime groups, too. Not too many female serial killers or pr0n addicts, either.

        But so what? No female Einsteins, few composers, even fewer top-notch artists, scientists, or mathematicians.

        The murderer who took all those people out had a looong history (back to 6th grade) of mental health “issues”. He cracked his own infant son’s skull, and two women got rid of him because he was violent. When the Air Force dishonorably discharged him, they failed to pass that info on to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. I hope some careless bureaucratic military heads roll over that one.

        OTOH, the men who stepped in, one a firearms instructor and another with a truck handy, took care of the killer.

        The so-called “system” failed a whole lot of people today.

    • So what is the solution ?
      Are you suggesting we exterminate all white males to bring about peace?
      Baron why are you allowing anti -white comments on this website?
      Why are you allowing anti -white male comments?
      We get enough of those on mainstream media .
      And Rob you are probably white and male.If so are you volunteering to lead the way and commit suicide in the interests of peace ?

      [ad-hominem redacted].
      The shooter was a Democrat Social Justice Warrior and Antifa member.He was also an atheist and posted comments on social media about how religious people in general were stupid and that Christians were especially stupid.

      And then there are all these tweets from left wing Democrat scum out there celebrating the fact that Christian Trump supporters were massacred in church.

      Then remember at the time of the Hurricane all those tweets celebrating and crowing over the fact that the Democrats thought the flood victims were white Republicans so it was a good thing they drowned.

      The problem here is anti -white male ,anti-Christian ,anti -Republican rhetoric spouted by Deomcratic H.Q acted on by crazed Democrat supporters.

      I can only assume from your comments that you fully endorse this divisive evil bigoted rhetoric.

      Examine your conscience.
      [ad hominem redacted]

      • People can be anti-white here if they want. They can be anti-negro if they want. They can be anti-Russian, anti-Israel, anti-Paraguayan.

        When they cross the line into some of the problem areas that ruin the thread, then I put my foot down. However, until now anti-white comments haven’t ruined any threads here. So have away at the honkies, folks.

        • actually, it’s all a matter of how much melanin is in the skin pigment. People from Northern Scotland are melanin deficient while Dalits from India are melanin sufficient. Melanin shields the skin from UV Rays. Recent human genome studies have shown that the gene that supplies the melanin for skin pigment resembles a variable potentiometer (volume knob). Dark-skinned people’s skin is therefore turned up full blast. Since we did not design and build ourselves we can only blame our parents and God for our physical appearance, which really should have nothing to do with our character.

        • Personally, I’d like the anti-white crowd to stop appropriating my culture and remove themselves to the majority yellow, brown, or black nation of their choice, sort of like Harrison Ford in “The Mosquito Coast.”

          Once settled, please be sure to make regular posts about how amazing it is in the country you have chosen compared to the West.

          Of course, I know this is all wishful thinking on my part, because 99% of the people who express such views lack this sort of moral courage.

          I mean, why struggle in Burkina Faso when you can lie around getting fat on the dole, courtesy of the Western taxpayers the anti-whites hate so much?

      • mindless, and possibly demonically inspired emotional responses that taken together is providing the inertia for the rapid acceleration down the trend line I discussed above. I hope the people who are spewing this hate and inciting people like this shooter and the one in Las Vegas will consider what kind of world they are bringing upon themselves. They could destroy one another until there is nothing left to eat, live in, or wear.

  6. All the mass casualty attacks using guns within the year have been perpetrated to kill conservatives and republicans. Hodgkinson, Paddock and Kelley were all associated with the left. Project Veritas exposed the dirty trick operations of the democrats which included use of crazies to commit violence.

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