Geert Wilders: Migrants Get Preferential Treatment Over Ordinary Dutch People

From the PVV:

Geert Wilders: Migrants get preferential treatment over ordinary Dutch people

Geert Wilders will file charges against Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte because of discrimination against the Dutch people.

The Freedom Party leader opened a special website yesterday where Dutch people can express their support and give examples of discrimination against them.

Wilders’ initiative is a great success with thousands of replies and support messages already. Wilders writes about the initiative:

“If anyone in the Netherlands is treated unequally, it is the Dutch person himself. There are numerous examples of this on the website. That is why I am going to file charges against Mark Rutte: Because of discrimination against the Dutch people. Support me!”

Wilders’ claims are based on a number of occasions where ‘refugees’ or immigrants are treated better than ordinary Dutch people: They do not have to pay for health insurance, they get priority when a rental home is available and they even get an allowance to spend.

Wilders added that it is not his goal to get prime minister Rutte arrested. “I’m not going to shout: lock him up! But stop the discrimination against the Dutch.”

13 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Migrants Get Preferential Treatment Over Ordinary Dutch People

  1. He is a really patriot for me , just look what this awful politicians doing to the own people, it’s so sad , .:

  2. If something similar would be opened in France or the UK, the messages would easily reach millions in number daily. Does anybody know Mr. Wilders’ opinion on the South African ordeal? Does this charge include the farmers?

    • All power to his elbow, a true Dutch patriot!

      Re your comment the SA Farmers, whilst Zuma is still in charge
      There is no hope for white farmers I’m afraid.

      Also to all the idiotic western politicians applauding the downfall
      Of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, gagging at the bit to throw more tax payers
      Into a wasted cause, he has been replaced by a man nicknamed
      The “crocodile”, apparently the saviour of the nation even though
      He has been complicit in Mugabe’s evil for decades!

      The west simply never learns!

  3. Geert Wilders: Migrants Get Preferential Treatment Over Ordinary Dutch People

    For “Dutch”, also read “British”, “Irish”, “French”, “Swedish”, “Australian”, etc, etc. But only if the ordinary people are white and Christian or of Christian heritage.

    Ordinary whites ruled by people who hate them, hate Christianity and hate the white Christian West. Once you understand that, you understand what is happening.

    • @Blessed Foot Forward

      Exactly what is happening in Greece where we have an atheist Bolshevic for Prime Minister.
      Of course, he did not show himself as a Bolshevik in his election campaign.

      We must be very careful because many crypto-communists used by Soros are in Europe.

  4. Needs similar for UK.

    A lot of people fed up with this.

    So far I have had to denounce the French state for theft of personal data, fraud, negligence.

    UK is in my sights now, atrocious nationality policy, they leave direct descendants of native Brits stateless due to date or place of birth, having to travel illegally to UK and claim asylum for years to “naturalise”… British educated and all. Throw away all your ID for several years and see how “society” treats you. What is worse is that no-one but no-one in authority answers, tried them all, even nationality enquiry service just goes dumb, sending long copy of UK legislation and “resolved” as answer to a specific question. Embassy just does not reply in spite of following long contact procedure. This situation occurred due to UK buddying up to EU, basically ( traitors) trashed UK lineage in favour of EU migration.

    Because I am on the “complainers” side I hear a lot of what people really think. I look at fellow nationals who through no fault of their own are oblivious to this state of affairs (of nationality) , most people in fact, and I realise the deception they live. I don’t laugh at it, but they are set up as fools, trapped in a way to whatever definition policy makers give to nationality …no one ever explains these things to people, how their country is run, by who etc.

    It is a great theft, where peoples meaning and due are re-allocated to strangers, in front of their eyes, to their very faces.

  5. The amish have it the best. They live segregated religious and cultural lives, free from the multicultural cesspools of America and they don’t bother themselves with our immorality, left- wing politics and so-on.

    Trying to change the corrupt system from within like Wilders is trying to do, is very hard and slow-going. Hope we live to see the real revolution come to Europe where sovereign nation states and traditional Western cultures are restored, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. They should REALLY do this in the UK where English grannies are left dying in hospital corridors while barbaric aliens get first class treatment.

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