Florence: Immigrant Gang War in the Market of San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo market in Florence recently became a battleground for rival gangs of culture enrichers. The following video shows a small part of their turf war.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Il Giornale, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Wild West in the market in Florence: Shocking brawl between bands of immigrants

The video made by a passerby. Clubs and thrashing. Citizens shout: “Let them kill each other”

by Claudio Cartaldo
November 8, 2017


Clubs, punches, kicks, and (fist) blows among the people. A shocking brawl that could have caused danger and damage to the many people who on Tuesday night were walking quietly in the market of San Lorenzo in Florence, in a central area of the city, just a stone’s throw from Santa Maria Novella Station.

Everything began around 7:30pm with insults and verbal threats that in a short time became the fuse that ignited the brawl. The weapons are the ones that can be found in any market: iron bars, wooden poles, bolts, glass shards, and bikes that were literally launched against people. A true settling of accounts between opposing bands that contend for control of the territory and the square. Masters — in fact — of what should be a public place (for the people).

According to The Nation, two opposing gangs have been colliding against each other: one made up of Bangladesh citizens and one from Pakistani immigrants . Merchants and customers have been forced to barricade themselves in stores to avoid being overwhelmed by what could become a real mess (watch the video).

Video transcript:

00:00   Florence: Furious brawl in the market stands of San Lorenzo
00:27   What the hell are you doing?
00:31   —Animals
00:35   —Shame
00:54   Call the police!
00:56   Enough!
01:01   —Go on, kill yourselves
01:02   No, let them kill themselves
01:04   Let them kill themselves
01:06   They’re doing good, they’re doing good.
01:06   They’re doing good, they doing good.
01:08   —Animals!
01:09   What the hell are you doing? —Animals!
01:09   What the hell are you doing?
01:11   —At least they are killing themselves.
01:14   They are animals!
01:16   What is this?

3 thoughts on “Florence: Immigrant Gang War in the Market of San Lorenzo

  1. Deport this illegal savages!!, simple like that , What’s wrong with this Europeans !, I don’t understand at all , this whole barbaric invasion is like bad dream , and became a reality, ,

    • I always thought Europe had a strong culture and history. Then why was West Europe so easily tricked into the multi-cultural lie?. Why did Western Europe forget its own history? Don’t parents tell their children anything of importance?

  2. It’s a mistake to take the attitude of “Let the barbarians kill themselves”.

    The fact is, they are fighting to control the territory. The fight strengthens the territorial instincts of both gangs. Once one gang becomes victorious, it then has control of the territory, playing by its own rules. The Europeans have stayed out of the fight, so they are by default, part of the territory to be controlled.

    The only safe response to the gangs is for the Europeans, preferably their police, to assert their own control by whatever means is necessary, including machine-gunning gang members (or anyone else) violently fighting their authority.

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