Bonfire Night at the Asylum Home

Asylum seekers in Germany were kept busy this past weekend burning down their digs. The following report was filed by Egri Nök at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

Germany: THREE Refugee Accommodations Torched This Weekend! By Nazis? No…

…by their own occupants.

by Egri Nök

An original translation from B.Z. (Berliner Zeitung):

21 Injured

This Weekend, Germany Saw Three Refugee Hostels Burn

B.Z./dpa November 5, 2017

This weekend, refugee hostels in North Rhine Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Bavaria were burning. There are no indications that the acts of arson were committed from the outside.

At the fire in the refugee accommodation in Rüthen (North Rhine Westphalia) in the night between Saturday and Sunday, about 20 people suffered light smoke poisoning. Paramedics treated them on-site in the early hours of Sunday.

An occupant of the accommodation was arrested as the suspect. The 22-year-old Moroccan is suspected of having started the fire in his room. The man was inebriated, it was announced. Criminal Police began investigations.

120 asylum seekers saved in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Early Sunday morning, a fire also broke out in the fitness room of a refugee accommodation in Jürgenstorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). A foam mattress went up in flames. Smoke spread through the whole building. Firemen evacuated all 120 occupants. No one was injured; the damage is minor.

The police rule out that the fire was set by outsiders; they are investigating it as grave arson.

Room on fire in Bavarian refugee accommodation

Late on Friday evening a room caught fire in a refugee accommodation in Ettringen (Bavaria). One occupant was injured. He suffered a minor smoke poisoning, police announced. When the fire broke out on Friday evening there were 18 people in the building. Many of the occupants were only lightly dressed, and were provided blankets by the rescuers.

The accommodation will not be inhabitable for the near future, it was announced. It was still unclear how the fire broke out.

20 thoughts on “Bonfire Night at the Asylum Home

    • Interesting 🙂 and the news that several units of diferent European armies were merging, is another.

      I do not think they want war, they have just fullfilled plan B -IVth Reich would be economical power (plan A was militar II and III Reichs)

      Turks will be a problem, as they are at Spndau Academy, but even CSU is fed up with Mutti’s refugees, so there’ s a great deal of incertitude

      • Word on the street is that the Bundeswehr is in such a sorry state that the 1941 Wehrmacht could beat them handily.

  1. They probably do this hoping the authorities will have no real place to relocate them nearby, so they will have to put them in their own apartments. That’s what these young men want– their very own apartments and cars. Without these things, they can’t really attract the German women. After all, what drunk German girl wants to leave the disco evening with her new friend to head over to a refugee home?

      • I think so! But it applies to many young girls who dance the night away in discos. Has nothing to do with being German.

        • Goes to show how old we are, disco’s lol.
          In my days they were called dancings then they were called disco’s. I haven’t a clue what they call em today and I’m to old to care.

        • I confirm!
          Recently I saw some girls mirthfully roaming infront of a shisha bar, and they had hardly even reached teen age, meaning they were 13 or 14 years old.
          In my youth, I observed the same behaviour with those girls, hanging around with bigmouthed good for nothings.Strange.

      • A lot of it has to do with the feminization of Western men and the state media portrayal of darker men as exciting an masculine.

        Here in the US, if you believed the media, you’d think 90% of white women are with black men.

        Obviously that is not the case, but the media brainwashing does seem to be having an effect on dating patterns.

        • You may have point there. For decades women have been using birth control pills in huge amounts containing the female hormone estrogen. As nature has it ordained they pee out said estrogen and it turns up in our groundwater basins because waste treatment plants cannot filter it out. As a result it shows up in our drinkingwater supply. Hence the feminization of Western men.

          • It turns out there are many chemicals, foodstuffs, and pollutants that stimulate estrogen production, suppress testosterone, and reduce sperm quality and quantity.

            This is why it is crucial Western men watch their diet and do physical labor or engage in weight training, which stimulate testosterone production.

    • In short it is the usual range of complaints.
      “The food here sucks”
      “The wifi is too slow”
      “It smells like wood overhere”
      “It’s to cold/hot”
      “we don’t get enough money”
      “the toilets are filthy”
      “This is discrimination”
      “This is discriminaton”
      “There is nothing to do here”
      “We don’t like trees”
      “We don’t have TV in our rooms”
      “We have to use public transportation”
      “The water smells funny”

  2. Naughty, naughty Moroccan. Please do learn that we don’t do this kind of thing in Germany and if you do it again we’re going to sentence you to two weeks counselling.

    Literally five minutes ago I read this (part of an e-mail) from a German friend living in South America:

    “When I went to Germany this year, I could not have imagined how many foreigners are now living there. Mostly Africans and Arabs. I left Germany in 1999 and I dont want to live there anymore.”

  3. Please provide a link or links to information about the war in Morocco from which Moroccans are fleeing and claiming refugee status/asylum in Germany.

    • I can tell you about Moroccans.Having travelled there in the sixties and after, wherever we encoutered local youths, they were always slipping us their address and a ” get us out of here”. This goes on till today. A friend of mine ,a local, sent his daughter to Canada, where she runs a pharmacy, her vocation she learned in Spain.

  4. How can we encourage this trend to continue? Maybe leave bottles of booze and books of matches on the doorsteps of the asylum centers? Or spread the rumor that if they burn down their digs they will get newer, nicer ones?

  5. Morocco is not at war.
    Fake refugees
    If they are refugees, they are salafists, who in their country would be in gaol

    That’s why Germans (and I know Austrians too) are fed up of these $%”/&% (any bad name for those who live on others work).

  6. Me seems, there might be a simple explanation for these fires: this were the first cold days these autumn. …

    A few years ago, a trustworthy source told me the following incident from a town close to Nuremberg: A lady from Somalia had got an appartment. In September, there were some rather cold days, but the landlord(correct term?) did not start the central heating — quite usual here in Germany. So the lady smashed some of her furniture — also obtained for free from taxpayer’s money — and started a fire in her flat. Some neighbours quickly noticed the smoke …

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