Are You an Immigrant Gangster? There’s a Great Future For You With the Berlin Police!

The two videos below discusses a scandal that recently surfaced in the Berlin police force. The police have been actively recruiting candidates “with a migration background”, and it seems the recruiters are less than fastidious about a criminal record — or even membership in a violent gang — among the culture-enrichers they select.

Since most of the violent crime in Berlin is committed by Muslim immigrants and their descendants, the police understandably need officers who understand the language and culture of the people doing all the burglary, carjacking, shooting, stabbing, mugging, rape, and murder in the no-go zones. But the leadership has taken this process a step further, and brought into the force candidates who are from the criminal milieu themselves.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A report from RT (already in English):

Video transcript #1:

00:00   In September, police officers in Berlin raided this meeting.
00:05   Ahmad A. of the so-called “Miri Clan” posted it.
00:08   The officers happen across one of their own: A recruit from the police academy,
00:13   who is openly rebelling against the raid by the colleagues.
00:16   The Berlin police have no comment on this today, as the incident is highly explosive.
00:21   Ahmad A is allegedly a patron of the ganglands of Berlin
00:24   and he is openly a member of the gang “Guerilla Nation”,
00:27   a milieu that does not shy away from murder.
00:30   Last year, two men died in turf wars.
00:34   [Martin Steltner, Prosecution Berlin] “It is predominantly people originating from the Turkish-Arab region,
00:37   and people we should class with crime, organized crime, and crime involving narcotic drugs.”
00:44   The capital wonders: Is this police recruit from a criminal milieu just the tip of the iceberg?
00:50   Deficits regarding discipline, language proficiency, and behavior,
00:53   but also the fencing of hot goods and drugs, were already exposed at the police academy.
00:57   Experts worry that the milieu is attempting an infiltration.
01:01   [Michael Böhl, Association of German Detective Constables] “This corresponds with our perception that of course organized crime attempts
01:06   to get a foot in the door with the judiciary, with the police, and in areas of the economy.”
01:11   Tomorrow, the police leadership in Berlin will have to answer questions.
01:15   It is not just here that they emphatically recruit applicants with a migration background.
01:20   [Rainer Wendt, German Police Union DPolG] “When someone is born into a clan,
01:23   and later wants to disengage from these family ties, this milieu,
01:28   then we should welcome that, and not, a priori, as if in a kinship liability,
01:31   exclude this person from public service and from the police.”
01:35   Tomorrow, the parliament of Berlin will interview the police leadership.
01:39   Not just in the capital, applicants with a migration background are still emphatically recruited.
01:45   Not least to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.

9 thoughts on “Are You an Immigrant Gangster? There’s a Great Future For You With the Berlin Police!

  1. Even the very conservative police chief wants to give them a career chance!
    In 10 years, half their forces will be immigrant muslims from Turkey, Africa and the Middle East.
    No one can or will racially profile or discriminate, same in U.S.
    Unless, the applicant has a very bad criminal background, he/she will probably get into the training program.

    • The state use of taxpayer money to create an untouchable gang of double-agents, informants, and enforcers for the immivader mafias is pure lunacy.

  2. Famous last words: Hey, let’s hire some muslim criminals to the police. At least they know how crime is happen…

  3. There’s a more sinister explanation. I don’t have any documented information on it, but it’s pretty well accepted by students of revolution that revolutionaries employ street gangs and street tactics to either take over power directly, or pave the way for acceptance of dictatorial governing. Those who remember Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus will recall that Marcus Crassus secretly financed the existence of the slave army that threatened Rome, causing himself to be named dictator.

    It’s also well known that local armies and police forces have a nasty, if not always reliable, reputation for turning their guns around when ordered to attack their own civilians. Immigrant police and soldiers, with no attachment to the local culture, would have no such problem. The interests of Merkel and her Stasi colleagues clearly lies in a police with no scruples and no connections to the citizenry. A little bit of anarchy on the streets and rampant corruption of the police is a small, almost unnoticeable price that Merkel will have to pay for her path to absolute power.

    • Very good point. Why look for modern answers when everything has happened before ? Humans didn’t evolve much in the last few thousand years. Same passions, same hate, same greed, same stupidity, same tactics, same everything. I fully agree, Sir.

      • Some eras emphasize different passions. In our present moment, it seems to be resentment – deep abiding resentment. Attempting to fit this hair-trigger response to any and all perceived “slights” by some “other” outside the group, I finally figured out that Resentment is simply Envy cloaked in arrogance. And under that cloak, this social disease is festering; not even antibiotics will help.

        Can’t find a malevolent passion that wasn’t already covered in the medieval listing of The Seven Deadly Sins.

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