Another Mujahid Arrested in Spain

Yet another Islamic terrorist has been arrested in Spain, in the province of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. This is just one who got caught — he’s obviously part of a larger network. How many more are there?

Many thanks to Fausta and FouseSquawk for translating this news report and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   TV reporter Izaskun Fernandez: The man was arrested early this morning in his residence
00:03   following a police search that lasted more than five hours.
00:08   According to the Ministry of Interior, he would engage and indoctrinate people in his circle,
00:12   meeting with them at his house to watch radical propaganda material.
00:17   Friends would go up, down, you could see a constant transfer of people.
00:22   He also helped them access ISIS content,
00:25   and taught them how to eliminate any information traces.
00:30   They consider him responsible for sending to Iraq in 2014
00:35   a young 26-year-old Moroccan man who lived in Sagunto and habitually slept in his dwelling.
00:41   Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido: He was able to indoctrinate and entice someone who
00:45   later traveled to a territory that was in conflict and who managed
00:49   to carry out a suicide act
00:52   with a truck full of explosives which killed 33 Iraqis.
00:57   The detained man resided illegally in Spain
01:01   and lived isolated, avoiding contact with persons who didn’t think like him.
01:05   The investigation remains open.

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