Vittorio Feltri: I am a Racist Homophobic Hydrophobe!

Here’s another one from the Italian journalist Vittorio Feltri, a follow-up to the video from earlier tonight.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:39   Regarding the migrant issue… we made fools of ourselves, because it was we ourselves who
01:48   wanted to organize all the Mediterranean operations, and so we also obtained all the migrants,
01:56   and we are now in trouble, but anyway! We need to be careful when speaking about migrants,
02:01   because it takes two minutes to come off as racist. I AM racist —Racist? How come? —Xenophobe.
02:07   No! —Homophobe… and I am also hydrophobic most of all — will you let me finish?
02:14   I’m most of all hydrophobic. So I would like to see a few tiny issues resolved.
02:21   We’re not capable of that, so when Renzi gets mentioned, I feel like… not quite like dry-heaving,
02:29   but something similar. —How come? —When they talk about programs, etc., it annoys me.
02:37   Let’s do something to help Feltri. —In conclusion, we’re unable to discuss in a
02:41   down-to-earth manner, normally. I mean, we’re in such a situation that… it would actually even
02:46   be a funny joke if it weren’t our Italian reality. So please, let’s try to avoid fooling ourselves
02:55   thinking that Renzi, Berlusconi or someone else will set us straight. We are not capable.

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  1. Sorry but not enough of this clip was displayed here for us to really get the gist of this in my opinion. I am not familiar with the men in this video, I guess if I were, it might be more meaningful…?

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