Violence and Rape at a Bucharest Asylum Center

The following video and article from July 25th, 2017 describe incidents at an asylum center in the Romanian capital. The translator sends this summary:

The migrant center in Bucharest at that time housed 200 migrants and had two employees per shift. One Afghan migrant attempted to rape an underage Afghan girl; another migrant repeatedly punched and kicked a policeman because the policeman told the migrant he wasn’t allowed to smoke in that area. The two migrants left the center after the event, instead of being held in police custody.

Many thanks to cxt for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A translation (also by cxt) of the article from the Romanian news channel Antena 3:

Violence and Attempted Rape at a Migrant Center in Bucharest

Employees complain that they are not sufficiently protected

Big scandal at a migrant center in Bucharest, where migrants arriving in our country with the wave of refugees are being housed. A policeman was attacked by a migrant and went to [get a certificate that he was physically assaulted]. The employees of the migrant center in Sector 2 are frightened, and say they are not sufficiently protected.

Moreover, according to our correspondent, another migrant allegedly tried to rape an underage Afghan girl.

For the time being, the two aggressors are at large.

Diana Sarca, a spokeswoman for the Bucharest Police, said that both the person accused of attempted rape, and the one accused of grave injury, are not in police custody, but that investigations were initiated in this respect.

Ermina Mihai, a spokesperson for the Immigration Inspectorate, said that the two people were staying in an open center, which means they had freedom of movement on Romanian territory.

According to the Immigration Inspectorate, every person housed in the center receives a copy of the rules they must follow. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the employees of the center are safe.

Video transcript:

0:00   Big scandal at a migrant center in Bucharest, where migrants arriving
00:4   in our country with the wave of refugees are being housed.
0:07   A policeman was attacked by a migrant and went to [get a certificate of physical assault].
0:10   The employees of the migrant center in Sector 2 are scared.
0:13   They say that the migrants have become violent,
0:16   but the employees of the center are not sufficiently protected.
0:20   There is intel that there has also been an attempted rape on an Afghan child housed at the center.
0:26   The two suspects are roaming freely in the capital. My colleague Corina has more details on this.
0:33   Corina, good day! What have you managed to find out?
0:36   Good to see you! The row took place one evening
0:40   when the policeman, who was here (at the center), caught the Iraqi migrant smoking.
0:46   He told the migrant it is forbidden to smoke there.
0:50   The migrant allegedly got angry and attacked the policeman.
0:54   A second agent intervened and ended the conflict.
0:57   The policeman, as soon as his shift was over, went and got a certificate that he had been attacked
1:01   and then filed a complaint at Police Station No. 7.
1:06   The submitted complaint has reached the [Prosecutor’s Office, Sector 2, Bucharest].
1:10   At the moment, an investigation for grave injury is underway;
1:14   the Iraqi citizen as well as the policeman will be heard.
1:19   The investigation will be difficult because it involves a migrant, who,
1:23   from what I’ve managed to find out earlier here,
1:27   is roaming the streets, as you were also saying earlier.
1:30   Since the incident, the migrant hasn’t been allowed back in the center
1:34   and he is allegedly sleeping in a nearby park.
1:38   Also, I found out there was a rape attempt,
1:42   an Afghan citizen tried to abuse an underage girl, who is also housed here at the center.
1:49   Agents from Police Section No. 7 came here to investigate.
1:54   I was talking earlier with locals who say that some of the migrants are rowdy
2:00   in the evening, when at 22:00 the doors of the center close for the night,
2:04   a curfew that displeases [the migrants].
2:07   [The locals] were also saying that almost every evening a police patrol
2:11   or gendarmes come here to check on the migrants.

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  1. I am Romanian… but not in Romania for many years. Sounds strange to read that a romanian policeman got attacked and the attacker is still free. Sounds much like british, german news…

  2. What a bizarre world we inhabit.

    Rapists and murderers — simply by virtue of their “ethnic” and “religious” backgrounds — enjoy a get-out-of-jail free card that citizens are not only denied but are “obliged” to subsidize financially; and humiliations of all humiliations they are REQUIRED BY LAW to praise such injustices as symbolic of their civilizational immolation, or be devoured by both the state and its newly-elected, foreign, hostile, and menacing “migrants.”

    These citizens — and I think it’s time to place that word, at least in Canada, France, the UK, Sweden, and Germany in quotes (signifying that citizens as such no longer inhabit these countries — for if they did, they would EXPEL post haste those despots who wish them mortal harm) — are ripe for the taking.

    But if so-called citizens wish to sleep through their red-axis ravishing, then they will get what they deserve. Woe to them who had not the interest, the courage, nor the sheer brain power to overcome and defeat such OBVIOUS agents of your agony, destruction, and elimination!

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