The Silence of the Feminists

Here’s another video featuring the Italian firebrand Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy). In this clip Ms. Meloni has a few choice words to say to the feminists who are so voluble when inveighing against white male “sexists”, and so mysteriously quiet when immigrant men rape and molest Italian women.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I can’t stay silent on the escalation of rapes
00:05   that has been going on lately.
00:10   With what’s happened in Rimini, the violence in Rome,
00:14   the social worker who was raped in the migrant camp…
00:18   Whether you like it not, this escalation
00:21   is also linked to uncontrolled migration.
00:25   You see, it’s not ME saying this,
00:28   since numbers can’t be accused of being racist…
00:32   you only have to read the numbers.
00:35   Immigrants are 8% of the population
00:38   and they commit 40% of all the rapes.
00:43   Should politicians be concerned with the issue or not?
00:47   On the contrary, have you seen them? They’re all silent.
00:50   The institutions have had nothing to say on the matter.
00:54   The feminists, who are always on alert, always in the squares
00:58   to defend women from having their bodies abused,
01:03   were all silent.
01:06   Because in the cultural short-circuit of the left,
01:10   defending raped women is all fine and dandy as long as the rapist is not an immigrant.
01:16   Because in the left’s hierarchy
01:19   immigrants win over raped women.
01:22   So hush! You mustn’t say anything!
01:25   Well then, I’ll ask it out loud myself. To Laura Boldrini [President of the Chamber of Deputies],
01:28   to parliamentarians, to female journalists, to actresses,
01:32   to all those ladies who went down to the square to tell us
01:36   that we needed to defend women’s bodies
01:39   IF NOT NOW, WHEN!? WHEN!?
01:42   IF NOT NOW, WHEN!?
01:45   We didn’t hear it! We didn’t hear your solidarity!
01:49   We didn’t hear your defense of civilization or of women!
01:54   Because we earned all this in hundreds of years of civilization!
01:58   And we don’t want to regress! And someone has to say it!
02:02   WE will say it then. In the upcoming weeks we’ll organize a big demonstration of women
02:06   who defend women’s rights and security in our cities.
02:12   And we welcome all feminists.
02:15   Today, I’m sending this invitation to Boldrini & Co.,
02:18   to come down to the square with us.
02:22   And let’s hope they don’t have anything better to do; that is, protesting because
02:25   a woman was called train conductor instead of conductress!

10 thoughts on “The Silence of the Feminists

  1. This woman is magnificent! She’s channeling Oriana Fallaci.

    And she’s correct: the illiberal Leftists do indeed have a hierarchy of victims. Illegal immigrants reign over all.

    • Bravo! Hats off to this wonderful woman!

      However the left, ethnomasachistic, gender obsessed,
      Self loathing feminists will turn a deaf ear to this
      Plea from her as per usual.

    • Italian fire at its finest!

      Truly an inspiration for those willing to speak the politically incorrect truth to our times.

    • Black, Muslim, illegal immigrants.

      Say you were some illegal Afrikaner seeking refuge from farm murders in the continent of your ancestors, they’d have no qualms in turfing you out.

      There’s logic to it, really: the Afrikaner would likely turn into a right-wing voter. The welfare-dependent illegal immigrant will likely turn into a left-wing voter.

      Conclusion: a democracy controlled by leftists trying to play demographic games might be worse long-term than a leftist *dictatorship*!

  2. Spot on!! 5 star *****

    This is what these left marxist commie socialists, have created for us all,
    A world turned upside down, inside out, a insane asylum for us all,

    Where right is wrong. And wrong is right,

    Up is down, and down is up,

    Laws for everything, every word you say, what you think, they have created intellectual prison for us all, unless u are muslim invader.

    This is big big big war, much much bigger than ww2.

    The enemy, is u neighbour, u workmates, u wife, u kids,
    Any and all who been infected and poisoned over the padt 40 years of this ideological marxist brainwzshing propaganda they have created to take over lur countrys and destroy western civilisation, abd using also islam as there proxy thugs to kill us into submission.

    I advise the sane, to Spit in the face, of any left nutjob who you come across,

    Fight tooth and nail, and expose any and all who are advocating our genocide,
    W must create hunting websites, for setting traps to catch left commies,
    Theres a paedophile system in in uk, the huntedone, we need simular websites to ensnare online, and trap these commies, socialists marxists,
    Take them away to a quiet place for re-programming, then deporting to dubai.

  3. She’s great .It’s way past time the pseudo feminists of the left were told what hypocrites
    they are.

  4. It’s wonderful to hear such passion! If only it would rub off on those in the West who are so complacent as their societies are denigrated and exploited.

    Ms Meloni has issued a challenge to the feminists. Their response, or lack of it, should prove interesting.

  5. When Gates started giving us sub-titled videos from our brothers and sisters in Europe – what a GREAT THING that was. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I, for one, eagerly watch these and meet new heroes every time. This is waking up the isolated resistance around the world.

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