The Right Wing in Quebec: Threat or Menace?

The media and the political class are worried about the growing popularity of grassroots groups that oppose mass immigration into Quebec. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news report from Montreal, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Even if [unintelligible] is far from the border, Viki is worried
00:04   to see so many immigrants entering the country illegally. They don’t open the border barrier,
00:08   thick as an arm, but they tell them: “Just go around it; we will bring you to La Trille!”
00:12   She joined the group Storm Alliance, an organization
00:16   that fights, among other things, against immigration policies, a group that presents itself
00:20   as a citizens’ movement, but which is considered right-wing by the police.
00:24   It’s not funny, because we are being called racists, which I am not.
00:28   I am not a racist. It’s not a question of race. Not at all.
00:32   It’s not that. It’s the fact that we are like a sieve and everybody can pass through somehow.
00:36   In this bar in Chicoutimi about 30 members
00:40   of the Storm Alliance are preparing for a rally that they are organizing soon
00:44   at the border passage of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle; very close to the place where
00:48   thousands of immigrants have entered. —We’ll give the power back to the citizen
00:52   We want the police officers to listen to us again. —With the government
00:56   that we have we are drowning in plenty of other cultures,
01:00   and even the Quebecois or the… we will lose everything.
01:04   So we will be what? We will be assimilated? In Quebec there are about thirty organizations
01:08   in the right-wing movement, some of which are more radical.
01:12   Among other things, in their anti-immigration discourse, there are groups like
01:16   Atalante, Soldats d’Odin, Pegida, Northers Guard
01:20   and even militias like the III%, but the most popular group right now
01:24   is [unintelligible] La Meute [the Pack] which, according to its leaders has about
01:29   fifty thousand followers on social media. —Our movement is very popular
01:33   in Quebec, everywhere outside of Montreal, you could say, because Montreal
01:37   and the Plateau [uplands] and Montreal downtown is the bastion of the Left in Quebec.
01:41   So we are the least popular in Montreal, but everywhere outside of Montreal
01:45   the movement is growing. And the dominant regions are Laurentides;
01:49   there is Saguenay, which is very strong,
01:53   then La Grande Région Québec, Montérégie and Estrie are
01:57   quite strong as well. According to police experts who agreed to speak to us
02:01   anonymously, even if they are worrying, the right-wing groups
02:05   don’t necessarily represent a threat in Quebec. Which worries the police mostly
02:09   are the individuals gravitating around those groups,
02:13   individuals who could radicalize themselves and commit violent acts.
02:17   Which is called “lone wolves”. That is helping the radicalization
02:23   of the Quebecois to wake up and grab weapons, because there are some who
02:26   will arm themselves, because there are groups that were created, but I think that precisely because
02:30   of the refusal of the government to listen to us. Three years ago Stéphane Asselin
02:34   founded the Quebec branch of Pegida: a group originally
02:38   from Germany, which is anti-immigration, anti-Islam.
02:42   Today he supports the creation of a new political party, the Traditional Movement
02:46   of Quebec. Sébastien Poirier is its leader.
02:50   He is very active online as well. —To significantly reduce
02:54   the arrival of refugees and of immigrants,
02:58   even legal ones; to reduce it — not completely stop,
03:02   but to reduce significantly [the number of] those immigrants,
03:06   and to totally close the borders. According to
03:10   police experts, it’s as if we had a miniature version of what is going on in Europe
03:14   in Quebec, where several right-wing groups are present in the political system
03:18   We are going to participate more and more, while the
03:22   electoral campaign advances —In politics, it’s the people who will decide.
03:26   We’re working on the electoral platform right now.
03:30   We will now have to see if those organizations, which sometimes project an image of tough guys,
03:35   will be able to break through during the next elections.
03:39   Jean-Philippe Robiard, Radio Canada, Montreal.

9 thoughts on “The Right Wing in Quebec: Threat or Menace?

  1. They will never gain popular support whilst they look like a Hells Angels chapter.

    • While it’s heartwarming to see this kind of objection starting up, you very much have a point about how it’s a bad idea to look like HAs!

      Unfortunately, most of the “normal looking” people in Quebec, who are also willing to stick their necks out, tend to be on the left. So this is what’s there.

      Maybe they’ll “clean up” eventually.

    • I think that is an overstatement. They are not urbanites, metrosexual types, but ordinary rural Quebecers. I think motorcycles are quite popular in small town Quebec. I was there a couple of weeks ago and there were tons of motorcyles with all sorts of people riding on them — including a mother with her 12-year old kid. Of course they had the leather jackets with logos on the back. It is a cultural thing. I do not think the Hells Angels analogy is accurate.

      • In the motorcycling world (I am one) Harley riders don´t mix with BMW riders and Japanese bike riders don´t mix with either of the above. Bristish bike riders are accepted by any of the above as they probably feel sorry for them.

      • What you’re saying is true, but Charles is also right – it’s not an appealing image.

        I’ve spent months in rural Quebec and sadly, it’s not always the most appealing image.

        Which doesn’t change the fact that they’re right on this issue.

    • I saw a video recently (probably on this platform, but I could be mistaken) about a French guy who has been active against islamic immigration for a couple of years. He said something that stuck with me, because it’s true: the patriots are a minority in the streets. Whenever people show up to protest more migration/a new mosque/something to be done against immigrant crime levels, there are always a lot more leftist counter-demonstrators and the media demonizes the group of demonstrators (“far-right”, “extremists”, “racists”, “supremacists”, “islamophobes” etc.)

      Unfortunately this propaganda is working. Not only are the media, the politicians and the leftists vilifying anyone who opposes the massive uncontrolled immigration, but others (who actually share a common goal with those who have the courage to go out and demonstrate, while being targeted by antifa thugs) pile on “oh, they don’t look right”, “they don’t have the exact same values or opinions as myself”, “they’re too extreme for me” etc. That’s why the patriots are a minority in the streets and that’s why the left is winning.

  2. I don’t see that the lying media or the political class would be too concerned with the expected rise of those who reject having immigration policies imposed on them without even so much as a consultation from those in power.

    The ‘powers to be’, such is their long term plans, already have pseudo-legal laws in place via the Humanist system of ‘rights’ with which to counter the ‘grass roots’ reaction against their own replacement, not to mention, the paid mercenaries from Antifa and other groups who are only too willing to act as pseudo-enforcers of Globalist policy.

    Such is the foresight of the Globalist planners, that they even have special names for those who oppose their agenda.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that the ones who are most worried about right-wing groups are usually the ones who love creating the conditions for the resurgence of said groups.

  4. I have to applaud the media who filmed those street scenes. They are obviously able to convince even GoV readers of the shadiness of the anti-immigration militants.
    Look again and you will see that that group of “Harley types” was picked out on purpose. And it worked! Even on you guys here.

    Let me tell you, foreign readers of GoV, that these people simply look like the majority of carpenters, fishermen, small shop owners and veterans all across rural US and Canada. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just the “Deplorables”.

    Get used to it. We don’t wear tight little jackets and silk scarves and expensive eaux de toilette …

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