The Fetid Gutter vs. the Ivory Tower

The following video is composed of two separate Italian clips that have been subtitled and juxtaposed.

The first clip shows an interview with several ordinary Italians about the impact of mass immigration from Africa — the filth, disorder, and violence that they are now compelled to encounter on a daily basis.

The second clip shows a conference in an exquisitely appointed convocation room, where well-educated intellectuals discuss the marvelous benefits to Italy of mass immigration — all those hard-working youngsters (mostly males) who will do so much to augment the labor force. Yes, of course…

Which group has a more accurate view of what is happening? You decide.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (based on times from two separate video clips):

00:04   Unfortunately, we’re under siege here. If you look up there, there’s a whole bunch of negroes.
00:11   Negroes, negroes. Foreign citizens… —Blacks, foreigners, migrants…
00:16   Exactly. They party every time the weekend comes around. They paint the town.
00:22   When we call the police and the Carabinieri they ask, “Has anything serious happened?”
00:27   and if there’s no blood spilled, they won’t intervene. They never do.
00:31   But we can’t live like this, all right!? They occupy sidewalks with their bicycles.
00:38   We have a friend here who runs a pizzeria called “Il Caimano” who is rightly protesting…
00:46   Mr. Mayor should make the rounds around here and see the rot we have!
00:50   Roaches, rats! It’s unlivable! —Bravo! —It’s impossible!
00:57   He shouldn’t think of Bari Vecchia and Via Sparano only!
01:01   You were saying… —It’s unlivable. The migrants cause chaos all the time.
01:08   You can’t even sleep! When you have your window open…
01:11   on Sundays at 2-3am they’re out there drinking and partying; doing whatever they want.
01:16   It’s unbearable —Do they also fight amongst themselves? Do they scare you? —Yes, for sure.
01:19   They’re always fighting each other! —With machetes!
01:22   With machetes, yes! You would be too afraid to even step in,
01:25   because you could be worse off if you were to try that. It might be right to attempt that,
01:28   but you’ll end up being dead wrong. So you just mind your own business.
01:31   But can one live like this? Absolutely not.
00:00   What avenues could be used to realize such a big, important project?
00:09   We need synergy, for sure. Only by discussion can we truly create governance
00:18   on an issue that is no longer about urgency, but about structure.
00:21   It’s also aimed at recognizing rights, and most of all, respecting the human being.
00:28   Dialogue-acceptance-network…
00:31   That is certainly the goal. To work together to create a social situation conductive to
00:44   acceptance, admission, integration and social inclusion.
00:49   How much can the pedagogical aspect be of influence and help?
00:54   I’m proposing a series of new, innovative educational strategies
01:00   that utilize new tools, such as smartphones and tablets (which all foreigners possess).
01:07   But we also need teachers to remodel their mental habits… all of us should.
01:18   With the arrival of minors through immigration, we’re getting a new labour system,
01:22   which has also brought employment, from a functional perspective.
01:26   We’ll have important figures of growth inside our institutional system
01:30   that will be helpful to the State community. —What’s the negative side?
01:38   It’s the clandestine management of minors. Underage prostitution in particular.
01:46   Because the data we have shows that about 7% of all foreign minors registered are female.
01:54   There’s something wrong with this huge gap between underage female vs. male arrivals.
02:04   We should figure out how to impede clandestinity from being criminally exploited
02:09   when it comes to policies dealing with the assistance of such people.

6 thoughts on “The Fetid Gutter vs. the Ivory Tower

  1. “We should figure out how to impede clandestinity from being criminally exploited…” What a brilliant solution! And I wasted several years of my life when the solution was right before my eyes!

  2. The elites are so far removed from the upper middle, middle, and lower classes that they may as well be an alien species.

  3. The first part on the street is the sad reality. The second part, the wakademic spinster with her mental diarrhoea, is too pathetic to be taken seriously. These people will pay a huge price for their social fantasy experiment.

  4. I just LOVE the hag at 2:20. Boy do I know THAT woman. She has a ‘sister’ in every country in the West giving away what others have died for.

  5. Unfortunately these elites are overly protected from reality. They deal only with abstracts and ideals. It’s harsh to say, but they need to be affected in an adverse way, then they will wake up screaming in outrage.

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