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This is a website whose time has come: TELL DADDY. It’s modeled on “Tell MAMA”, an organization with the mission of gathering information on Islamophobic incidents in the UK, so that the government can use the data to prosecute Islamophobes where appropriate. Tell MAMA is headed by Fiyaz Mughal, whose name has inspired various amusing wordplays, most of which are too impolite to post on this blog.

Tell Daddy aims to collect data on Europhobia in Britain, which has now reached epidemic proportions. Below is a partial mirror of the initial post at Tell Daddy.

Tell Daddy

by Seymour Clare
24 Oct 2017

To help do our bit for hate-crime awareness week we are starting a new initiative to encourage the reporting of Europhobic hate crimes.

We are concerned about a wave of attacks, harassment, and hate-filled speech against Europeans … there has been an unprecedented number of incidents. Including a rise in street harassment of Europeans — unprovoked, opportunistic attacks from strangers as Europeans go about their lives.

Explosives, pistols, machine guns, cars, trucks, knives and hammers….have all been used to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians.

Hundreds have died, thousands have been injured and traumatised.

Incidents of sexual violence against women and children have also massively increased.

Europeans have been attacked in swimming pools, train stations, metros, parks, playgrounds, concerts, schools, graveyards and hospitals.

Tens, some say hundreds of thousands of school-children have been groomed, raped and forced into prostitution.

There have been numerous large-scale sexual assaults, some involving as many as a thousand Europhobes and hundreds of victims. There has been a massive increase in brutally violent gang rapes.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the type of crime against person and property perpetrated by Europhobic criminals and ideological Europhobic zealots.

The state has more or less lost control of hundreds of zones in Europe … police, fire brigades and medical staff have all been attacked, just for doing their jobs.

The scale of the lash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-European prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped European communities.

Over the past 20 years or so, these sorts of hate crimes have noticeably increased in number and, in many instances, particularly in the last 5 or 10 years, have arguably become much more extreme.

Who will put a stop to this unprecedented wave of violence and destruction, being wrought mostly by people, of whom elites tell us, are the solution to a ‘pension problem’ in Europe?

European leaders seem to have admitted defeat and dejectedly tell us we should “just get used to it”.

It’s really not that bad, you’re far more likely to be in an accident on the motorway. So don’t panic and carry on.

Europhobes blowing themselves up on the tube or spraying bullets around a concert hall of children, or horribly torturing and murdering nightclub goers, is merely part and parcel of urban life. Or so we are told.

Candle-lit vigils and teddy bears are now so passé after yet another mass shooting, bombing or vehicle and knife attack by hate-filled Europhobes, they have become a parody.

To add insult to injury, we are told it’s the potential “backlash” to this unprecedented wave of violent Europhobia, that is really the problem, often before the latest victims have even been laid to rest.

It has become enormously insulting.

So what can we do?

Firstly we know this problem has been massively under-reported, so the first thing we would like to do, is properly describe the scale of and scope of it.


TELL DADDY if someone looks at you oddly and you think it’s because you’re European, report it. No matter how small, report it.

Just as police chiefs have advised for other communities.

One expert advised that often rational argumentation can hide emotional hatred, so just to be on the safe side, report it, if you perceive hidden hatreds.

If someone makes a remark about where you’re from, the colour of your skin, what clothes you wear, report it. NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

If someone claims you are “privileged” and therefore somehow deserving of abuse, most definitely report it.




8 thoughts on “Tell Daddy!

  1. It has been said regarding our last US election that “whites” voted as a block.
    From my perspective, having had identity politics shoved down my throat for the past 8 years, that is very possible.
    Why shouldn’t “Europeans” tell Daddy? Every other identity group is encouraged to report anything that even remotely offends them.
    What will be interesting is the reaction of the British police and gov’t. Bet they try to shut them down.

  2. Under the present political oppressiveness squarely aimed at the White Briton, I can’t see this blogsite lasting too long – hope I am wrong in my thinking, but it should be obvious to the observant that the White Caucasian has become an endangered species in the 21st Century.

    • Nemesis

      The article is a parody piece, mocking “Tell MAMA”. However, as much of “mainstream” politics has become so absurd in recent years, parody is harder to spot, and therefore less effective, than it used to be.

      If you look at many of the other articles published on their website, their actual political affiliations will become clear.

    • (disclosure- I am Seymour)
      I know, the authorities know, that Europhobia is a huge problem, they might not describe it as such but are aware of serious problems with ‘outgroup hostility’.
      There was a study, I seem to recall, as part of the EU Commission-backed ‘EurIslam’ research group: “EurIslam: Finding a Place for Islam in Europe”.
      I see the original EurIslam ( website is dead, does the EU Commission not want us to know it’s behind efforts to find a place ‘for Islam in Europe’? they keep telling us it already has a place, funny that, never-mind.
      The research is still available though;
      Koopmans, Ruud (2015): “Religious Fundamentalism and Hostility against Out-groups. A Comparison of Muslims and Christians in Western Europe”. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 41, No. 1, S. 33-57.

      PI (another link now dead) had a piece that included nice graphs, which made it all pretty clear.
      Saved for posterity at this blogspot- if anyone’s interested.

      The study was also cited in an article at the Gatestone Institute.

      Soeren Kern: ‘According to Ruud Koopmans, Muslim fundamentalism “is not an innocent form of strict religiosity…While about one in five native Europeans can be considered as Islamophobic, the level of phobia against the West among Muslims—for which oddly enough there is no word; one might call it ‘Occidentophobia’—is much higher still, with 54% believing that the West is out to destroy Islam.”
      I might disagree with the terminology, and replace ‘Occidentophobia’ with ‘Europhobia’, however, the implications are clear, a huge disparity in ‘outgroup hostility’.
      Of which the EU and presumably the British wing of the European liberal concensus, (the Maginot Line of European politics) are well aware.
      That various EU authorities, (I consider Westminster still very much, a pro-EU house), focus instead on the phantom tsunami of ‘Islamophobia’, and seem prepared not only to assist and indeed fund, the collation of huge numbers of spurious incidents of ‘hate-crime’. To what end we can only guess, (my bet is on another big push for de-facto Sharia blasphemy by way of ‘Islamophobia’ laws) but it does seem like authorities are prepared, for Europeans to suffer all the violence described above and more, as merely the acceptable collateral damage of their insane socio-economic engineering works.

      It is the Great Leap Backwards after all.

      So best to Tell Daddy all about it…..

      • Thank you for your most detailed response. I think parody has its place in more enlightened cultures – as we once were.

        The introduction of our replacement (Islam) would not have survived the first few years of imposition, if laws made under ‘multiculturalism’ had not been made to usurp the law of the land against the native inhabitant and plainly to favor Islam.

        Perhaps we should be making up Traitor’s lists instead of Telling Daddy?

        • You’re welcome Nemesis,
          apologies all, for waffling on too long.

          “if laws…”

          I don’t think they were, meant to favor that is.
          I think progressive hubris and the weakness of the multikulti system invites exploit.
          Either way though, design or not, the damage is done.
          And I fear we’re a long way from traitor lists, as much as I’d like to see, say, Blair’s cabinet in the Tower, each in their own Iron Maiden.

    • ‘a joke’
      It is and it isn’t.
      If that makes it any clearer, or rather there’s a serious point to be made about manufactured ‘hate-crimes’, using the very real and escalating violence against Europeans (which is ascribed no ‘hate’ component) to put the hyperbole (I’m being charitable) of other ‘anti-hate’ groups into some context.

      If there was any logic or ‘equality’ to it, ‘hate-crime’ would include ‘Europhobia’. Going by some of the crimes mentioned above, it would be one of, if not by far and away, the biggest sources of prosecutions.

      But I’d much rather there were no ‘hate-crime’ laws at all.
      As such Tell Daddy is a reality mirror to the exaggeration and politicised suppression of free speech under the auspices of stopping ‘hate’.
      Which all quickly gets absurd, and seemingly arbitrary and punitive;
      Met police offered advice for people to report it even if they perceive other people looking at them oddly, while Oxford Uni issued advice, that avoiding eye-contact could be a sign of racism.

      Look – ‘hate-crime’, don’t look- ‘hate-crime’.

      As Mark Steyn observed of the accusation Dr Seuss was racist, “when everything is racist, nothing is racist”.
      In a rare outbreak of common sense Oxford rescinded that example of ‘racial micro-aggression’ but it seemed par for a course.
      ‘Racial microaggression’ and ‘trigger-warnings’ are apparently based on the idea words can cause actual physical harm.
      ‘Racial micro-aggressions’ could be construed to be just about anything one says or does (a European or European-heritage person that is).
      When legitimate criticisms and objective facts are being dragged up in the same net, and anti-Muslim incidents (which should rightly be utterly condemned) are conflated with the nebulous, ill-defined term ‘Islamophobia’ or as one teaching union put it more bluntly: “Islamophobia Is Racism”,
      before we even get to an expansionist and supremacist ideology that seeks to control all speech and exploits ‘hate-speech’ for its own ends, we are moving into truly dystopian waters.

      Adding components on to a sentence or even taking them off, depending on the identity of victim and of perpetrator, is leading to a system, that resembles more a politically-correct game of ‘Top Trumps’, than one of justice.

      So yes, Tell Daddy is satire but it’s also deadly serious 😉

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