Party-Paradise Germany: No-Go Area for Citizens

Below is Rembrandt Clancy’s translation of the second and final part of an analysis of the German election by Hans-Peter Raddatz. Part 1 is here.

Hans-Peter Raddatz — Word on the German Election (Part 2)

About the Author

Dr. Hans-Peter Raddatz is a German specialist in Middle Eastern and Oriental studies. He is also an economist, consultant and writer. After being active for many years representing the interests of international banks in the Near East, he wrote numerous books on the fundamentals of globalisation, Islam and the Islamisation of the West. He has made contributions to the Encyclopaedia of Islam and has translated Bat Ye’or’s Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate, providing it with a commentary.

Party-Paradise Germany: No-Go Area for Citizens

by Hans-Peter Raddatz
24 September 2017

Original German language source: Politically Incorrect

Translation by Rembrandt Clancy

In problematic times such as our own, conspiracy thinkers are in great demand. Whoever identifies the decline of Germany in the quality of education, labour and culture, and links that decline to the radicalisation of the power-classes, assumes the role of their dearest child, the conspirator: their speculation being, that what shouldn’t be cannot be. As mostly half-educated people, this class contributes to the proliferation of power by turning plausible analyses around into a “conspiracy” and spares the political players from providing arguments that expose the reality of their growing hostility toward the people.

Apart from belonging to the spectrum of dark-brown obscurantism, this mechanism is one of the products of the ideology of the global network of labour and culture supported by the corporate and political foundations, and the EU concretises this ideology in “religious freedom” for an equally global network of mosques. The history of German radicality in this circumstance is not open to discussion, because the network principle derives from red-brown forefathers such as Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Goebbels, who declared the mass-man to be the disposable raw material of nature, depending on the need.

As part of this, there is, “naturally”, by no means a lack of the supernatural power of money. Since the Nazis had demonstrated how to profit from corporations, the post-war Left practised the lucrative exercise immediately according to form, overcame their capitalophobia and accepted the problematic corporate tradition, which survives in Bertelsmann, Quandt, Deutsche Bank & Co.[1] Operating at the level of the cadre were many Grassists, Nazi-Wendehälse — [those who out of opportunism, quickly changed their political stripes] — who, with the reputation of the SS-man himself, their namesake Günter Grass,[2] and with an “eye to the Right” [Blick nach Rechts], logically contrived “racism” as a protection for their careers. With striking frequency, well-known 68ers often followed them; and all their lives, they sought in vain, by means of a radical hatred of the citizen, to “redeem” themselves from the guilt of their Nazi fathers.

The mega-fascist union

Illustrative of the purposefulness behind this development are the state-supporting institutions which, in matters of legislation and governance, have been “advised” by corporate foundations and other lobbyists and continue to be lavishly funded by them. The reaction of these profiteers turns out to be correspondingly hysterical whenever they encounter serious grass-roots criticism or even political competition, which in the “thinking” of totalitarian actors understandably has no place.

Ultimately in such a circumstance “what grows together belongs together” (Willy Brandt) and materialises as a mega-fascist union. National and International Socialism, together with economic radicalism and Islam, form under UNO-leadership the global action-quartet which slowly but surely suffocates the civil state and its principles of a commonweal for the individual, the family and minorities. Whoever considers this outline a “conspiracy” may inquire at the global organisations (IMF, WTO etc.) about the methods they employ in the Gleichschaltung of states.[3]

For some time now, even the Pope has been acquiescing to the seemingly inevitable; he has professed himself a Communist without the burden of the Christian conscience and has confirmed that there must be no difference between Christianity and Islam. Who then, in the spirit of small-minded citizenship, would wish to call into question the profitable privileges of the political parties and their rabble, when the supreme “Christian” gives them his blessing and ascends to become the hardly to be expected luminary of the atheists?

From “structural change” to the illiterate mass of Islam

The spiral of the decline in education and labour is able to accelerate all the more readily, because the ethical brakes of the democratic constitutional state — unhindered by traditional power-hungry clergy — have been removed and civil rights have been applied selectively, which in short means that education is guided by the weakest and capital by the strongest.

This is not only the result of the cheapening of labour, but is due especially to the fostering of “structural change”, the reduction to the level of the illiterate mass of Islam and finally to making governance easier for the political class. What comes across as great claims to endless “reform” is nothing other than creeping revolution and has nothing to do with “conspiracy”, because it has been happening approximately since the 1970s with the co-operation of a willing citizenry.

It is therefore hardly surprising that during the election campaign it was the most primitive of people who thronged the most noisily around the feeding troughs of the Social Welfare and Assistance offices, because “we enjoy living in this country” (Merkel).[4] “We” always stands for the elite or the nomenklatura, who not only like to live in this country, but also live as well as possible, providing themselves with generous pensions and consulting honoraria whilst appeasing the masses with an ideal, illusory world of suggestive camaraderie and ideological TV entertainment.

The gradual disappearance of “those living here longer”

Never before has one been able to “earn” money more easily by threatening and defaming the enemy of the system than today, for the red-brown fathers were as yet unacquainted with the endless printing of money and issuing of government bonds. Extensive financial contributions to all of the power-trends are the rule, foremost among them being the actors with public appeal in politics, media, sport etc., whilst the dynamic of the bottom-level troops of violent-prone rabble waxes daily. With the Islam-cudgel, prospects of forcing the people’s humility continue to be positive as does the election of the “correct party” from the uniparty [Einheitspartei],[5] both for the purpose of securing the corporate conditions which favour the trend toward low taxes and declining wages.

However, since the fatal consequences of the squeeze exerted by “tolerance” in law, finance and culture are reaching their limits, resistance is foreseeable, with the result that the profiteers, as a precautionary measure, are promising the old citizens more security. That counts for as much security, through electronic control and police monitoring, as an Amen can expect in a mosque[6] and is by no means effective in protecting against the waves of Islamic violence. For the intimidation effect of the latter is alone sufficient to protect the powerful against the citizens and it promotes the gradual disappearance of “those living here longer” (Merkel), which, depending on continuing radicalisation, could also drift easily into the status of “those living here too long”.

Translator’s Notes:

1.   Bertelsmann, Quandt, Deutsche Bank & Co.”: In showing the fluidity of the movement from National Socialism to the post-war Left, two levels of analysis are mentioned; first, corporate fascism and second, the socialist “cadre” (cf. note 2).

Bertelsmann is a German multinational media corporation with a number of branches in the publishing business. Quandt is well known in Germany as a family of industrialists going back to the late 19th century (cf. Emil Quandt). Deutsche Bank AG refers to the global private banking corporation and is not be confused with Deutsche Bundesbank, the Federal Republic’s central bank. While the three institutions mentioned have a pre-World War II history, all showed strong participation and co-operation with the National Socialist regime.

2.   Günter Grass (1927-2015) is well known for his novel The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel), the first of his so-called Danzig Trilogy of novels for which he became a Nobel laureate. Voluntarily or not, Grass became a member of the Waffen-SS in his teens, but only acknowledged the fact after sixty years of silence. A darling of the post-war Left, Grass’ unexpected revelation caused a storm of controversy in 2006, for up to that time he had carried much moral authority as one in favour of Germans facing up to their Nazi past, hence defining them in terms of a twelve-year segment of history.

Nazi-Wendelhälse: A Wendehals, literally “neck-turner”, in English called a Wryneck, is a bird which can twist its neck extensively in different directions with unusual flexibility; hence the author’s use of it as a metaphor for National Socialists, like Günter Grass and the “Grassists”, who opportunistically and suddenly changed their political direction after the war and made careers in both the Federal Republic and the German Democratic Republic, but nevertheless still remained the same old “bird”.

3.   Gleichschaltung: Of National Socialist origin, the term refers to enforced ideological standardisation of political, economic and cultural institutions. For example, in the Hitler period, Gleichschaltung of the press enforced the ideological standardisation of output across all branches of the industry, newspaper, radio and television etc. As the term applies to the current context, the “mega-fascist union”, it refers to global collectivism by elimination of the nation state, standardised through the “global network of labour and culture… concretised in ‘religious freedom’ for an equally global network of mosques”.

Gleichschaltung cannot be sparingly translated. At the same time its value as a foreign loan-word cannot be overestimated. The Serbian-born American historian, Serge Trifkovic, as an example, employs the term in a way suited to the present context:

The revolutionary character of the multiculturalist project is revealed in the endless mantra of Race, Gender and Sexuality, the formula now elevated to the status of the post-modern Philosopher’s Stone, the force that moves the linear historical process forward, towards the grand Gleichschaltung of nations, races, and cultures that will mark the end of history. [Speech given in Vienna, May 10, 2008. Can the West be Saved?, cf. Gates of Vienna]

4.   “we enjoy living in this country”: Mrs. Merkel repeated such a slogan many times during the recent election campaign. A similar catchphrase also appeared on CDU posters.
5.   uniparty (Einheitspartei): This English neologism describes a political system made up of two or more parties or co-operative factions sharing the same (leftist) ideology; in effect, a single-party system bearing the appearance of offering a broad electoral choice.
6.   “…as much security… as an Amen… in a mosque…” (so sicher wie das Amen in der Moschee): The suitability and irony of the expression is enhanced by the knowledge that the author substitutes “mosque” for “church” in a well-known idiom: “to be as secure as an Amen in the church” (so sicher wie das Amen in der Kirche), which in English might normally be rendered as “to be as secure (safe) as the Bank of England” or other equivalents.

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5 thoughts on “Party-Paradise Germany: No-Go Area for Citizens

  1. Oh boy. I never imagined that there would be someone on our side whose turgid prose is like academic Marxist’s.

  2. For the intimidation effect of the latter is alone sufficient to protect the powerful against the citizens and it promotes the gradual disappearance of “those living here longer” (Merkel), which, depending on continuing radicalisation, could also drift easily into the status of “those living here too long”.

    Granny and her deceased husband no longer contribute to the state. Why should we continue to pay benefits? Move her out. Move her on. We need that housing unit.

  3. I’m never 100% certain I get Raddatz correct, although his writings are idea-dense.

    I like his use of Gleichschaltung to describe the convergence of government-approved thought in media and academia. The Gleichschaltung is used by the Democrats to hold together the coalition of the fringes, cementing welfare blacks, browns, leftists and Reform Jews under the umbrella of claims of white male privilege and systematic suppression of colored peoples.

    The problem is that the cultural-Marxist impulse to destroy all culture conflicts with the need for a Gleichschaltung bringing together all people. The transgender wars and self-identification of sex comes so quickly and leaves so many people, even in the fringes, in the cold, that there is not really a unifying theme.

    I still see a problem in the claim that the elites are importing Muslims and Africans to lower wages, break up native identity, and give the government bureaucracies the excuse for ever more intrusive measures on our lives and privacy. The problem that Muslims and Africans have a very limited ability to replace European workers except in slaughterhouses and gardening. Also, the chaos engendered by the sociopath immigrants is not easily contained and is quite likely to spill over onto the political leadership.

    I didn’t know Gunter Grass came out as a Nazi, but it figures. We have scores of young Germans whose parents were barely conceived by the end of World War II still wearing sackcloth and ashes for the sin of Naziism, but the actual Nazis got to remain concealed and honored as voices of redemption. Any actual Nazi who by chance is still alive is probably a resident of a dementia unit and thoroughly unaware of his circumstances or surroundings. So, let’s face it: history is behind us, some wrongs can never be righted, and the field of redemption is littered by grifters and hucksters.

    Speaking of hucksters, Raddatz seems to reserve a special place in hell for conspiracy theorists. Why posit a conspiracy when the bad actors are overtly playing the play right in front of your eyes?

    Raddatz ends with an exposition on the intention of the political and elite leadership to actually replace the native population. That may be, but the leadership will itself undergo fundamental change in its character and composition. So, electing itself a new people is another form of suicide, although somewhat slower. The leftist collaborators with Islam found themselves at the end of a rope once real fundamentalist Islam had taken over Iran. Perhaps the ruling elites have simply become too stupid to appreciate this.

  4. A short one. Ms Merkel is a wendelhals, a Wryneck, a very clever one, if my memory does not fail me, she was for while the head of Agitprop in of one the last goverments in the DDR. Agitprop is Agitation und Propaganda, agitation and propaganda, political agitation. DDR is the German Democratic Republica. That’s it.

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