New Rules for Mosques in Italy

Marco Minniti is an Italian politician from the Democratic Party (Social Democrats) and currently the Minister of the Interior. We first met Mr. Minniti a week ago, in a video where he expressed his wish that migrants be moved out of big asylum centers and distributed throughout the general population.

In the following video from September 23, the minister sings a different tune as he describes a new law that imposes rules — actual rules! — on mosques and Islamic congregations in Italy.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To me, the thread of integration is the building of our nation. That’s the first part.
00:08   Which is a fact that has never changed since the majority of Italians identify with it.
00:17   Well, that’s my fundamental reference. As for integration, the State teaches Italian law.
00:28   The State makes people go to school and teaches our culture and history to those
00:35   who have come to this country. To me, however, there are two non-negotiable values.
00:43   The first one is that the State’s secular law
00:47   is not subject to religious law, that is, Shari’a. Full stop.
00:55   The second one is that women can’t be subjugated by men in any way. Full stop!
01:08   Because we have our nation’s own history here. These are the two crucial points.
01:15   On this, we’ve built a relationship with Islam in Italy.
01:21   We signed a deal with all the various sects of Islam present in Italy,
01:25   which represent more than 80%.
01:31   What is this deal about? The first page of this document
01:35   is a list of articles from our Constitution.
01:45   What emerges unavoidably from there? That those who signed the deal, they’re Muslims
01:53   and we have freedom of religion in Italy…
01:57   and they themselves are first and foremost Italians, anyway.
02:01   Secondly, we established some concrete rules:
02:07   Mosques are public places of worship and open to the public.
02:16   Then, for every mosque, the name of the imam who practices in that mosque needs to be made known.
02:26   Thirdly, sermons are to be preached in Italian. Don’t clap because you’re going to move me.
02:38   Fourthly, if a new mosque is to be built. [woman: Still (more mosques)!?]
02:43   those who build it need to make their funds public. Domestic and international ones.
02:50   How many years have we spent talking about the fact that the sermons that are being
02:57   preached in Italian mosques should be in Italian!? How many years has it been?
03:04   We’ve chit-chatted about this a lot. Then one came who actually got it done.
03:10   I know it will displease you, but it did happen. Thank you and good night to everyone!

5 thoughts on “New Rules for Mosques in Italy

  1. Excellent. Some common sense at last! One wonders, however, how the political left, salafists and their globalist allies will react? Will they keep silent, knowing they will look bad for attacking what is obviously common sense? Or will they put forth a phony argument to make common sense appear “islamophobic” and “racist”?

  2. “Mosques are public places of worship and open to the public.”

    Really? Any kafir can enter a mosque? And pray to some kafir god there?

  3. Minetti – like all EU politicians – sniffs the winds of change and changes direction. He cares less about anything other than keeping his job. The University of Pious Hypocrisy should grant him a first class double honours degree.

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