New Migration Routes Into Europe

Müllrose is a German town in the Oder-Spree district, in Brandenburg, east of Berlin. It is situated on the Oder-Spree Canal, 15 km southwest of Frankfurt an der Oder. The truck in the photo below was involved in an accident in Müllrose, and in the process revealed that it was carrying fifty illegal Iranian immigrants, as reported in the Berliner Zeitung.

The incident in Müllrose has helped confirm the existence of a new route being used by people-smugglers to bring migrants into Europe, especially Germany. The following map shows a schematic of the route (most of the place names should be obvious, except possibly Schwarzes Meer [Black Sea], Tschechien [Czechia], and Ungarn [Hungary]).

It seems that Hungary’s border with Romania is not as well-fenced as its borders with Serbia and Croatia:

Hat tip: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. Many thanks to Nash Montana and Egri Nök for their help with compiling this summary.

7 thoughts on “New Migration Routes Into Europe

  1. As I know, there is a new plan supported by Germany. And this involving Bulgaria and Romania will no longer send back to Turkey the illegal migrants. They will be sent on locked asylum system (they are not free to go out) and from there German authorities will take them directly to Germany. This is because Germany expressed will to take them instead of sending them back from where they came. If Germany want them so hard, then they can have them. If the German collective stupidity has reached so high levels, who is east Europe to oppose the will of Germany ? In this way nobody suffer. East Europe is no longer branded as racist, west Europe receive what they wish, and there is no more dead refugees. As I know, Germany is taking from Turkey directly some of the refugees.

    • There may be a few negative consequences to your proposal.

      If the Muslims in Germany are able to restrain themselves to their present low terror rate of one incident a week or so, Germany might hold together long enough to issue German identity papers to the migrants. In that case, they would have a legal right to travel in Hungary, Poland, etc, unless these Visograd countries formally ended their association with the EU and formally rejected all EU authority, including the misbegotten International Court of Human Justice.

      Sort of like Lenin’s “the worse things are, the better”.

      • Romania and Bulgaria still have border control like in the old good times. Visegrad countries can set again the old times border control. I bet that when first muslim from west explode in east, the border control will be reinstalled.
        This is better than a direct conflict with Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Sweden.

        • But EU is about to take Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen Zone. Am I right? It doesn’t seem a good achievement to me. I don’t want to see these countries falling apart like Germany or Sweden.

          • Leaders of EU want…but they can’t…Luckily, few countries just voted against. The 2 countries (Romania and Bulgaria) are to racists and they don’t meet the conditions based on social racism. Hope this will remain like that.

    • I don’t think the Hungarians have finished the fence at the northern part of the border with Romania. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a mountainous area, making it a difficult job.

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