Move Over, Lorena Bobbitt

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Murder in the Refugee Shelter — Victim’s Penis Severed

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Rottaler Anzeiger (a local edition of Passauer Neue Presse, PNP).

Eggenfelden, October 6, 2017

by Petra Schlierf

Almost two weeks after the murder of a Ukrainian (28) in a refugee accommodation in town, background of the crime has leaked. Contradicting the announcement of the Prosecution Landshut shortly after the crime, the 47-year-old [suspect] shows considerable psychiatric abnormality. A relevant examination on the weekend allegedly showed this.

Subsequently, the committing magistrate changed the arrest warrant to a warrant of commitment. The man has now been moved from prison to the district psychiatric hospital, confirms chief prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, spokesman of the Prosecution Landshut, in answer to our enquiry yesterday.

Inside sources in the police told PNP that the bloody crime might have been more than just an escalated argument between roommates. According to these sources, the Kazakh said in interrogations that he was raped by his later victim, so allegedly it was a brutal revenge. According to PNP’s investigations, the Kazakh attacked his victim in their shared room with a knife and, among other things, cut off his penis. The 28-year-old bled to death at the crime scene.

6 thoughts on “Move Over, Lorena Bobbitt

  1. Well that puts a different slant on it. The victim killed his rapist. Shame we don’t hear that more often.

  2. Why do psychologists maintain that homosexuality is not a mental illness? THE FACTS speak for themselves, over and over again.

    • [ad hominem redacted]. Why would anyone “choose” to be gay with people like you around?

    • homosexuality is definitely a deviance from the norm of heterosexuality. It occurs in all cultures at about two percent.

      However, the whole of mental illness is already so politicized that to speak of “mental” and “facts” in the same sentence shows a lack of understanding as to how such decisions – re nomenclature, I mean – are made. It also presupposes a line in the sand that doesn’t exist, either. Sexuality exists on a continuum. And since the DSM standards (and the codes by which payments for treatment are made) are so politicized, you’ll end up sounding medieval if you say such things.

      A good comparison would be our recognition of the Aspberger’s-to-autism continuum. Our knowledge about that increases every year. We used to stone such people; now, with luck, we harness their creativity.

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